Army was Polish, soldiers were Jews
Noah Klieger
Published: 11.09.06, 09:37
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1. Begin and the anders army
Jonathan ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
The late Menachem Begin was not an officer in the Anders army, but was a rank and file soldier. He also did not see action while serving with this army, which was itself riddled with anti-semitism
2. Jewish Underground
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (09.12.06)
The only Polish undergound units that accepted Jews were Communists, who then later, when Poland became a Soviet satelite, showed their true Jew-hating character.
dennis allendorph ,   United States   (10.06.06)
Begin and the majority of Jewish soldiers in Anders army deserted "en masse" when they reached Palestine. Monte Cassino was fought after the desertions.
4. RE: 2
Greg ,   LA   (11.15.06)
?? Did you know that the secret police (not only) was full of Jews? They were perfect servant to communist terror (vide Solomon Morel, a butcher, who's wanted by Polish police, but found his shelter in.... Israel).
5. Katyn Massacre of Poles: Higher Number
Jenny ,   Vancouver   (08.23.18)
The Soviets murdered 21,000 Poles in the Katyn Forest Massacre.

Menachim Begin was a Corporal in charge of the office at Command Headquarters in Guzar.
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