Naval blockade to remain in effect
Ronny Sofer
Published: 07.09.06, 21:13
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1. blockade must not be suspended
gadalyah   (09.07.06)
olmert the blockade is the only way to get the captives released. anyone feeling sorry for lebanon remember what they did to ron arad.
2. Excuse me, but does anyone really believe..........
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (09.07.06)
Does anyone really believe that the UN forces are going to examine all cargo on every ship and every airplane to ensure no arms are supplied to Hizbullah? Even were the UN to be neutral rather than allies of the terrorists this is totally inconceivable. And what about the land route from Syria? And what about the all-important provision in the UN resolution that would allow Hizbullah to be rearmed, quite openly, if the Lebanese government (of which Hizbullah is a member) consents?
3. Olmert, stop your stupid methods, find a new job.
mo ,   montreal,Qc   (09.07.06)
4. #2.. Larry
Lynne   (09.07.06)
you seem to imply that Israel has the right to keep a blockade on Lebanon for ever!! I don't think you make any sense.. Israel has no right to keep a foot in every neighboring country under the excuse of "it's safety".. Israel has no right to ensure that Hezbollah is not being rearmed as long as Sheba' Farms are still under occupation..(let alone Palestine and the Golan Heights)..
5. Lift of of Blockage
Roberto J ,   Guatemala   (09.07.06)
Has any one really stop to think that all this is not about a 'port or air blockage' but a "mental blockage"? Who told you that with arrogant force, Zionist will ever guarantee peace for Isreal? My question is: Do you know what happen to the bully of the neigboardhood? He usually ends alone and in prison...
6. to #1
Ron ,   Lebanon   (09.07.06)
It's Iran who did my friend, not Lebanon. I hope this exchange will be final and that this front will be silent forever. PEAcE
7. I love Israel!
Andy ,   London   (09.07.06)
And I hate myself!
8. Lynne
Ron ,   Lebanon   (09.07.06)
What do we care about the Golan heights and Palestine? For us, it's Lebanon only. Syria is big enough to have its own resistence same goes for the palestinians. Why should we feel concerned? Syrians and Palestinians brought us more destruction than anything else. If you feel concerned, please do it elsewhere. we're fed up !!
9. Blockade
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv, Israel   (09.07.06)
This is such bullshit. So far Israel has capitulated on every one of the demands that were presented in order for Israel to agree to a cease-fire. Disarming of Hizbulla and return of the kidnapped soldiers, to mention just two of the demands. Olmert and Peres, I don't know who you are working for, but it is certainly not for the benefit of Israel.
10. To Lynne
Ivri   (09.07.06)
Israel has the right to do whatever it takes to ensure its security,and the determination on what it takes to do so is ONLY in the hands of Israel. I have seen your postings on here and to be frank...i was waiting to see where you will start with the all encompassing statements,the ones that are so general and vauge,they actually tend to be interpreted as threatning. When you say you mean the west bank?...the east bank?....both?....what exactly do you mean?.Save the explanation,we already know what you and your kind will say. In the meantime....i am sure there will come a time in the near future that the blockade will look like Mister Rogers neighborhood compare to what will be done to Anyone attacking Israel as Hizballa did recently,with the quiet collaboration of the puppet govmt of the so called country of Lebanon. To make your life ,is easier...please enroll n one of the basket weaving classes in your neighborhood,and leave the serious stuff to the ones who UNDERSTAND it all. Ciao -)
11. To Lynne...Ron in so called Lebanon said it briliantly
Ivri   (09.07.06)
12. 4 You might be right, but then again under your
freedom ,   canada   (09.07.06)
logic. The entirety of Lebanon should have been bombed for as long as it took to get back the so called two prisoners of war. War is over when the winning side gets what it wants in a peace treaty. Thus, by your logic, the bombing of Lebanon, if desired should still be happenning along with a comprehensive ground force to retrieve the two kidnapped POWs. And again by your logic the pitiful Shaba farms is 100 percent Israels and there is no claim by anyone else on this land won in a defensive war. I like your logic I assume you agree with what Ive said. Makes sense doesnt it.. lol.. doesnt really to me.. but maybe to you..
13. 5 Very true Hizbullah will definitely not
freedom ,   canada   (09.07.06)
guarantee peace. Israel should be able to do what it likes until the terms of the so called ceasefire have been complied with. The return of the two POWs and most importantly the DISMANTLING of all armed militias in Lebanon. Until then, your words have no meaning. At least to me.
14. To the chapin # 5
ivri   (09.07.06)
You need to worry about running water,indoor plumbing,competitive universities ,education,indegenous rights,militarry juntas & avarage anual income of more than 100 usd per person in GUATEMALLA before you set your sights at foreign shores. Tranquillo chapin,Tranquillo. After visiting your beautiful country,all that is impressive about it is 1000-3000 year old achievements.,nothing now to be impressed about. Demaciado COCA?
15. #5 - Get the facts
1. Israel has been at war with its Arab neighbors for nearly 60 years. 2. What Israel's Arab neighbors have consistently failed to accomplish militarily, they've unremittingly attempted through politics, media, oil bribes and terrorism since 1948. In 1948 and continuing into today, Israel's enemies vowed, not to gain bits of land, but to destroy ALL of Israel by their hand and driven into the sea. In terms of alleged "occupations", all the land gains made by Israel have been the direct result of "unprovoked" Arab military attacks. The maintenance has served as security "buffer zones" for Israel given the history of its hostile neighbors. The only "provocation" for Israel against its neighbors is Israel's existence. Simply put, the Arabs have never wanted Israel among them and want Israel dead. In war, land gains are made by military defeats. This principle applies in history and to all nations - except Israel. The formula for Israel is: a. Arabs surprise attack Israel, b. Israel fights, wins, and gains land, c. The Arabs run to the UN and media with oil money, launch oil money fueled terrorist attacks against Israel and worldwide, in terrorist protest of Israel - killing innocent civilians and non-combatants almost exclusively. d. The UN, media and world governments unremittingly pressure Israel to "give land for peace". e. Israel relinquishes "land for peace" f. The Arabs shout victory! and launch rocket attacks at Israel from the very land given in hopes and promises of peace. What Israel proved in its recent proxy war against Iran and Syria through Hamas-Hezbolla, was if Israel wanted to "walk in" and take Lebanon or Gaza, they could very easily do so. If Israel wanted to blow Gaza or any of its terrorist supporting neighbors out of existence, they could do so as well. Given the revolting terrorist attacks which have been launched against Israel for decades, their restraint has been quite noble and merciful. Clearly, you've bought into the propaganda that Israel is some massive Goliath, bullying its way through the middle east, trouncing poor peasant arabs. Such "idea" is bound to rile any peoples resentful of bullying injustice. It is the very image Arabs have promoted worldwide against Israel through "Pallywood" and media savvy deception: Israel "Big Bully Israel" v. "Poor Terrorist Freedom Fighting Oppressed Arab Peoples". Know the facts: ==================
16. We ought to have a blockade on the p.m.'s office
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.07.06)
And keep the blockhead out!
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (09.07.06)
LANDED IN BRITAIN,so we also intend that UN forces will examine every plane in your criminal country so not to smuggle weapons through your territory
18. #8..Ron I'm sorry to..
Lynne   (09.07.06)
hear a Lebanese think in such a careless manner!! if you believe that you've got nothing to do with Syria, Palestine, Iraq... or any other country suffering from occupation then I guess you don't deserve a country either... I don't see how you could be so comfortable when there are others suffering.. yes, I am concerned because I am human!! Syria and Palestine brought you destruction?? didn't the US and Israel bring you any distruction??
19. #10.. Ivri it's very nice of you..
Lynne   (09.07.06)
to show this interest in reading my postings:) .. thank you.. it's funny to hear you calling the Lebanese government a puppet knowing the way Israel is being used as a puppet in the US play in the ME.. the Lebanese government regards Hezbollah as a resistance organization which has its representatives in the Lebanese gov... "i am sure there will come a time in the near future that the blockade will look like Mister Rogers neighborhood compare to what will be done to Anyone attacking Israel as Hizballa did recently" ooooo... now that's scarey... we have seen Israel's strength in that war after all.... or haven't we??LOL.. as for basket weaving classes no problem.. just give me the addresses and I'll make sure to contact them... at least In the Arab world they weave baskets not lies..
20. Bla Bla Bla.... Bullshit talk
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.08.06)
21. To Ron # 8 See how lynne
Ivri   (09.08.06)
Is stuck on the word "ocupation",like a broken record. Toilet jammed?...blame it on the ocupation. Schools not working?...blame the ocupation. Illeteracy?...blame the ocupation. like the rest of them,these blind ppl see only one thing,no matter how relevant it is to the day's problem. The word ocupation,while by now well engrained in many Arab minds and their simpathisers in the west,has caused them to be stuck on " stupid". When asked to specify or clarify,they resort to the same parroted propaganda and myths,spread by losers and perpetual victims-beggars. There will be no peace as long as people like the so called "lynne" and the gas bag Fadi rule the day in the arab world with their parroted propaganda. "lynne"'s answer - LOL Fadi's answer - blah blah How smart and deep and thoughtfull of them to show us their capacity. Israel strength is far more than military.and one battle does not make a war....there were many more in the past.and unfortunately for eveeryone there will be many more in the future. and we are still here.....we are in Yerushalaim and lynn and her friends are somewhere far...there to stay. Wishing you and your people an independently strong govmt in lebanon Without private armies. and...happy rebuilding.(if this is the kind of destruction brought on the winners......i will take the loss anytime).... ;-)
Scott   (09.08.06)
You must be a delusionist?
23. Lynne
Ron ,   Lebanon   (09.08.06)
No, I think Hzeballah and the Syrians brought more destruction. Israel showed that it has no interest in Lebanon. The resistance had something to do with it and we're thankfull. Now the job is done. I'm not gonna die for the palestinian cause. I don't even believe in it. I'm fed up with wars. I'll blame whoever starts any on my soil. This time it was the hezzies who started it. So, stop preaching me, and go resist elsewhere. From your own country if you have any, and if you're lebanese, think about how to live with other fellow countrymen of yours than to destory israel. Enough arab nationalism. Think peace once in your life. Extremism brings destruction whether it is Christian, muslim or jewish.
24. #21.. Ivri.. a hopeless case...
Lynne   (09.08.06)
"Israel strength is far more than military.and one battle does not make a war....there were many more in the past.and unfortunately for eveeryone there will be many more in the future." "There will be no peace as long as people like the so called "lynne" and the gas bag Fadi rule the day in the arab world with their parroted propaganda. " do you see yourself as someone who's looking for peace?? do you ever bother to read the nonsese you write?? I think you should find a cure to your own contradictions since you seem hysterical!! your way of twisting what I say into a personal problem shows just how empty you are.. I don't think you deserve my wasting any time or effort on a pinhead like you..
25. Ron
Lynne   (09.08.06)
Israel is in the first place established upon extremist ideas.. how can you think peace with an extremist??? I'm against Israel because I'm against extremism.. the most important Rabbis and the majority of religious Jewry are opposed to Zionism but their voice is not heard because of Zionist control of American news media. I think you should look at the numbers of Orthodox Jews around the world who demonstrate against Israel.. since you are Lebanese and part of this world then you are involved whether you like it or not.. you don't need to be an Arab Nationalist in order to fight for the truth.. As for dying for the Palestinian cause nobody is asking you to die !! (not that it's up to you how you die)
26. to the fake lynne
ivri   (09.08.06)
well...your posts on here establish one fact...that you are good with cut and paste. Even the arabs who pist on here disagree with you. get a
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