Al-Aqsa leader: Another 9/11 'on its way'
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 12.09.06, 12:41
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1. What a sicko
Mike ,   USA   (09.12.06)
Rest assured it is only a matter of time before you and EVERY one of your kind will be dealt with and disposed of.
2. It was the beginning of the end for "Palestinian" state
Rob ,   UK   (09.12.06)
And if there's anything even approaching 9-11 on U.S. soil again, the mere thought of creating an official terror state on Israel's borders will be consigned to the trashheap of history. Abu Muhammad should take a look a pictures of Dresden, circa 15th february, 1945. Which is the result of Western nations being pushed beyond their tolerance limit.
5. its all about shebaa farms! also the war of 1812! shebaa !!!
hassan ,   leb   (09.12.06)
6. But...These are the moderates according to Blair- (end)
RyanH ,   Ashdod Israel   (09.12.06)
7. mike no. 1
izzie ,   UK   (09.12.06)
I have signed the petition below your message.
8. Abu Mohammed is right on 1 thing....
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.12.06)
Indeed, it is only a question of time before the Americans and perhaps Brits suffer another horrifying attack. I for one subscribe to cause / effect relationship. No point for the West to threaten another Dresden (upon who anyway?). The Americans have nobody to blame but themselves. Their biased policies in the middle east and twisted double standards have already started to BACKFIRE. It's time for the great American people to rise up and elect a responsible government, with the welfare of humanity in mind.
G. ,   Antwerp   (09.12.06)
We are fed up with these suicidal wako types. The hatred from all Western countries toward muslims will slowly but surely grow untill ...WW III. My father survived the holocaust and 2 concentration camps and he predicted in the middle of the seventies that the biggest danger in Europe would be the muslim population. The moderate muslims are praising the Koran for all it's positive sides whereas the crazy fundamentalists refer to the same Koran as a mean to destroy people and civilisation and the moderate muslims DO NOT EVEN SHOW THEIR DISAGREEMENT which clearly means they agree. What a pervert religion and people.They really deserve to live on another planet.
10. To Hani
California Bear ,   Berkeley, USA   (09.12.06)
No Hani, I have the terrorists to blame. I love reading comments like yours because the thugs are alwasy exonerated and America blamed. Using your logic, if another terrorist attach occurs in my country, my government would then be justified in bombing every Muslim nation out of existence. We'll just say that Muslims have no one else but themselves to blame, since the policies of their religious figures and tacit support of their governments led to the attack. The lunacy of your argument is palpable.
11. Overwhelmed with joy, eh?
Alex ,   Gainesville USA   (09.12.06)
At the end, I think you will find everything happening the opposite way of what you believe and claim. Truth of the matter is, God will pour His Spirit on Zion, and Israel will come back to Him. The military compaigns agains Israel will fail, and all those who are against Israel will be judged because of they were against God's people. Still, there is hope you and for everyone, cause God is merciful and loving, and he sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in payment for your sins. All that you got to do is trust Him and drop your pride... Peace out, and I hope your change your ways, for your own good.
12. We plan his demise as well.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage Alaska   (09.12.06)
Americans pretty much hate your organization. The sooner all of your followers are executed the better.
13. Flatten the dude!
dorothy ,   kansas   (09.12.06)
14. Are you kidding me? CANADA?
ll   (09.12.06)
Canadians are so peaceful. I did not know the native indians handed over their land peacefuly to you. How wonderful life must be that no one suffers because of your policies. Oh wait, that's right, Canada rides on the coat tails of the U.S. And the policies of one are the policies of the other. NATO? yes. 75 year history with the Saudi royal family? Yes. Vietnam? yes. Korea? Yes. Afghanistan? Yes. Iraq? yes. Mainly white people from Europe? Yes. It's time to realize who you are and put down your People magazine. Try to see what is driving the world today. I know I know your favorite Hollywood stars are thumbing their noses at the Bush presidency and the USA, and you just have to feel like you are with the "in crowd". My guess is that Hani is in a minority of a country that wants to be in a minority too. Guess what ? Too late.
15. another...
roddyzuleuta ,   LA, ca   (09.12.06)
that is good. bush can lie, hype the intelligence about Wmd in IRAQ blame clinton, link the iraq/saddam to alqueda/osama connection, ignore the CIA intelligence, another 'slam dunk', give the UN & EU the finger & if the attack happens in Greenland, he can justify another unilateral, preemptive, military, nuclear war with IRAN!! WOW!!! WHAT A HECK OF A JOB!!
16. islamofascist logic....
Neil ,   NYC   (09.12.06)
This is very simple...the more these morons use the Koran as their reasoning for murder, any political discussions about past or current American (or Western) policies are irrelevant. The rich 200+ history of its people and actions speak for themselves (what has ANY Arab country done for the world these past 200 years other than blame outsiders?).....we are not a people who are not going down, and if challenged (as our history proves), we fight back uglier and more bloody than any pathetic Islamic army has since the 12th century. This guy in the west bank is a loser, like his Palestinian and Arab/Islamofascist allies....sending their children to fight for them and promising a stealh bounty in heaven. Remember what the US did to Japan to end WW2, if pushed to the brink again like 9.11, I caution these crazies to stop their brado & cheering...because they will end up as cinder and glass like Hiroshima and Nagasaki if it continues..... Last time I looked, bin Laden vanished, the Taliban is a ragtag army and no longer in power, and the PA is nothing but a front for crybaby Palestinian state after billions of dollars and promises they could NOT keep (ahem......oh right, the "occupation" stops them....when they had a State on a silver platter, they walked!). We are still waiting for the so-called Arab/Islamic moderates to stand up and call for the heads of idiots like this al-Aksa leader....but, that is not ever going to happen. Instead, ultimately, these people will get what is coming to them, and they will not find virgins and serenity when they meet their maker Allah! Neil
17. Ahh Gee Hani---you twaddle dripple
Sandman ,   Ann Arbor-Michigan   (09.12.06)
On September 11th the WTC had a company named Kanter-Fetgerald. Not one single human being on that floor survived the attack by MOSLEM Jihadist. For my sister who died that day for her innocent Moslem, Hindu, Jewish, Christian friends who also died that day any whom can no longer speek for themselves. Your arguement is amoral dementia of the frist order for the action can not justifed for any reason............................ As Aristotle said................. "the ends do not justfy the means"....................................... Only creatins like you Hani try to justify immoral action as justifable for then fits your ends or cause. That the action is immoral to begin with means nothing to a twit like you for ends then justify your means.. The only thing warped is your sense or morility Hani for you have done is dripple twaddle on this web space..
18. Hani - I got news for you..
'It's time for the great American people to rise up and elect a responsible government, with the welfare of humanity in mind' No - The American people already rose up and elected a leader and a responsible govt with the well-being of AMERICA in mind. Why should Americans care why these terrorists are plotting against them? They WILLFULLY attacked America and caused the death of 3,000 people in AN INSTANT. You justify terror on America (only a question of time...biased policies...double standards...) and yet it is the Americans who have to come to the negociating table and TALK??? That is what democracy is. We talk problems out. But when a party initiates combat it is incumbant to defend one's self and nullify that threat. To not do so is suicide. This logic applies to Israel too. How can Israel talk to people who openly and actively seek its destruction? I don't care what they have to say if they are threatening war on me and my family. Hani, you are to beholden to the myth of multiculturalism and that talk is the key to end all problems. If these people wanna talk - I will listen and talk too But threaten me? Attack me? You will receive the same in kind...
19. between a rock and a hard place?
yeled ,   israel   (09.12.06)
between a rock and a hard place,for the dreamers holdin hands with the scheme'rs , always wanting ultimate perfection, always complaining that its too hot or too dry ,will they lead by example? when , when will it be time for the children to look up at real men who know it takes more wisdom to die peacefully than it does to kill violently. achshav!
20. Hani
Jane   (09.12.06)
Bias is not the problem. If the US were biased in favor of Arabs, you would be cheering for bias. The problem for you is us Jews. Yup, Hani. Why don't you just be honest and admit that you hate Jews no matter what we do or don't do. Your hypocrisy is overwhelming.
21. Desensitized to Canada
CJ ,   USA   (09.13.06)
After hearing it so much, I am desensitized to the all the hatred from Canada. I can only hope those in charge will secure our northern border NOW.
Knave Dave   (09.13.06)
...his mind. "The September 11, 2001, terror attacks were the beginning of the collapse of the American empire, and it is only a question of time" And for the last four years the American economy has grown and ... "The Americans even now are doing everything to bring our hostility and hatred to higher levels and bring us to wait impatiently for the next great big event," said Abu Muhammad. That's right. In other words, the 9/11 attacks did not to change American policy in the Middle East, other than to make us a lot tougher with terrorists. Abu admits 9/11 has not stopped American from annoying the heck out of terrorists.
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