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British Jews be advised: Edict of expulsion still valid
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.09.06, 11:13
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1. How can the edict still be relevant but at.....
Adam Baker ,   Manchester   (09.11.06)
the same time Jews have been fully emancipated for almost 150 years and have been allowed to live here, recently commemorated by a ceremony including many notable MPs and VIPS, for 350 years. To suggest that this outdated decree could be used to bar 'Israeli Jews for example' from entering the country is a form of devisiveness bordering on hatemongering and is a nonsense anyway.... This article should be printed out by everyone and used as toilet paper as thats all its good for! An English Jew (and proud of it!)
2. Sign a decree expelling Muslims
3. Does this surprise anyone?
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
Given the British actions against Jews in the 30's and 40's, their attempts to destroy Israel before and after our state was born, and their on-going anti-Israel activities, is anyone surprised that the British Foreign Ministry doesn't agree that the edict should be revoked?
4. Actions speak louder than antiquated documents.
Tahl ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
Regardless of this historic edict to expel Jews, nowadays Britain does practically everything in its power to make itself inhospitable for Jews. Or at least - to those with a strong, unabashed Jewish backbone and a proud Zionist identity. (Harold Pinter, thus, not included). Many violent anti-semetic attacks by skinheads and by Muslims; virulent, distorted headlines in the media about Israel; academic bans on Israeli universities; rallies on the streets with "Israel is a war criminal" banners; a terrorist-sympathizing mayor of London; a festival with a stand-up comedian mocking the Holocaust... And there are many other incidents, you can read about them in this site from time to time. No surprise that such creatures like "Ellen Prescott", "Rustum", and formerly "Accessol", have evolved under such dreadful conditions. Sometimes I wonder, what would've been the fate of Britain's Jewish inhabitants during WWII, had Germany managed to invade Britain? Would the Nazi-occupied Brits have turned them in, just as easily as the Nazi-occupied Poles, French, Greeks, and Ukrainians have?
5. #3 Current Anti-Semitism in UK
MARK ,   USA   (09.11.06)
Prince Harry was dressed up in a Nazi costume.
6. Problem with the UK
Adam ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.11.06)
One of the main problems with the UK Vis a Vis it's Jews is that they don't understand or acknowledge that we are not merely a religious group but also an ethno-national one.
7. British Jewish arrogance
Dorit Gold ,   Dorchester, UK   (09.11.06)
UK is no friend to Jews. Many Jew lakeys serve the throne, but old document speaks the truth. Jews, screw UK!
8. The Edict Will Be Enforced Again
david ,   philly, USA   (09.11.06)
...once the threat of Islamic terrorism scares the Brits enough that they begin to obey the Muslims' every command.
9. Old English Laws
Rod Davies ,   London, UK   (09.11.06)
England has vast numbers of old and redundant laws that are never acted upon. These date back over a thousand years. There are more anti-Welsh laws than anti-Jewish laws but there is no evidence that the Welsh are affected by them anymore than any Jews. To repeal these redundant laws would consume all the parliamentary time available for the next decade. This article smacks of Jewish over-sensiivity to a non-issue.
10. #7 Why are you here?
Adam ,   Manchester   (09.11.06)
If you feel like this why are you even here? I would say the same to any Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. If you dont like it here then F. Off and leave!!
11. Don't waste time asking the Queen
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (09.11.06)
I can assure Mr Katzir that the Queen (who has failed to respond to the invitation to visit Israel issued many years ago) would never sign a document revoking the expulsion of Jews from England. Anyway, the expulsion edict might prove useful for a future Muslim government of the UK, although I imagine such a government would favour murder over mere expulsion.
12. Brits and the Edict
Allyson Rowen Taylor ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.11.06)
Well, if thngs keep going like they are, with the BBC, The Guardian, the Independant, and all the anti Jew and anti Israel media, there will either be only Jews who hate themsleves left in britain. As far as I can see, having just spent time in London, the undercurrent of hatr for Jews lingers like smoke from a bad cigar. I saw "Kill Jews" spraypainted on a fence, and one week later it was still there. Brain, will just have to learn to deal with the Muslims, and see how they prefer thieri lives under Sharia law.
13. Great News
Choni Davidowitz   (09.11.06)
Imagine how great Israel will become with the Aliyah (albeit forced) of 300,000 good British Jews. The government of Israel should pay Britain to enforce this "expulsion". This should be followed by mass expulsion all over pray every day to be gathered from the four corners of the earth back to our true and only Land. Moshiach Now!!!!!
14. Ori Katzir - Edict of Expulsion from UK
Howard Brown ,   London   (09.11.06)
If the edict was signed on Tisha Be'Av........what was the date of Oliver Cromwell signing an order re-admitting us.........did that fall on a significant date
15. The tones of negativity...
Mark ,   Bath, UK   (09.11.06)
The tones of negativity which are present in the publication and the comments here are very dissapointing. As a "true" multicultural nation Israeli Jews should be well aware that tensions exist between different ethnicities, but progress and good things happen. So there are Anti-Jewish sentiments sprayed in London. Well there are anti-capitalist, anti-Blair, anti-Bush, anti-government, anti-Muslim sentiments too. Don't take it personally. There is also a very strong multi-faith education curriculum in schools. You are quick to point out the supposed "anti Jewish" sentiments of the BBC, the Independant. They are voices trying to be objective, and not spin things with a positive or negative view. That in itself is a positive thing. Don't say "learn how to read between the lines". You can infer ANYTHING if you try and do that. See things for what they are. As a commenter points out, there are many old decrees which are still law, but blatantly ignored. I do find it sad that the Foreign Office do not find issue with the old law. If the UK Jewish community feel strongly enough about it, they should be writing to their Member of Parliament. One sentiment I must wholey agree with though. Judaism is seen very much as a religion, rather than a culture and a people here. You can place the blame for that on popular culture portrayals of the Jewish from the USA. (There is a similar lack of understanding of Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc. culture.)
16. #2,#11,#12
anti-hate ,   england   (09.11.06)
and edict against muslims might kick them out - but the history of anti jewish sentiment will ensure it'll be only a matter of time before Jews are kicked out - IF SUCH A DECREE was ever to be enforced. Your anti muslim comments are typical - i would think a community once generalised itself would refrain from doing the same. and muslims would probably love living under shariah laws - seeing as they wouldnt have to be involved in discussions where pure hateful venom is poured out. If you don't like this country - leave. Nobody is asking you to stay
David ,   Yerushalayim   (09.11.06)
This article is idiotic, sensationalist, exploitative rubbish. If things are so bad for the Jews in Britain, then why is their aliyah rate so miniscule. Oooh it went up by 200% in 2005!! What, from 10 people to 20 people??? Things must be really terrible over there. Maybe Itmara Eichner ought to take a look at how many old laws there are on the books in Israel - ones that are ACTUALLY IN USE to restrict civil liberties (of Arabs AND Jews, left and right wing) and ones that are used to discriminate against Arabs...
18. If Israel can expell Jews, so can ANY country
Sarah ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
19. british jews/expulsion
stewart reuebns ,   san rafael, USA   (09.11.06)
being a Jew who spent his first 20 years in Manchester england now living in the U.S. I have an opinion on this article. Frankly, it has little merit. England has an unwritten constitution, therefore laws not expressly redacted remain the law. In england, you can find numerous outdated laws still on the books all having no validity in this day and age. There is only a small possibility that a zealous anti-semite could use this law to their advantage. However, that being said, in a climate of anti-semnitism, it would be nice if finality would be reached with the Queen's signature nullifiying this Act of the former king. Remember that Parliament has to write the law. The queen may only sign it. In conclusion, I am far happier being a Jew in America than a Jew in england. BUT, the times, they are a changin'
20. protest
avi ,   nyc usa   (09.11.06)
the jews inuk and around the world should protest this edict to the queen
21. There is so much pomposity in the UK
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
When I hear a British accent, I can only think of pomposity. Am I the only that feels that way? I am trying to reduce my anti-British feeling but the BBC often prevents that from happening. The BBC hits a nerve.
22. #20 Prince Harry
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
He gets dressed up as a Nazi. I think the edict will remain. The Queen is married to a man that has a family with a Nazi past.
23. Why this law is no longer in force
Rod Davies ,   London UK   (09.11.06)
As #19 pointed out UK has an unwritten constitution. The edict that is refered to no longer has any force as it predates the post-medieval period when many laws and edicts fell into disuse. However as subsequent statute has precedence over prior law, this law was absolutely nullified following the Human Rights Act which came into force recently. Also the 17th century Republican government's decision to allow (& invite) Jews into England and Wales under Cromwell was not repealed after the Restoration and so remains law. Acts of parliament allowing Jews to enter the House of Commons occurred in the 19th century after Rothchild was elected repeatedly as MP for the City of London. This change allowed non-Anglicans to enter the House. The future monarch still cannot marry a Catholic BTW. Yes, there is anti-semitism in UK. Sadly it is too often amongst those who should know better. Fortunately it is most prominent amongst fringe activists and near-retirement ex-minor public school figures who will soon die off. Sadly Israel does itself no favours by not getting it's arguments over more cogently. BTW to Mark #21, there are lots of British accents not just the BBC one, and to British ears many Yanks also have accents which grate.
24. #21
Daniel ,   New York   (09.12.06)
Sorry buddy, but most of the world finds the American accent rude and crass, whereas they'd rather emulate the English accent, pompous or not. What happened, girlfriend dump you for a brit because of his "cute accent."
25. Agree w/#2: & from USA also.
Matt ,   Calif   (09.12.06)
26. To all who think that things have changed
Jack Fine ,   USA   (09.12.06)
Think AGAIN. Read ' The Secret Wars Against the Jews' by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. UK and US are only friendly to Jews when it has nothing to do with Money or OIL! In the next 15 to 25 years Jews will be KICKED out of the US.
27. to Andy of Manchester #10
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (09.12.06)
You'd think Israeli Arabs would understand that too. Could you repeat your message but directed at them, please?
28. 21: British accent
Ehud ,   Israel   (09.13.06)
Nah... I like it. I also like the various American ones, but the British sounds more "exotic" to me. Actually, I also like the Irish one, and the Scottish, and the Kiwi, and Australian. But first things first -- gotta perfect the American one, then move on. :)
29. we are not forgiven
megan ,   Northern Israel   (09.17.06)
for booting out the Brits!.......... oh dear now i wonder if the moslems will riot to get this edict back in service..... Same old Longshanks dont come back from the long dead and see what has happened to Britain, he would be writing non stop
30. Edict of Expulsion 1290 by Edward I
Daniel Grosskopf ,   Manchester UK   (11.09.11)
What people dont realise is that we were bled dry of every penny and expelled without compensation for property.
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