Abbas: Ready to meet Olmert immediately
Ali Waked
Published: 10.09.06, 13:46
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1. Hooray! Smolmert gets to meet his PLO friends
ben ,   london, england   (09.10.06)
As usual the leftist traitor Ehud Smolmert ready to have negotiations with PLO terrorists.
2. NO WORD ABOUT GILAD SHALIT ???????????????????
AVINU   (09.10.06)
I DO NOT UNDERSTAND !!!!!.................. WHERE IS THE LOGIC POINT ??????
AVINU   (09.10.06)
NO ANY WORD MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Get Rid Of Olmert Now
General Armchair ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.10.06)
Otherwise this fool will commit Israel to more disaster. Olmert is a desperate man (so is the rest of Kadima and Labor) who will do anything to stay in power, even if it means selling out Israel which he has already done by agreeing to that ceasefire which favors Lebanon and Hitzbollah not to mention those sick Europeans. Olmert is a danger to Israel. He will now meet with Abbas, sign a deal which will give them all they want plus Jerusalem all so that he can get an invite to the capitals of the countries that have Arab interests ahead of Israel’s. Go now Olmert and take the rest of your cronies with you. One more thing, get rid of the comb over as well!
5. Is Hamas ready to recognize Israel?
Joshua ,   USA   (09.10.06)
According to a report by aljazeera, the Palestinian prime minister- designate says Hamas is ready to recognize Israel if it gives the Palestinian people their full rights and a state in lands occupied since 1967, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Is this reasonable?
DAVID ,   Central Coast, USA   (09.10.06)
7. to # 5
A Palestinian ,   Ramallah - palestine   (09.10.06)
The Answer for your question is YES. I am a Palestinian and I beleive that the majority of my people know that we have to live with Israel side by side as TRUE neigbhors. Let me clarify these facts: 1) Hamas size is 30 -35 % of the Ps people. Fatah, is almost the same size. 2) 30 % of the Palestinian, I call them the non-idelogy street, make the decision who should govern. Thus, in the last elections Fatah was punished as a result of their corruption and Hamas appeared as Majority. 3) Even Hamas know that it MUST recognize Israel existance. Every single Palestinian knows that. However, the Hamasi argument is like this: the 10 years of negotiations were time consuming! Nothing happened on the ground. This is somehow true. If you remember the period 1993 - 2000 was very peacefully period without any trouble from the Palestinian side. 4) Israel, as the facts on the ground, is not ready for serious peace process. On the ground, sattelments are extended, the Wall is contnued, and 10,000 Pas in the Israeli prisons!!! I just want to tell all the Israeli raeders this fact: Just real peace will bring security for your countrey. Without a Palestinian State on 1967 borders, suffer will stay with all of us. Joshua, I don't hate the Israelis because they are Jews! I admire the their culture, their relgion, and their pain. However, I just hate the occupation and opression. Let us respect each other and love each other. God bless you.
8. 7#
Lior ,   haifa   (09.10.06)
i agree with u.. but that u said that israel is not ready for true peace well maybe thats true but in the years 1993-2000 israel actually gave u weapons so u can fight terror well u didnt do that 1993-2000 was ur opportonity for peace as leftist were in power and sorry but arrafat blow it up as he supported terror as he spoke to u guyz but spoke peacefully to the world.
9. 5 No it is definitely not reasonable.
freedom ,   canada   (09.10.06)
What else is there to say..
10. 7 All of Jerusalem shall be under Israeli
freedom ,   canada   (09.10.06)
control. The palestinian authority and hamas has shown no respect towards the christian minority in Bethlehem. So you can forever forget about me ever supporting any kind of palestinian rule in Jerusalem. That city should be under Israeli rule forever. When you seriously considered what has happenned in Bethlehem and even Jericho, you will know what its likely that I think the west bank is being occupied and not by the Israelis. Although in the final negotiation some of the west bank should be ceded to palestinian control. Its just that from what we have seen so far, palestinian control has lead to significant relgious discrimination against religions other than Islam.
11. I Appreciate Blair's Efforts
lynne ,   austin, texas   (09.10.06)
I appreciate the efforts that Blair has made for the benefit of Israel. Olmert is in a difficult position. He may have made some mistakes, but it is clear that he was trying to resolve the crisis, even though his efforts failed to bring about resolution. As to Abbas, he is a moderate and deserves credit for his moderate stance.
12. Reponse to #5
lynne ,   austin, texas   (09.10.06)
Thank you for your kind words. I hope that peace will be possible, and I think that depends on the skill, good will, and willingness to compromise of those involved in the planning process. I am an admirer of Abbas, and believe him to be a man with a good heart, who has matured and become wiser over the years. Those with weak understanding and a "nothing to lose" attitude are capable of ruining the best plans, so let's hope that the rest of us can keep calm and promote peace. Peace would greatly benefit everyone in the region---violence and war does not help anyone. Why ws the period from 1993-2000 relatively peaceful? My daughter lives in Israel so I am always worried and always hoping for peace with all Israel's neighbors. With best regards, lynne
13. Shame on you
Palestinian ,   Jerusalem- Palestine   (09.11.06)
This is the Israeli propoganda! It seems that you're Israeli believer. If Jeruslem to stay with Israel forever, this means that we will never have peace. If you beleive in power in solving the Ps issue, look what happened after Israeli disaster in Lebanon. Well, I am a Palestinian and I am christian from East Jerusalem I have never experienced or heard about the discrimanation that you are talking about!!! In fact, the Israeli occupation and oppression against the Ps is the true face of what you said.
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