Andorra coach: Israel country of murderers
Gur Motola
Published: 07.09.06, 08:57
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1. ask your self, why people all over history hates you?
atmawi ,   H.Palestine   (09.07.06)
2. TO mr. Atmawi
privacy ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (09.07.06)
You know we have thought about it, and have done so for centuries... You know what my conclusion is? That evil is timeless, evil never rests or fades away in the sands of time... That is why. Your jihadi ummah is our greatest threat today, your hatred towards us as a whole, be it as a nation or individual, man, woman or child ... You know no limits to how high your hatred may reach, but history will judge you, as it has judged other past evils of this world. Wa Salam.
3. to #1 ask yourself why you don't have a country
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.07.06)
hint: you prefer war to peace, you prefer murder to friendship, you prefer death to life
4. #1 and Palestinians are loved? No, you are pitied.
5. Andorra (haaahaaaa)
M. Duvduvani ,   Yokneam, Israel   (09.07.06)
Sore losers. Guess he was right....we killed them in the game too!
6. To No. 3
YMS ,   Kuala Lumpur   (09.07.06)
He doesn't have a country because you stole it.
7. #1 ATMAWI
SS ,   ISR   (09.07.06)
Golda Meir said, "maybe we will forgive you for killing our children but will never forgive you for making us kill your children".
8. To Atmawi
Genie ,   UK   (09.07.06)
I often debate that question. I think it's because (just to generalise a little - just as you did) that we are a people who have given so much to the world in terms of science, philosophy, art, philanthropy etc. etc. and there is a jealous streak running through those who are not so capable. As you say yourself it's been going on since time immemorable - nothing to do with any conflict in the ME. In other words it's only rationale is scapegoating and pure evil. Now, the fact that you write from "Palestine", which doesn't exist because of the stubborness and selfishness of your past leaders, just shows your utter bias and you haven't actually thought through your sentence. You have just taken the opportunity of the article to show your virulent anti-semitism. The fact is right now throughout the world people are turning against muslims - and they don't like it. Here in the UK muslims are eyed with suspicion. Could it be because it is only muslims who are blowing people to pieces. Ask yourself - why people all over the world are starting to hate you. Enjoy the feeling.
9. Who Cares Why They Hate Us
Akiva Sharoni ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.07.06)
A lot of people hate the Jews. So what? A lot of people hate the Arabs too...probably more than the Jews. Everyone hates the French. Everyone hates the Americans. All the far east countries hate the Japanese. The Muslims hate everybody that isn't Muslim. The Kuwaiti's hate the Palestinians The Lebanese hate the Palestinians The Sunni's hate the Shia and the Alawites. So if a lot of people hate the Jews, why should I give a damn? I just say, "F-them!"
10. #1Hatred
Paul ,   Israel   (09.07.06)
Israel,mr atmawi sir, is definitely not a innocent by-stander but perhaps you ask yourself why the Palestinians are hated despised and reviled all over the Arab world, from Bgdad to Beirut. You will all linger in the squalor of the political refugee camps for an eon in time because you choose war over peace.
11. #1 the answer is envyness
12. To mr Atmawi
hiram ,   tel aviv   (09.07.06)
Dear Sir, The kind of comment you posted on this site is of course perfectly acceptable although it raise a few additional questions which If you allow , I could place here with : 1) Better ask yourself why in so mnay years, and knowing that so many countries " support " you and the Palestinian cause, you still have not achieved anything of value ! 2) Better ask yourself why so many moderate Muslims have been so incredibly succesful and have chosen to emigrate towards European nations, Canad and this America that you hate so much 3) better ask yourself why when everyone talks about terrorism it is now 99.9 % associated with Islamism 4) Better ask yourself what your population would do without cellular telephone technology which was developed by your neighbours, just a few miles from Gaza 5) Better ask yourself why your women became second class citizens 6) Better ask yourself why democracy has and will always be incompatible with the 21st century 7) better ask yourself why so many Muslim countries have became dictatorships in which the riches are very rich and the poorest are very poor and last but not least, ask yourself why in spite of Nazi-like anti Jewish statements by the " great leaders of the Islamic cause in the Arab world " so many people support the state of Israel in particular and the Jewish people in general I am unsure that you will not have all of the answers, like I certainly do not pretend having them ....but If I recall my history properly, Sallah Al Din said one day that Questionning oneself was the beginning of wisdom. May it is what is missing the most in your environment
13. palestinian & andorra dont know football
ken ,   california   (09.07.06)
i guess they cant beat isreal in football so they play bomb detonations asshole
14. guess they prefer breaking legs than scoring
ken ,   california   (09.07.06)
they conceeded 9 goals in 2 matches now they want to break legs
15. ha ha ..break legs or kidnap players idiots
ken ,   california   (09.07.06)
16. #11 - Your arrogance is why everyone hates you!
Arthur Gibson   (09.07.06)
You have nothing to envy. The US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, etc live a hundred times better than the Israelis. Like Steve Irwin you people are going to get yourselves killed. Stop provoking everyone and come to your senses. We don't envy you, we think you are disconnected from reality. Maybe when Tel Aviv gets nuked (which it will) you will realise that you have pushed your neighbours too far. - Probably not. You just adore being the victims don't you? Well .... victims you will be.
17. to # 16, Arthur
Drew ,   Ein Harod, Israel   (09.07.06)
Hey Arthur, I live in Israel. If I give you my address, will you come over, pack all my suitcases and buy me a one way ticket out of here? Or would you rather blow me up. Either way, let me know so I can make arrangements....
18. To #6
Bechor   (09.07.06)
Stole? Surely not. Stealing implies ownership, and the Palestinians have NEVER owned the land of Israel. The number of times Israel has outstretched her arms in peace towards the Palestinians just to have it explode (literally) in the face of her citizens is the reason that they do not have a country. The reason that they don't have a country is that they are mindless zombies, brainwashed to do the will of their extremist religious leaders.
19. to #1 Atmwi
gredsy ,   Stockolm   (09.07.06)
Dear Atmwi: for your knowledge, hundreds of milions of Christians throughout the world pray EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY for the sake of the people of Israel
20. Would Arthur Gibson (#11) be related to Mel by any chance?
Elle Sabu   (09.07.06)
21. #1 It is envy
22. Arabs envy Israel just like Ishmail envied Isaak
Be yourself Israel ,   USA   (09.07.06)
and Hagar (the slave woman) envied Sarah (the free woman) Learn from Israel, instead of despising your reflection of inferiority in them. Rule of thumb: Don't compare yourselves to anyone. Don't hate, congratulate! :D
23. Arthur, God is going to curse you, repent...
Write us back and tell us of all the woe which befell you for your post. Repent. "I will bless those who bless you [Israel], I will CURSE those who curse you...."
24. Right on! #3 - Pali's are Egypt-Jordan-Arab hostility...
generating lies and hoax...
25. No. 16 Arfur Gibson
Genie ,   UK   (09.07.06)
You don't really deserve an iota of thought, but unfortunately there are many evil people like you in the world. Your comments just smacks of envy - shot yourself in the foot. You are full of hate - you don't really know why - it is telling that you use the same old rhetoric about Jews being victims. The problem lies within that sentence. After the Holocaust we will no longer tolerate being victims - and this is what the anti-semitic world doesn't like. You say that other countries live better than the Israelis. Have you ever been to Israel? I don't know where you live, but I feel far safer there than walking the streets of London where some of my fellow citizens are trying to murder me. But lets face it - people with your views will never change as anti-semitism is embedded in your psyche. Get a grip you sad person and look around and see where your future lies. You want to see the destruction of Israel. If it were to happen (and it won't) the islamists will be at your door soon after.
26. and another thing Arfur
Genie ,   UK   (09.07.06)
You accuse No. 11 of arrogance, yet all he has said is that "it is envy". You don't know who he is, where he lives yet you make an assumption about him. Go back to your hole Arfur, (I am assuming you are a rat).
27. #1.I will tell you why you moron.Because we are
ERIC ,,,,, ,   ISRAEL   (09.07.06)
the choosen people.This is GOD talking not me.In the Koran it says the same thing.I pity you people. Your leaders steal the money that the world gives for the Palestians.They live like kings,they put the money in Swiss banks.Thats why you live in squalor,no nice houses with flowers and green lawn. This is what you can have if your leaders would go for peace.The Arab world have caused soo much death and sadness threw out the world. With Arab terrorism killing innocent people.Soo were is the hate man.
28. to #16
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.07.06)
First of all Steve Irwin did not provoke the stingray.We on the other hand provoke people,because we excist and we fight back. We do not like to be victims and that is why we fight back. I doubt any country in the world lives 100 times better than us or even three times.Remember we use alot of money for defense and alot of time by our people serving in the army. If Tel Aviv was nuked,then there will be nothing left of our enemies.There will be no place to make the hajj. Our neighbors push us too far.But I bet you hear that when you go to the mosque. You do not know what reality is,but you know what envy of a superior people is.
29. #16
Yaha   (09.07.06)
Who exactly is going to nuke Tel Aviv?...Tehran wouldn't would be suicide...oops...i forgot they support suicide and long for all those hot veiled virgins. Who needs to enjoy being the victim when one can sit here and enjoy your futile attempts at releasing your anger through the keyboard. It's OK my friend, you too will become a 2nd class slave once the caliphate takes over. Or you could always convert.
30. Idiot Arthur; Boycott Israel and throw away your computer!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.07.06)
Israel has a lot for everybody to envy. They are at the forefront of computer technology, cell phones, medicine field etc. You couldn't live without these things you anti-semitic loser. Go ahead and try. I dare you!
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