Israel’s new PR face
Laura Goldman
Published: 11.09.06, 15:38
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1. Jewish and democracy impossible
Lila ,   Jerusalem   (09.11.06)
Amazing how someone so bright can't see that being a democracy and being Jewish just don't co-exist over here. With the like of Ahmed Tibi, Azmi Bashara, et al in the Knesset, who are enemies of the Jewish state and enemies of the Jewish people, how can we exist as a democracy? A Jewish state, with Arabs as residents (as long as they don't help the enemy during war time, which this is) but not citizens, and with no representatives in the Knesset is the only way our Jewish state will survive. Wake up, Miri!
2. Mission Impossible
Joe King ,   Haifa-Israel   (09.11.06)
We congratulate this talented woman for her new and important job. We whish her a huge wage also. But we think that it will be so difficult for her to challenge a very tough "hasbara" task. To explain to the people why Olmert, Halutz and Peretz refuse to resign? Do they take Katzav's example? Or they go "kadima" with their warm chairs ? :-) until the next elections? Because they already know that nobody will vote for them, againr.:-) Or to explain why Olmert wants Barak instead of Peretz? :-) Maybe Barak will not run away from Hezbollah this time? :-)
3. Finally, someone who talks of serving
The Raccoon   (09.11.06)
Here's words we don't often hear from our leaders and politicians: "serve my country". I've been waiting to hear someone in charge say them... Go Miri!
4. Great visibility
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (09.11.06)
for the Masorti folks in Israel. Need more.
5. Eisen is terrific, but her boss must go!
Frank ,   USA   (09.11.06)
Miri Eisen is a terrific new voice for the State of Israel. However, there is nothing her considerable abilities can do to make her feckless boss, Ehud Olmert, look good. She absolutely should stay, but Olmert unequivocally must go.
6. She is an excellent speaker!!
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
She is very professional and well spoken. She comes from the best city in the world Boston.
7. Awesome
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.06)
Every time I've seen her speak on CNN or on FOX I've been so impressed. She really is fantastic and very smart. Go Miri indeed!! (Hey there Raccoon --if you are the same that posts on the sandmonkey's site :)
8. Miri
Raoul Schur ,   Netanya   (09.11.06)
I was impressed from day one. We need more like her for PR - apart from her English, she is forceful, clear and erudite.
9. Suckered into it by Olmert
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.11.06)
In the end she will be either forced to give up her committment to help Am Yisroel or to serve the corrupt Ehud Olmert. Very tragic.
10. She is from Northern California, not Boston
Jake   (09.11.06)
Read the article
11. keep her away from katsave
sami ,   usa   (09.11.06)
12. Behind the Learning Curve
George ,   Atlanta, GA   (09.11.06)
So, from a 100% incompetence, Olmert graduated to have a better PR person to earn a few points. Well, this is the least important part of running the government in such a crisis - in my opinion. I hope that Israelis don't think they deserve what they got.
13. It Didn't help
malcolm   (09.11.06)
Neither her nor Regev and Livni made any dent in getting any internatinal support. I think this analysis is overblown. Jews are happy to see a nice Jewish Girl from California do good. Especially Americans who are embarassed by thick accented Israeli spokespeople. In general everyone is celebrity crazy and this is just another example of trying to find the IT girl. . The ONLY spokesperson that came across with any sense of authority at all was Gillerman at the UN.
14. where did all the rockets go ...??
Haj Ameen ,   Um Rushrash   (09.11.06)
During the 2nd Lebanon War ...Hezbullah fired around 3000+ Rockets at targets in the north ..Miri Eisen our new star propaganda mouth for the IDF said that 1/3 of those rockets hit civilian areas , people in Israel want the truth !!!! just a simple math question
15. too late,too old
fares ,   beirut   (09.11.06)
with the live pictures the world had seen ..the lady's job is too old fashioned ,and in a way insulting to people's intelligence .
16. Got to remember she is from near San Francisco
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (09.11.06)
Got to remember she is from near San Francisco they are all left wing loonies in that part of the US
17. Couldn't she be uglier?
But I guess she represents the real face of Israel.
18. # 6. Mark: BOSTON? Boring!!!
gerd schulz ,   germany   (09.11.06)
...except Brookline.
19. Bad first impression
Isn't she the one who was so quick to believe the Lebanese stories about Qana?
20. #18 I heard her speak at a temple.
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
She talked about disengagement in a neutral non-bias point of view. She is very informative and helpful.
olmert is an impotent so we can fear no sexually harassing from him
22. #17 She is not ugly Your comment is ugly
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
23. I have heard her many times . She is TERRIFIC.Nomore Gissin
Alan ,   SA   (09.11.06)
Miri is articulate . She has all the right answers. She is respectful to the interviewer but is not browbeaten by BBC types. You will see great resuts with Miri.
24. #23 She is very respectful
Mark ,   USA   (09.11.06)
She makes her point very clearly and she can take tough questions. She is prepared for those BBC vultures.
25. Fadi Lebanon
As well,The world had seen the destruction and death in Israel caused by thousands of rockets launched by terrorist Hizbollah's. Stop with the one sided crap. The lady is doing a great job. She is telling it like it is.
26. 17
I am sure YOU are ugly. Your personality is, for sure.
27. Miri is a good choice,she has the answers
ERIC,,,, ,   ISRAEL   (09.11.06)
Our PR is very bad.It has always been bad.I hope she will do a good job,boy do we need it.Lots of luck.
28. 17
You have obviously never seen Israeli men and women. They are by far the most beautiful people on the planet and don't get the respect they deserve. Stop being so ignorant!
29. To No. 17
Like Yasser Arafat represented the real face of the Palestinians. Holy shit! You wanna talk about ugly
30. #18
Marty ,   Boston, USA   (09.12.06)
The problem is that she could talk about disengagement in a neutral unbased tone instead of screaming about its stupidity. Disengagement is as delusional as being cornered by neo-Nazis in a dark back alley at night wearing a kippah and believing that you can just walk away without getting hurt or killed. You really think they are just going to let you walk away?
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