'Borat' satire turns to farce in Toronto
Published: 10.09.06, 09:31
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1. Mr. Cohen should speak out against the anti-semitism in Engl
Daisy ,   USA   (09.10.06)
Why hasn't he as a Jew defended Israel and the Jewish people against the Islamofacists? Instead of making a film about a neo -Nazi Mr. Cohen should make a film about the threat that the Jews are under in England.
2. Daisy: he doesnt
Gil ,   UK   (09.10.06)
he illuminates it elsewhere. Its too close to home and "upsets the apple cart".... that most english of factors.
3. AS`Always Attention Grabber
David ,   Boston   (09.10.06)
Michael Moore cannnot fix even a projector with two left hands and he wants to fix the world. The only thing he manages to fix is his bank account with the help of LLL.
4. Michael Moore acsociated with SB Cohen!!!!!!!!!
Adam ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.10.06)
5. borat
efi g ,   washington dc   (09.10.06)
Yeck shemesh. Borat and Ali G rule. Borat could be the new Israeli Prime Minister!
6. He gets across more w/ satire than any Op-Ed would
Susan ,   USA   (09.11.06)
If you'd bothered to watch his work before commenting, you would see that he gets more across with satire than all the Op-Eds in all the English-language newspapers put together. He does a high-risk brand of humor (think Andy Kaufman), but he gets people to say things they never would otherwise. A favorite one was when, as Bruno, he attended a conference of basically white supremicists, and pulled a moment that reminded me of Paul Newman in Exodus with his famous "Do I have something in my eye?" moment. The TV show has many long, slow moments that bored me, but I'm hoping the movie is more tightly edited because when he's funny he's brilliant.
DEBRA ,   USA   (09.11.06)
8. Borat Yeckshemesh
efi g ,   washington dc   (09.11.06) FOR SOME GOOD LAUGHS.
DEBRA ,   USA   (09.12.06)
10. Michael Moron!!!
Jake ,   Boston   (09.12.06)
This article was great untill Michael Moore came up
11. Why should he?
Simon ,   Toronto, CA   (09.16.06)
Why should he speak out in defense of Israel and its monstrous policies? That's not the point of his character. He's doing a much more important job by exposing the unthinking bigotry of millions. The next you'll say is he's a self-hating Jew for the 'Throw the Jew Down the Well" song.
12. Make benefit Kazakhstan
Zezbryanev ,   Almaty; Kazach   (10.13.06)
Glorious nation Kazakhstan, best cuntrie in world. Most freer cuntry. We not do bad to jew, bastista and krishna; we do good. Always day are served with best Kazakh sawce an wine.
13. Get Real, Daisy
Jeremy ,   Canada   (10.24.06)
Come on, did they simply shut down a bagel shop in London to get a handful of people to start whining about it. Stop blaming people like Mr. Cohen and Mel Gibson for every social problem you think you might have. I'm sorry, but I'm just starting to get tired of it.
14. jin qui
Joel ,   Canada   (11.03.06)
wow wah wee wah!
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