New Yorkers to study about Israel
Yaniv Halili
Published: 08.09.06, 20:36
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1. Expand it even more
JZ ,   DC   (09.08.06)
This is good, but what about the Palestinian side of the story. While they may say they are not bringing politics into the class, it is inevitable that this will continue to perpetuate the blind support of Israel we already see in the US. To be fair a Palestinian course should also be added so educators can learn about Palestinian history as well. As we can see Israel has mastered the art of PR and is using it to their advantage, but New York school administrators should be cautious in promoting this program without exposing these educators to the Palestinian story which is intricately woven into the history of Israel. One-sided perspectives are the reason this conflict continues.
2. To my fellow New Yorkers:
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (09.08.06)
Here's your first lesson about's called Israel 101: Have a Great Day!
3. RE: Expand it even more
David ,   New York   (09.08.06)
It is not Israel who has mastered the art of PR, it is the Arab world who has. The first casualty of the Arab-Israeli conflict has always been the truth. It is a historical truth that at the advent of the Zionist movement, "Palestine" of which 3/5 is occupied by Jordan had less than 100,000 inhabitants, mostly Beduins and Jews. It is a historical fact that at the advent of the Zionist movement, Arabs from all over the middle east moved to the land of Israel to work in Jewish run industries much like Mexicans and Central Americans move to the USA today for work. The truth is that the so called "Palestinians" are nothing but a composite arab peoples with little to no claim to the land of Israel and yet are in occupation of 3/5 of Jordan.
4. #1
Wooddrow ,   NYC, USA   (09.08.06)
Not much too teach about the useless Palestinian culture, maybe after a few more thousand years they might have something too offer, but most likely not!
observer   (09.08.06)
which were put in it politically to play its role in the region ,now the US & EU will think if it costs to invest more or the project has already failed totally
6. This is outrageous.
Arik ,   USA   (09.08.06)
Since when should a foreign country determine the curriculum for schools in the United States? This is an attempt at propaganda. Read what the Consul General has to say: "through the teachers a generation of leaders will be educated to maintain the special relations between the United States and Israel." "We are not bringing politics, but are exposing them to Israel as we know it and as we would like people to know it," How can this be described as anything but propaganda? Isn't it enough that AIPAC and friends have helped create a situation in which our spineless politicians will blindly support Israel to the bitter end irrespective of its behavior? Please stay out of our schools. Please stay out of our legislature.
7. #1 and 2
Ivri   (09.08.06)
I can see you converge on Adams Morgan in DC,as you prepare for your useless protests.(WHICH CAUSE ONLY TRAFFIC HEADACHES ) You have nothing new of value to say ,not here on ynet nor in the streets of DC. Have a great weekend.
8. Why Should We Be Surprised?
Dovy ,   Toronto   (09.08.06)
This is what the Zionist Israel-First Lobby is all about. Control, keep that money flowing to massacre Palestinians at US taxpayer expense.
9. #1 - Palestinian history? are you kidding me?!
Gabriel ,   Israel   (09.08.06)
The Palestinian identity is based on some 70 years of blood and terror. People without any past or future.
10. teach about Israel?
joe ,   usa   (09.09.06)
Take those teachers on a tour of Lebanon and show them the real special relationship and it's effect.
11. Teaching Israeli History
JD Smith ,   Hamden, CT   (09.08.06)
That is fine as long as Palistinian history and TRUE current events are also taught.
12. They should add Israeli computer science program info
IK ,   CA, USA   (09.08.06)
13. Ivri
JZ ,   DC   (09.09.06)
I actually don't participate in protests like the ones you describe. In fact until this past January I was adamently pro-Israel. However, I studied in both Israel and Palestine last Spring and came back with a better understanding. I now consider myself as pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. I love the people on both sides, and Israelis and Palestinians are great and friendly people. I don't look to create disention among these people, rather I look to be equal in my assesment of the situation. Palestinians do suffer. Years of occupation and misery have left them feeling helpless and desperate. In the same way Israelis do suffer. Terror attacks on their buses and in bars and restaurants leave them feeling afraid for their lives. What I realized is that in this situation the hatred goes too far back and is too deep on both sides for this conflict to be solved immediately. In fact, it is impossible to blame one side for starting this conflict, as both sides have done their fair share to instigate more violence. This is a cycle kept up by BOTH Israelis and Palestinians. What I try to do is tell people of my experiences with Israelis and Palestinians so that we can all realize that we are all human beings and deserve an opportunity to live in peace and have a future. So, if you believe my hopes for building a peaceful society where peace can be attained through dialogue and getting to know the other side are of no value, then I guess you can continue to live in this world were violence, hatred, and ignorance rule the day. Dialogue is a step forward, that is why this education should contain both sides, rather than promoting a one sided perspective.
14. You all missed the point
Sheri ,   Rockville, USA   (09.08.06)
This is a course on the internal history of another country. It's not polictical -- but you've made it political! If the Palestinians or Lebanese or others want to create a course on it's internal life - great. There is NOTHING bad about learning the culture of another country and it certainly should be approved by the country. This is only one of a great many courses available, so it's not a take over of anything. The anger at "lobby power" is an anger at "power" -- goes right with the less moderate Arab priority of gaining power as the most important thing. Instead of gaining wealth and health with other priorities. It would be interesting to take an Arab approved course on Arab culture as a chance to learn.
15. Teachers
John Callaghan ,   Ithaca NY USA   (09.08.06)
Are there other countries that teachers get credit points for an academic degree dealing with the history of their state, it's economy, their high-tech industry, and their art? I'm Irish, and I was curious if there's an Irish Consulate in New York that that is initiating a similar program.
16. You get what you resist
TR ,   Portland   (09.09.06)
The harder the Zionist push their agenda of total control through the banks, the more people wake up and educate themselves. It is called getting what you resist. I used to be one of those Christians that supported Israel but am no longer and do not apologize for my total contempt of a religion that has been turned into a global crime syndicate. I do however support because I feel badly for the Jews that do live into the Torah and improve our world. Peace
17. #7, Ivri
Alex ,   Washington, DC, USA   (09.08.06)
You're either illiterate or totally dishonest. If you took the time to read the articles to which I provided links in #2, you will see a mountain of evidence proving that Israel has committed crimes against humanity. It's so typical of zionists and their supporters to resort to name calling and insults when they feel defenseless against their accusers. Please crawl back into your little shell if you can't stomach being confronted with evidence of your crimes...But then again, you can run, but you can't hide!
18. History of the state ???
58 years is history ??? will you explain to the students how you stolen this land ?? will you tell them how many you killed to have such fake state ?? you want to prepare a new supporter generation in case one of them will later another George Bush ?? will you show them the protocols of the first zionists ?? will you convience them that they have to pay their taxes all the life to Israel ?? will you ask them to die and to get killed with plesure for the eyes of Israel ?? will you tell them that they will be hated from most of the world because of Israel ?? this step shows the conespiracy the zionists preparing to control America in the future ... hope the new American generation will be more intelegant .
19. Palestinians are great people
JZ ,   DC   (09.09.06)
To all you who say Palestinians have no culture or nothing to add to this world, I ask you how many of you actually know a Palestinian? Palestinians are friendly and hospitable people. They are also hard working and try to move towards a better society. All we see here in America are terrorist bombings and radical Muslims protesting. We don't see the majority of the Palestinian population. That is the problem, expanding an understanding of the Palestinian people is necessary here in the United States, otherwise too many people will continue to condemn Palestinians in ignorance.
20. Keep Israeli Proganda in the Israeli Embassy
Richard Lee ,   New York   (09.09.06)
Much as I have supported Israel even before it came into existence, I oppose the inclusion of the propaganda of any foreign country into a teacher's curriculum. It is in many ways equivalent to including a course about Intelligent design - it doesn't belong.
21. Re #15
Josh ,   NYC, USA   (09.09.06)
I'm not certain whether or not there's an Irish program, but other there are programs regarding certain states. Also, note that they're probably not getting credits towards a degree, but more likely trying to move up the salary scale by getting additional education credits.
22. An excellent initiative
The Raccoon   (09.09.06)
Israel is constantly on the news; moreover, most serious scientists in the future will have ties to Israel. People should certainly know more on a subject they constantly hear about. And to all the anti-semites, bigots, psychotic conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis, Jihadis and other scum who responded to this - you're really determined in your psychosis, are you not?
23. Teaching about Israel
Ellie Khouri ,   Lebanon   (09.09.06)
Why waste your time teaching the dumb Americans... just inject a liquid inside their heads or you know what? just do a brainoloctomy to eradicate any thinking..
24. Synagogues should do the same!
Myles L. Berman ,   Beverly Hills, CA   (09.09.06)
If only our religious and lay leaders would do the same in Conservative and Reform synagogues in the US, then the future of Diaspora Jewry would be assured.
25. New Yorkers to study about Israel
Gordon Wagner ,   San Diego CA USA   (09.09.06)
Since when is curriculum for American teachers to use crafted by a foreign government?
26. JZ and his supporters: the rape of Palestine by the Arabs
Gene ,   Great Neck, New York   (09.09.06)
The history of Palestine is a long one. It's name was given to it by the Romans when they defeted the Jewish nation. The Romans named it Syria-Philistina after the Philistines. No one Knows who the Philistines actually were, but most historians think they were Greeks who landed on the coast of Isreal. No arabs or Muslims lived in that land at that time, as the Muslim relion did not exist , and the Arabs did not invade Syria-Philistina and Northern Africa until Centuries later. In 1921 the Caliphate known as the Ottoman empire last the their administered territories called Palestine in English, and Philistina in Arabic to England when they lost WWI. The Egyptians took the Sinai Peninsula , 76,000 sq. miles of Palestine that the British give to them. Then the Hasemities, a tribe from Arabia were given 37,000 sq. miles of palestine by the British so that Britian could maintain its influence in that area. The house of Saud pushed the Hasemites out of Arabia and Briton helped them do it so they gave this large chunck of Palestine to the Hasemites also as an appeasement. This land was then called trans-Jordan and it included the "West Bank". It is now called Jordan as over 60% percent of its population consider themselves Palestinians. In the early 1970's King Hussein of Jordan Killed an estimated 20,000 Palestinians when he pushed Yasser Arafat out of Jordan and into Lebanon, because Arafat was about to overthrow the Kingdom of Jordan. I work for the DOE of New York City and know many Arab New Yorker's and have evaluated Palestinian children from the "West Bank" who came to NY for free medical treatment. None of them were interested in revealing the History of Palestine to American's. They Know that 90% of Ottoman Palestine is in Arab hands but will never be in Palestinian hands. Now you know why the Muslims , Arabs, and Palestinians living in New York City have not asked for the History of Palestine to be part of a course on the history of the Middle East. They have been raped by their own people!
27. Reply to # 2
Grey ,   Oklahoma City   (09.09.06)
Wow, have you seen your Doctor lately about your paranoia medication? Really, you need to get checked out as soon as possible.
US ,   US   (09.09.06)
How DARE they force American children to learn about such a controversial subject that has caused so much harm this past era. I am writing to NY cingress. and all the US congress. this is disgucting... America is NOT a biased country yet- we must remain free .
29. 19
Palestinians teach their kids to kill Jews. What's friendly about that?Palestinians elected a terrorist organization for its government. Palestinians glorify blood and death.With friends like that, we don't need enemies. Give it a rest!!
30. 18
Raving Idiot. There is more than 4000 years of the Jewish People's history in Israel. No land was stollen you degenerate. Learn history, not Arab Propaganda!! The history of the United States and other countries is studied in Israeli schools. What's the big deal? The Jewish People live on their historic land which they originally came from. Re-writing history will not work, whoever you are. There's lots of room for you on the Arab websites to unleash your poison and lies. BYE!
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