Eitam: Expel Palestinians, dismiss Arab MKs
Efrat Weiss
Published: 11.09.06, 10:37
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1. The future of Israel...
Aharon   (09.11.06)
This is the future of Israel when the Haredim become a majority, and it will be the end of us. Israel will become a country of Jewish Ayatollah's unless something is done.
2. First things First-Get rid of Tibi and Bishara
Christian Bianrossa   (09.11.06)
If you can do that then your words are not empty rhetoric. I'm sorry but going to an enemy country and inciting is treason, no doubt about it.
3. Arabs Won't Live Here In Peace: They Must Go
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.11.06)
They keep proving time and again that they want to destroy Israel. Land isn't the issue. Israel's existence within ANY boundaries is. Obviously, we can't have these people remain in our midst.
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.06)
5. arabs who respect jews or arabs who want to erase israel
yehuda ,   netanya   (09.11.06)
effie eitam make a differenciation with arabs who respect jews and with arabs who want to erase israel of the map ...for the last ones he has a lot of solutions ...
6. Sad but true, they ARE a traitorous 5th column
Rob ,   UK   (09.11.06)
We have them in the UK too, they're called liberals. Though they speak on behalf of those that blow up our tube trains and buses. And we also have the same particular religious minority that is a growing danger to our freedom and democracy. In fact, I'd say a civil war is just as likely in France, Sweden or here in the UK, as it is in Israel. Within the next three decades Europe will experience its own "Intifadas." And we can't say we weren't warned, because we've sat back and willingly watched Israel suffer for the past 60 years.
7. Better idea
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
Expel all the messianic madmen from the Wild West Bank . Settlers go back to America and Russia , leave us with Israel proper and the Pals with their own State . problem solved. I think it's called the Roadmap to Peace :o)
8. to the secular Sabra
Jew ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
Sounds great. Only tell me what you do about rockets falling on Israel proper in the Galil and, Sderot and Ashqelon and soon in your secular Kfar Saba. When you will learn that you cant run away from your Jewish identity? In the same way you hate religious Jews and Olim, Arabs hate you, regardless your a nice Pali-friend. The recent burning of the YMCA only shows that Pali violence is not against occupation but against Jews and the West.
9. as an ex soldier under Eitam-he is right!!
under his command   (09.11.06)
I was a soldier in 87 under his command in Gaza ,I can tell you that he is a very brave man who knows the enemy and the arab mind,only people like him can win the war against terror in the middle east!!! and he says what we all think and keep for ourselfs..
10. To Secular Sabra
Rob ,   UK   (09.11.06)
And when they get their precious "Palestine," and use it as a launching ground for missiles. Missiles which can be fired from hilltops into Tel-Aviv and Ben Gurion airport. Will you admit you were wrong? Or will you suggest handing over Tel-Aviv in some sort of land-for-peace deal?
11. to those who think Eitam is racist
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.11.06)
Sharon promised a "Jew-free" Gaza - no outcry of racism from the left. Rabin, the high priest of the left, freed murderers of so-called collaborators (our REAL friends instead of the PLO terrorist Tibi) saying that they do not have "Jewish blood" on their hands - no outcry of racism from the left. Jews are not allowed to pray on the temple mount (but Muslims are) - no outcry of racism from the Left. rampant anti-semitism by our "peace-loving" "friends" Egypt and Jordan - no outcry of racism from the Left (we have to "understand" them, after all). Another question for "beautiful" leftists - how many of you would live in the same buildings as Arabs? Same schools?
12. Problem is
Secular Sabra ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
We hate you more than we hate the Pals. They did not murder Rabin. You did.
13. to # 11 Moshe
gil ,   ashkelon   (09.11.06)
Add:same schools teaching Coran instead of Torah.
14. Eitam: Expel Palestinians, dismiss Arab MKs
silvio ,   colnago - italy   (09.11.06)
Maybe that someone begin to understand the reality.
15. Oh come on MK Ahmad Tibi...
Harissa ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
You keep on going on and on with the "german" rubbish... Have one milimiter of self critic for G`d sake! You keep on spitting to the sky and then complain when it falls on really are impossible people to have near
16. #6 - It is their inalienable human right to blow up busses
UK Liberal ,   UK   (09.11.06)
Have you read the Koran? Killing infidels is an integral part of their religion. I am sickened that you would suggest violating their inalienable human right to freedom of expression.
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
the main difference between secular and religious jews is about torah. Even if you are a secular jew, you are jewish and thats all. Don't think you can say "i'm secular" and so we will put you aside... we are one nation, with One G.d and one Torah. Be proud of it ! People that give importance to the Torah, knows what are the limit of Eretz Israel that G.d gave to us, the Jews ! Our dear neighboors have more than 10 countries where to live, and trust me as a jew, you will never be allowed to live in peace in their country. So, open your eyes, think a minute about it. We have one country and no reason to share it with people that will never welcome us in their country ! Open the Tanah (bible) and be proud of your heritage !
18. I am a Jew, a Zionist and very keen.....
Adam Baker ,   Manchester   (09.11.06)
amateur historian. Please can soemone confirm that the Nazis did the same things to the Jews in 1933-4 when they barred them from political process (as well as various other punative measures)? We seem to be seeing that same kind of rhetoric (for whatever reason) being brandished today by this zealot. Have we not learned from history or have moved forward? If we turn Israeli Arabs into second class citizens in their own country (you do not have to be a Jew to be an Israeli!) then you are breeding hatred, division and intolerance! Every tax paying Israeli citizen of whatever religion or ethnicity has the right pray, vote, work and pursue happiness as that is what a true democracy, like Israel holds dear!!! We should be an example to the world not a beacon of intollerance by backing this stance. I know some of the MKs are dispicable for what they have done/proposed but this is NOT the answer! people like Neuterei Karta are the REAL problem element in Jewish society and they should not be welcomed/to live in a country that they believe has no right to exist!
19. Eitam for Prime Minister. Immediate Replacement!
H ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
20. What would it do to the Jewish soul?
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.11.06)
It is morally wrong to expel people off their land. Jews, Moslems, and Christians must share the land as they do in every civilized country. Basic human rights must be respected. Think of what effect it will have on the Jewish soul if we become a nation that persecutes people. We are commanded in the Torah to be a Holy People, to pursue justice, and not to cause harm to our fellow human beings.
21. Eitam is an embarassment
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (09.11.06)
He knows that Arabs constitute at least a million out of a population of around 6.5 million. Leaving aside the moral aspect (which I hope is self-evident), how can you possibly make that number of people disappear without a dire impact to the country's economy? The Arab (and non-Jewish sector in general) is not going anywhere, and if Eitam thinks they're a problem, he'd do better trying to improve their lot in life, improve equality, improve integration, rather than stirring up more hatred on both sides. Or maybe he likes stirring up hatred. What a sick individual.
22. what r u talking about
to 1   (09.11.06)
this man was graet officer in the army he was General and by the way in case u dont know he is not haridi
23. Secular Sabra: Israel is FOR THE JEWS
H ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
Hope you'll eventually become "part of the Jews" that Hashem meant you to be and finally understand that Israel is the JEW'S country. In the meantime, you don't have to live in Israel. You may reside among your Pali friends. They will have lots of "respect" for someone like you who hates his Jewish brothers.
24. Testing the democracy in Israel
Ragusa   (09.11.06)
Interesting talk-backs above. This issue is really putting Israel to the test, whether it will show it self as a democracy (the only one south of the northen tip of Norway) or will fail miserably. If the MK's that went to arab countries are indeed traitors in the face of the law, then thet them answer to the law. The law of Israel, that is, not the law of the street mob. If they under proper Rule of Law is convicted of treason, only then it is treason and punishable. By the way, a lot of the old democracies has had elected members of parlaments that were talking and acting against the interest of the nation. If they are not traitors before the law, they are the price to be paid for democracy. That is - of course - if you want it.
25. on the money
sean ,   jersualem   (09.11.06)
there is no other way and we know from: 1. torah 2. ancient history 3. recent history 4. promises made by the arabs 5. the current situation

get rid of them now!

26. to #18:
sean ,   jersualem   (09.11.06)
so what? jews in germany were not a fifth column, they were not blowing up buses or otherwise killing german citizens indiscrimately, they were not dedicated to the destruction of the german nation or germans. now how bout you prick a pin in that bloated head of yours, take a look around at reality and start comparing apples with apples, jews with jews, and terrorists with terrorist.
27. #17, Michael from Jerusalem
Bechor   (09.11.06)
Dear Michael, I am a secular Jew, and VERY proud of it! I am proud of my heritage, and of my rich cultural history, and I am proud of the contribution that my ancestors made to this world. However, I must disagree with you about Eretz Yisrael. As a secular Jew, I think that life is too sacred to just throw away - to waste so readily. I think that under the right circumstances, we will be able to achieve peace with our Muslim neighbours. It may seem like a dream, and it may seem distant, but I believe that it is possible. And if we need to sacrifice a piece of land for our right to finally live in peace, away from the hatred and massacres that we have been forced to endure for thousands of years, then so be it! To me, land is not as sacred as our lives. We need only enough land to create a sustainable economy, and safe, comfortable living conditions for all Jews. Fighting for any more is an unnecessary waste of our lives, which have been so frequently wasted by our enemies in the past.
28. #1 Blessings to Aharan
H ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
"This is the future of Israel when the Haredim become a majority, and it will be the end of us." Amen kein yehi ratzon very, very soon. May Hashem open your eyes and the eyes of your descendants to see the beauty of this "majority" and eventually become a real part of it the way Hashem wants.
29. #18 You hit the nail on the head.
DAVID ,   TEL AVIV   (09.11.06)
We are Not Nazis and shouldn't try to emulate there final solution. Arabs are here and here they will stay and share the land with us . Those who agree with Eitam need to look at themselves and reflect. Shame on you all who agree with Eitam. Long live Isreal.
30. Eitam for Prime Minister! Most Arabs want to destroy Israel
Daisy ,   USA   (09.11.06)
It's so clear what the goals are of the Arabs. They have said it loud and clear. It's unbelievable to me that so many people are denial about this.
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