Haredi pedophile charged with only 2 counts
Vered Luvitch
Published: 06.09.06, 11:04
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1. Paedophile
Jana ,   Czech Republic   (09.06.06)
I´m afraid that he will be completely purged. Why? Not because he is not guilty, but because he is religious man. There will be too little testimonies, that convicting him. In ALL religious communities are paedophilia and other perversions taboo, and victims of that perversions and that kinks must not speak and testify about them. In christian, jewish, moslem and other religoius communities it is the same - perversions on one side and taboos, prohibitions , discouragements etc. on the other side. Especially in christian community is many many many examples of that perversions :-( Many centuries ago or now - it is the same :-(
2. He needs help..........
Miriam ,   Netivot   (09.06.06)
Get this man help and get him off the street!
Bechor   (09.06.06)
He should be ashamed of himself. How can he dare to even call himself a Jew, let alone a Haredi? Absolutely disgusting. A total and utter disgrace - and to think that he considers himself a man of God... I hope he is given the maximum sentence in prison, just as he deserves.
4. Why is this news? These people abuse the system
Mike ,   Israel   (09.06.06)
They abuse there kids, wifes and themselfs. Revolting ;makes me sick, and i'm sick of tired of these people walking the streets.
ezra ,   israel   (09.06.06)
6. #4 mike dont show your true colors
aaron ,   new jersey   (09.06.06)
The fact is there are all types of people that do bad things, its too early to judge this particular fellow, if he is guilty he deserved to be handled in a judicious fashion. But dont let one man's (or in your wildly bigotted accusations) actions allow you to group a whole sect of our society.
ALAN ,   USA   (09.06.06)
8. sicko
Hilda ,   USA   (09.07.06)
This only proves that religion does not make one immune to illness of the flesh. Whether or not he is exagerating to get attention, he is sick and needs to be put away until the day that scientists find a cure for this malady which is becoming more and more prevelant all over he world.
9. Typical behaviour
Isabella ,   Israel   (09.07.06)
I say castrate the filthy sick animal. Every single day more and more cases come to light of this sort of absuse. They use god as a cover for evil. I hate them.
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