Mazuz to investigate Arab MKs who went to Syria
Aviram Zino
Published: 10.09.06, 17:49
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1. Investigate! Arab MK: 'I ADVISED PA to KIDNAP SOLDIER'
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.10.06)
Treason and maliciously endangering IDF soldiers' lives by Arab MKs is allowed in Israel whilst patriotic Jews are punished and jailed and regarded as ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It is urgent that demonstrations are held outside the Knesset and outside Israeli consulates world-wide to protest that Arab MKs are allowed to commit treason - collude with the enemy - repeatedly call for intifada against Israel - and encourage global jihadist religious supremacists to kidnap IDF soldiers. And to protest the persecution and politically-motivated, unjust jailing of Jewish patriots. Arab MK: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier' Jul 09, '06 / 13 Tammuz 5766 by Hillel Fendel Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers. According to a report in Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Taha told surfers on Thursday that he repeatedly advised the PA Arabs to stop shooting and targeting civilians, and to concentrate on IDF targets...
2. investigate Bishara but not Olmert, eh Roni ???
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.10.06)
TACHLIS, who has done more damage ?!!?!?
3. An investigation is proper...
Mustapha ,   Tripoli, Lebanon   (09.10.06)
...considering Israel is in a defacto state of war with Syria. I think the very same thing (even worse) would happen to any Syrian MPs if he or she were to visit Israel. I personally think it was traitorous of those MKs to visit an enemy state without authorization.
4. Traitors, all of them.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (09.10.06)
Remove their immunity & charge them with being traitors. We all know what happens to traitors..............
5. Finally, SOMETHING is being done.
The Raccoon   (09.10.06)
Not enough, of course - I expect to see a lot of hot air and a lot of wasted money with the final results of the traitors continuing to sit in the Knesset. But then again, maybe Orlev can beat some sanity into the heads of our illustrious (read: spineless) leaders.
6. Treason
lynne ,   austin, texas   (09.10.06)
Give these PMs the option of leaving Israel if they are disloyal. Let them go live in one of the other neighboring countries. If they feel no loyalty to Israel, they should leave.
Alex ,   Rosh Ha'ain, Israel   (09.10.06)
This democracy business, where we have these bastards sitting in our Knesset and then going behind our backs, selling out our country, stabbing us in the back and I AM 10000% SURE, that they collaborate with terrorists. And what do we do? Nothing, we sit, we condemn and thats it. We need to kick those bastards out of Knesset and out of the country!!!! I know that someone needs to represent Arabs, but not backstabbers, who will bash our country. I wouldnt let them back into the country, let them stay in Syria and eat dirt, instead of receiving salary, which comes out of our own pockets
8. Look at the picture of him...
He's laughing like Dr Evil ... MuhahahAHhah
9. let them stay in syria
tom ,   jerusalem   (09.10.06)
don't allow them to come back they think they do what they want . send them to Iraq or Iran let see how they will live their. traitors..
10. Name one other country
Sidney ,   USA   (09.10.06)
I challenge anybody to name one other country on earth that tolerates people who are openly disloyal to be members of parliament. There is a difference between being democratic and suicidal.
11. Hey, Raccoon!
Roman ,   Lod   (09.10.06)
Long time no see. Your reasoning seems dead-on. It's certainly what happened the last time someone actually went as far as to do anything at all.
12. ARAB MK Bishara Called SEVERAL Times for INTIFADA
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.10.06)
against Israel's Jews. The ugly, racist, rabid Jew-hate of ethnically cleansing 10,000 Gaza and north Samaria Jews violated Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, broke Israel's Basic Human Rights Law and Clause 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Patriotic Jews, including children, are brutally beaten and jailed. Jewish taxpayers who pay Arab MK Bishara's salary are FORCED to FINANCE TREASON! Arab Israeli MKs who are openly genocidal to Jews and support the violent overthrow of Israel are members of Israel's government! No other nation on earth allows such treason. Will Jews revolt against their forced financing of treason and Arab MK hate incitement to a second holocaust of Jews? From article on the violent Arab Muslim Israeli riots in 2000 'Let's investigate everything' by Yaron London, 10/2/05,7340,L-3150205,00.html The report offers a history of Arab demonstrations and protests that over time have become evermore extreme. The report also mentions several individuals that contributed, through words and through silence, to the progression from legitimate protest into a violent, destructive riot. Leaders of the Islamic Movement, wrote the Or Commission, fanned the flames by accusing Israel of planning to destroy the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount, and openly sympathizing with Hizbullah and al-Qaeda. MK Azmi Bishara (National Democratic Assembly) has said the Shiite militia should be a role model for the struggle with Israel, and has called several times for an intifada against Israel. Arab-Israeli leaders should be investigated The Or Commission- including one Arab justice and another member considered an important expert in Arab culture - rejected Bishara's evasive comments, and had this to say about the part Israeli Arab leaders played in the October, 2000 riots: Individuals such as the leaders of the Supreme Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee, the Islamic Movement, and Knesset Members Tibi, Bishara, Dehamshe and Zahalka were full partners to the outbreak of riots in October, 2000, and therefore also bear responsibility for the deaths of 13 of their brethren." The following is part of an article from, Sept. 25 2005 'Column One: Israel's disengaged establishment' by Caroline Glick: "...recall what happened five years ago. Following months of increased violence and extremism in the Arab-Israeli sector incited directly by the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Islamic Movement and the Arab members of Knesset, violent riots seized the Arab sector of Israel in October 2000. During the week of riots, Arab Israelis threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli civilian cars throughout the country. Israeli motorists were dragged out of their cars on Highway 65 along Wadi Ara and beaten. An Israeli motorist was murdered when Arabs from Jasser a-Zarka threw a rock at his windshield as he drove down the coastal highway..."
13. WHY NO MK COMPLAINTS against ARAB MK advising PA kidnap IDF?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.10.06)
14. Enough is enough!
Judah ,   Kiryat Shmona,Israel   (09.10.06)
During World War 2 if an American gave support to Japan or Germany they were dealt with harshly. Enough is enough! These Arab M.K.s need to be prosecuted as traitors. It is time to finally take a stand.
15. Investigate Arab MKs
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv, Israel   (09.10.06)
These people are traitors to the country that feeds them. They should be thrown in jail and charged with "Treason against their country in a time of war."
Alex ,   Rosh Ha'ain, Israel   (09.10.06)
Thats because they're busy stuffing their pockets with tax payers' money and all they do in Knesset is making imprints of their behinds in those chairs. The country is in crisis, alot of people are starving, and what are they solving? NOTHING Where is the money that's being donated to Israel? Sharon was stealing Bibi is dying to get into power to get money The only way Olmert could restrain money hungry peasant Peretz, is by giving him the position of Defense Minister, where he doesnt even know anything about military, as was shown in the war that we totally lost, because the army was not prepared at all. My friends who fought, had to look for food in abandoned Lebanese villages, because there was no water, no food, and no proper ammunition supplied to them If thats not a crisis, then what is!????!! So who cares if they complain or not, they wont solve anything, like I said they are totally useless. G-d Bless Israel!!!!
MOHAMMED ,   CA, USA   (09.10.06)
Bishara and his colleagues should obey the law of the country they live in and enjoy its rights. As they are fortunate to live in such a democracy, they should also fulfill their duties as citizens of Israel. I bet if they were Syrian citizens who traveled to Israel they would be history by now. Yes please try them or expel them to live in Syria so they can enjoy its rights among them the right to NO TRAVEL.
18. Treason is punishable by death!
Nannette ,   London, UK   (09.10.06)
Mazuz found Nadia Matar guilty of "insulting a public servant"... and I hope Mazuz finds these traitors guilty of treason, which still carries the death penalty in Israel. Nadia Matar said at her trial: “This comes at a time when... members of Peace Now are spying and informing on behalf of the Arab enemy. At this time, Knesset Members and left-wing public figures are shaking the bloodstained hands of Hamas members. At this time, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admits that he is prepared to repeat the crime of handing weapons, ammunition and pieces of the homeland to the Arab enemy. All these people are not being brought to justice for their treasonous and criminal words and deeds. “But we, the Jews, who dare to criticize the crime of expulsion of Jews and abandoning of our land to the Arab – we are chased and trampled, with pogroms perpetrated against us, as in Amona, and put us on trial.”
19. Remember Ca"h - Sheep to the slaughter house
gabriela ben ari   (09.10.06)
This jewish right political wing party was "outlawed" from knesset for the sole sin of being right. It was Izhac shamir's idea on top. They never ever thretaned the country let alone democracy , Whether one agreed with there view or not. Could you imagine ? now these bastards are seatted in their politically correct seats and are unmovable as the hills. We jews have some "jews" who will never learn the lesson of being carried like sheep to the slaughter house. These leftists we have make sure to turn as much jews as possible into victim sheep. Their religion is no other than politically correctness HOW TRAGIC
20. If they did not serve in the I.D.F.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.10.06)
then why do they sit in the knesset? Get rid of all those that did not serve. Let on those who served vote in national elections. However these arabs should sit in prison till the end of their natural lives.
21. Mr.Olmert think for Israel first
Phil ,   Mtl, Canada   (09.10.06)
Enough is Enough please get rid now of all this MK traitors if you really love Israel, how can any one tolerate this b.s. ,it's suicide for Israel, this dirty MK are hurting ,they 're disloyal, please do something urgently please please......
22. all triators look so happy in pictures
john ,   usa   (09.10.06)
I wish the law will delete it from those triators go to syria live there .
23. Arab MKs who went to Syria
Joshua ,   USA   (09.11.06)
Do you really think that those guys are stupid enough to do such a stupid thing? They may have been sent by Mossad “with travel approval” to create some kind of deceptive propaganda.
24. Deal with Syria
Michele ,   Haifa   (09.11.06)
We give back the Sheeba Farms 'on the condition they keep the Arab MKs .
Sam ,   Nigeria   (09.11.06)
Keep him and his cohorts on surveliance
26. They are Israel's best hope
Lily ,   USA   (09.13.06)
Since you don' t have a strong PM who can "pull a Sadat" . . . or a Rabin, it is good there is someone in the middle. If the Israeli Arabs are "traitors" and "don't serve in the army" it is at least partly Israel's fault for treating them as traitors from the beginning instead of expecting loyalty. 18 years of military government (1948 to 1966) was too long. It would have been better to assume military service (opt out option rather than opt in option) and change the norms.
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