Ramallah: IDF nabs Force 17 commander
Ali Waked
Published: 05.09.06, 21:12
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1. what!
edward   (09.05.06)
what kind of propaganda bulltrash is this!!! israel has not long ago supplied force 17 with a 40 ft container of M16s, ammunition and whatelse!! has he stopped coorporating with israel now or this is just a propaganda stunt to make a name for this unknown mr!
2. Any doubt?
Bancor ,   Genoa, Italy   (09.05.06)
It would be presumptuos, on my side, to doubt about such an operation, that I suppose (am I right?) was supported by warrant for arrest by a magistrate, but let me say that it isn't so eayy to understand the crimes that this guy would have committed. If the charges on Damra are only those exposed in the article, a doubt has to be legitimate. In fact, to have been told having broken the siege of the Mukata to bring "rice and food" to the besieged, or to have been "watched by many" to launch a missile (the only missile!) during the prolonged clashes at the time of Defensive Shield operation, are - I beg your pardon - ridiculous. And the other charge (involvment "with planning and supplying weapons for terror attacks to Fatah members": perhaps more correctly to be read: "supplying weapons to Fatah member for terror attacks"), is very faint and I guess it would easily extended, on the same basis, against a large majority of Palestinians (let's try to say 80%), with or without the command of Arafat (who cannot be heard on this, obviously). So, the first impression to an uninvolved (and possibly unbiased) person like me, is that this is another step toward nowhere, at the time when a bit of political wisdom would be the only way to reach a reasonable goal for Israelis still more than for Palestinians. Please, don't condemn me for the frankness.
3. good work!
anney ,   canbara, australia   (09.05.06)
4. They should arrest the terrorist Abbas as well.
Cynic ,   USA   (09.05.06)
Knave Dave ,   Honolulu, Hawaii, US   (09.05.06)
Israel will release him in a few days in the next prisoner swap anyway! In fact, the only value of catching this man is that if you catch 999 more like him, you'll have just enough Palestinian prisoners to free one Israeli soldier next time a soldier is abducted. --David Haggith
6. good
hope they eliminate this bastard soon
7. toreture yes toreture
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