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Conference: Iran wants to be nuclear empire
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 11.09.06, 22:29
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1. boared!
doc ,   rome   (09.11.06)
your articles/reports are so long and sometimes so boaring!!
2. Now What
David ,   Tel-Aviv   (09.11.06)
Ok so the 'experts' in Hezliya have stated the obvious. Now What are we going to do about it!!!!!
3. Ehy is the Iranian leader and Hezbollah
Abby   (09.11.06)
allowed to continue breathing?!
4. What a shame
Mike ,   USA   (09.11.06)
It is a continuous tragedy that an entire culture can be based entirely on hate. One can only hope that there is a special place in H*ll for those who lead their countries and thousands of deluded fanatical idiots down this path.
5. Muslim Leader Threatens Britain with 2 Million Terrorists
6. U cant write English,so u cant read English,so it's BOARING
Alan ,   SA   (09.12.06)
7. To doc #1
Zionist ,   Israel   (09.11.06)
If you're bored with the threat to free and democratic civilization, try living on the moon. It's the only place you'll have to run to once the radicals start terrorizing the Vatican. Ciao.
8. Boaring (sic) national ambitions
Bruce ,   Kentucky, USA   (09.12.06)
It's a shame we in the free world have shorter attention spans, as it may be our undoing.
9. #1 what do u mean: "boared and boaring" ?
cleo ,   cairo   (09.12.06)
I didn't find that words in my dictionary, someone help me, pls?
10. Education Time
malcolm   (09.12.06)
11. so many things like Hitler
Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (09.12.06)
Like Hitler and the Japanese in WWII, The Iranian religious fanatics and fascists do not understand the danger of a united United States. There is no doubt that these Shiite Islamic monsters along with the Sunni terrorists see a weak and soft America. Hitler and Tojo also thought little of America's fighting ability and failed to consider America's rage once aroused and that false sense of confidence will be the downfall of these creatures. I have little doubt that the Islamists will attempt a new and more horrible attack on the US. This attack will undoubtedly involve weapons of mass destruction and will kill thousands, if not millions of Americans. The Islamists better hope that the attack doesn't succeed because if it does, Iran will be totally destroyed and Muslims in the US will be put into camps like the Japanese were. Syria will also be destroyed and there is no doubt that the US will capture all of the Middle Eastern oil fields.
12. The obvious solution is to negotiate
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (09.12.06)
Reconstitute the Oslo Process, surrender Golan and Shebaa Farms, reliquish control of Jerusalem. Obviously that will work, right? What % of Israeli Jews want to negotiate with Hizbollah? You had pro-Hizbollah (negotiation) parades recently, after the missiles landed, No? What a tragedy.
13. #10 Excellent Link
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (09.12.06)
14. #11
meni   (09.12.06)
only after americans are drafted, and it will take a huge attack to do that
15. Change your strategy then.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.12.06)
Tell British Muslims they face Israeli retaliation if they attack Israeli's. I can gaurantee if British Muslims take Aim at the United States---I'll be happy to let the air force bomb their little Arabia in Britain to oblivion. Britain has permission to bomb the Arabs in the United States if they attack British Trains also. If Muslims choose to kill indiscriminately from foreign lands then be warned. Two can play the same game. And Allah won't protect these undesirable clowns from a bomb any more than a Jew, a Brit, or an American. Bottom line, I'm sick and tired of these mealy mouthed whining terrorists telling us how bad they have it. It's always the Jews fault. It's always the Great Satan's fault (USA). How about it's the Muslims fault. The Muslim who can't get along with any other race or religion. The Muslim who whines and cries because he can't get his sh*t together and do something positive with his life. Get a job---get a life---be successful for once! It's easier to blow up an infidel and cry to Allah about how rough life is. It's called being a crybaby. Some of us will adapt to Arab terrorism. And we won't distinguish between the Arab terrorists in Asia, the Middle East, the USA, or Europe. Your all fair game if you support this Muslim Zenophobic diatribe of kill the infidel. Israel should set specific areas for their nuclear forces to survive from. If Iran wants to wipe out the Jews with a Nuke then build very big bomb shelters deep underground. Disperse retalitory weapons to destroy Iran completely. And forewarn the other Supporters of Israel's demise that they will in all probability suffer the same fate. Get as many Israeli civilians out of Israel as possible in case of an anticipated attack. Nuclear weapons can end Allah's tribes theocracy as well as the Jews. It's called mutually assured divine retribution. Allah won't save them any more than the Jews the Iranians plan on wiping off the face of the earth.
16. Now that their arch foe Saddam is in the dock
John ,   NZ   (09.12.06)
Iran's imperialistic dream becomes realistic. Once they acquire the A Bomb, Europe will be threatened, blackmailed even conquered. Just wait n see!
Lebanese   (09.12.06)
to accept UN resolutions 194.242,338 etc... & to return stoled lands golan heights,shebaa farms & west bank & to stop sgressive & criminal policy ,after which may be your little ari,davids can live in peace in future
19. 18 Lebanese
John ,   NZ   (09.12.06)
When you walk into a casino to gamble and you lost, do you ask your money back? That's exactly what you are saying. You guys gang up and attack Israel and lost, that's it. Israel captured the land not steal.
20. to "Lebanese"
Homeboy ,   USA   (09.12.06)
Lebanon is not under any occupation except by Hezbullah. Sheba Farms never was Lebanese, as ruled by UN cartographers (not exactly a pro-Israeli bunch). It is only a used as a pretext by your Hezbullah party for continued existence. So if you don't want any more Fadis, Muhammads, and Georges to die and your economy ruined, you should disarm Hezbullah... Oh, wait -- are you part of it?
21. Lebanese can do one thing...
jwishman ,   TA, IL   (09.12.06)
To accept UN Resolution 181 wich precedes 194.242,338 and so on...
22. Then...
DK ,   Israel   (10.07.06)
1st target: Israel Target: Israel. So they would die with "honor"
23. Freedom Fighters
walldizo ,   damas   (10.23.06)
Rooys of the whole mess lies on the way Israel handels it affairs with Arabs and the rest of the world.Some coco idiot has conveniced some morons that Israel is the apple of God's eye and that Israelis regardless of how obsurd, obnoxious and greedy, are God's chosen people.This idea soacked into some sick Zionist minds who believed they can do whatever they wish with impunity.It took the Arabs almost half a century to realize that this "Israel" is incapable of living peacefully with its neighbours without spelling blood.So, its only logical that force, call it whatever you may,is the only language israel understands.Of course strife to achieve peace,but only with those who truly believe in it.
24. makes you think
eli harish   (12.05.06)
this article is some serious food for thought...
25. wake up
eli mamooka-shvili   (12.05.06)
great article - this is definitely a wake-up call for the entire western world
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