MK Bishara warns Syria of Israeli attack
Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.09.06, 19:46
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what is wrong with u people HE IS AN ARAB and by the a he is a christian arab
62. The man is an imposter...
Anwar ,   Kfar misra   (09.10.06)
i have no problem with him having an opinion, but not our time and not whilst we are paying his wages. What good has he done for local Arabs nothing.. He is getting fat, buying up land and then provoking syria into go to war..what is the purpose of that..we live in israel too, and if Syria were to attack they would attack both Jew and arab alike without discrimination. This fat arab Mk representatives who are living good and shouting in the knesset to make it give them credibility should get off their fat asses and do something really worthwhile for the people they are supposed to represent.
Scott   (09.10.06)
This is NOT democracy - its bloody STUPIDITY to allow an obvious enemy from within to do this. UNBELIEVABLE.
64. This guy must definitely go out of the Knesset
Boris ,   Haifa   (09.10.06)
- probably, into jail, although I'm not sure. And you, israeli arabs who voted for this traitor, MUST blame his action and demonstrate it - otherwise you are considered the "fifth column" even by left-wing people, like me. If you don't, you are inviting additional voices for some unpleasant Lieberman at the next elections - and you must know what this means for YOU.
65. Bishasa our SAVIOR !
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.10.06)
The pen is mightier than the SWORD! Bishara is at the forefront of Palestinian intellectuals confronting Israeli policies head ON. With more Bisharas (and there will be) we can expect a free Palestine and an honourable existence very soon.
66. to 62
Shai ,   Israel   (09.10.06)
Interesting comment - but about half of Arab voters vote for people like him. Obviously there must be some Arabs who think he's done more than nothing for "local Arabs", or they wouldn't keep re-electing them, right? The only way for Arabs to get more than they are is to abandon his path, and establish parties that can be part of "Zionist" governments so that you can guide money from the budget to your constituents. In America they call it "pork barrel politics" - here maybe it's corned beef barel politics - but just the same, Arabs will never advance unless they convince Jews they are not threatenting them.
67. Bishara #4
Jeff   (09.10.06)
Eric: maybe the old british addage of the only arab you can trust is (a) dead (one)
68. #7 show me another country...
jeff   (09.10.06)
Interesting the tolerance capability of Israel. Ministers are sworn in and MK's allowed to swear at everything including their own parliament and noooobody cares??!! WOW!
69. Tahl, country responce
gilbert clement ,   sault ste marie can   (09.10.06)
Canada would do this and does do it with the province of Quebec. All sepratist should be kicked out of parliment and deported to another country, not given a voice to spew their crap and propaganda.
70. At least there are people out there who can say no.
Dr- G ,   NY   (09.10.06)
At least there are people out there who can say no to the Isreali agression and the stupid Bush Administration. You could call them whatever you want, traitors or petriotics, but the comming future will prove they are right.
71. You are wrong if you keep on opposing Syria
Salim ,   Aleppo - Syria   (09.11.06)
I have read many of your comments. You should know that sooner or later you have to accept a just peace with all arab worlds including Syria. The more time you spend to reach that point, the more radicals will face in the near future.
72. Traitor should not be in Knesset
Joan Platt ,   Church Hill   (09.11.06)
The same reason that America allows traitors like Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda etc. etc. to fan exactly the same flames of hatred against the USA. It really comes down to the fact that the authorities are cowards when it comes to just punishment. Traitors should be executed instead of enjoying the benefits of the freedom they enjoy and abuse.
73. Taiwan
Jay ,   San Jose, USA   (09.11.06)
"Show me another country whose own parliament members, go out to enemy states, where they denigrate their own state and provide moral support for the enemy. " Look no further than Taiwan, where the opposition parties openly provide aid and comfort (or moral support, to use your terminology : ) )to the enemy. Here is an article describing how a Taiwanese parliamentarian was able to travel to China and sign a 10-point agreement with the enemy, with no consequences whatsoever. His name is John Chang, just in case you want to conduct a research to find more information about this traitor. "In its refusal to recognize the democratically elected Chen, China has instead formally met with the vice chairman of the KMT. A result of this meeting was a ten-point agreement, the validity of which is still under debate by Chen’s government. According to Chen’s administration, the KMT had no authority to sign agreements with China. KMT has argued that the agreement involved “goodwill” issues not related to the government. China has also extended a formal invitation to the chairman of the KMT, Lien Chan. " Mahmoud from Jerusalem was right/correct. Any country that cannot prevent treason does not deserve a country. Taiwan's days are numbered.
74. I Was Responding to #7 in my last Talkback : )
Jay ,   San Jose, USA   (09.12.06)
75. Arab MKs traitors to Isarel
Hilda ,   USA   (04.09.07)
Why is this traitor still in Knesset,. At the very least he should have been thrown out of his seat. More, he should have been indicted and brought to trail as a traitor and hung as all traitors are or at the very least booted out of the country.
76. Bishara
Isaac Yetiv ,   La Jolla , USA   (04.10.07)
This is treason, aiding and abetting the enemy. There is a law on the books in Israel that should be used to strip him of his Knesset immunity and prosecute him for treason in time of war. If there is not, make it now without delay and prosecute him. If Israel doesn't do that, adieu to israel
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