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Bibi: Iran president more dangerous than Hitler
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 12.09.06, 21:10
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31. #3 You are a prime example of ignorance...
Dan ,   USA   (09.13.06)
It has been proven that Hezbollah trained Al Quaeda operatives on how to make explosives. Ali Mohammed set up the meeting between Bin Laden's men and Hezbollah. Al Quaeda then used this knowledge to blow up the Kobart towers. Now tell me that Hezbollah has nothing to do with Iran??? Talk about hallucinogens! You terrorist apologist / blame america first people make me sick!
32. Iran
Sean ,   London, UK   (09.13.06)
There's nothing secular or which values human rights in Israel. That is the problem. The similarity is that both Palestine and Israel were states created for a religion. This is where the problem lies. Publish this or not, the only solution is the removal of the present regime in Iran.
33. Eb22, Elad
Sean ,   London, UK   (09.13.06)
My friend. You are 16 years old. It's time you learnt properly what this is about. Go to the UN website and read the realities of this situation.
SSA ,   New York City, USA   (09.13.06)
Do we really need to stir and agitate this into another war? I would assume that anybody living in the middle east, being as volatile as it is, would want to be able to protect themselves to the best of their abilities. How many countries have used nuclear weapons beyond testing other than the U.S.? None. There are checks and balances in place, such as the threat of other countries, such as England, Israel and the United States, all of which have the capability of blowing up Iran in its entirety many, many times over. This is no threat, the only threat is from ultra conservatives trying to bang the war drum every opportunity they get. Ahmadinejad more dangerous than HItler? Who has he attacked? Who has he threatened to attack? Has he built up his military force? He knows that the world wouldn't stand for it.
35. Bibi article
Paul ,   Arlington VA   (09.13.06)
#2, YDB is completely right! I am an Evangelical and Israel's staunch supporter. Israel, G-D is your Rock and strong Arm! Turn to your Redeemer!
36. arrogance
mr.c ,   cape cod usa   (09.13.06)
Its obvious one thing needs to change,thearrogance in the tone of these views and opinions.The second you lay claim to anything you become a target.Can you not see this?The one thing religions should teach people is the ability to bite your tongue,words from petty humans destroy worlds.This is not the case is it?Religion is the problem then.ALL of them.
37. OK, I'll buy it...but.....
John ,   USA   (09.13.06)
So this is why they dropped cluster bombs on S. Lebanon and caused the worst oil spill in E. Med history? The solution to the needle in the haystack problem is not to make a bigger haystack and throw more needles in it. We need a better plan i.e. a political solution. I don't think Bibi or Bush have a clue.
38. "king of..."
eastman ,   United States   (09.13.06)
Joshua, first learn to spell - it helps to convey your ideas are well thought through, second they are arch enemies only when the conflict is between them. They are united in their hatred of the west. If you don't think that is true then explain why sunni Syria supports shia Hezbollah. The old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is arab.
39. Joshua's true identity
Joe ,   Blue State, USA   (09.13.06)
Joshua, we are not fooled. By your broken English, we know you are not from the USA. Plus from your lack of understanding of the basic history of the Middle East, and their current affairs (post #19), we know you must be a product of the uninformed, uneducated, and frightened Islamo-Fascists. Isn't it funny that those who are truly free understand their convictions and selflessness, yet those who hate freedom believe what they are told and do things for their own glory. Remember the Afghani who was told he faced death, by Islamic law, because of his conversion to Christianity... . Tell me those people are free?!?! Think, people, who the true enemy is!
40. John, you're the one without a clue
pryvateer ,   United States   (09.13.06)
Have you paid any attention to what has happened starting in 1979? Why do you think Bush risked his presidency in Iraq? There is no political solution to achieve peace for Isreal. The Isreali's have traded land for "peace" since 1993 with the reward of more militants with better weapons on their borders. Peace will only come from somebody winning: the arabs and the annihilation of Isreal or the west with the emasculation of the sunni and shia terrorist organizations. That is being accomplished by eliminating their source of weapons (Pakistan, Iraq, Iran), source of money (Saudi Arabia, Iran), and sanctuary (Afganistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon). This is a multi-generational strategy achieved through a combination of military force, diplomacy, and nation building. The challenge for the west and Isreal is to get the mix right.
41. Liberal poison
Tom ,   Middleburg USA   (09.13.06)
The problem is that Liberalism has pronounced that appeasement is the solution. When in fact appeasement will only serve to embolden the radical Islamists.... What exactly is the difference between Radical Ahmadinajed, Radical Saddam Hussein, Radical Al Qeada, Radical Hamas, Radical Hezbollah, Radical Islamic Jihad. Hold on I'll answer that nothing they are all allied. Therefore when the Liberals in the USA claim Al-Qeada/Saddam no ties I call Bull. They are all tied together in the goal of the destruction of Israel. They are all tied together in their radical beliefs of the Koran and Mohammed. They all applauded 911and if their group happened to have nothing to do with it they were envious of that group that did. Liberals continue to hypnotize the world and just like in the 1930's they failed to anything to stop the rise of Hitler and Nazism, luckily this time we have George W. Bush that called a halt to the rise of Radical Islam. It is nothing short of insanity to believe otherwise.
42. Israel can't even defeat Hezzbollah
InsolentMinx ,   USA   (09.13.06)
Israel had 7 armor divisions before attacking Lebanon, now thanks to Hezzbollah, they only have 6. Bibi should stop begging for Americans to shed blood for them, cause we're fed up with your lies and deceipt.
43. 34--are you kidding me?
Mike ,   USA   (09.13.06)
The whole point of the article was to emphasize exactly why a mutual assured destruction doctrine won't work with Iran (like it did with Soviet Union and others)! Pay attention.
44. King of Propaganda, Joshua hellooo, are you in there???
Phyllis ,   Cleveland, OH US   (09.13.06)
Do you think it matters if UBL and Iran like each other, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They both believe in Islamic fascism, after they kill us then they will beging arguing with each other. AFTER WE ARE DEAD, not before. Did WWII teach us nothing about potentials? Those who know nothing of history are bound to repeat it - please learn something before you get my children killed.
45. Israel deserves its country
Phyllis ,   Cleveland USA   (09.13.06)
The land where Israel is located did not belong to anyone before they moved there. It was land traveled over by Bedouins who had no fixed home. Just because they have since made an invalid claim and idiots like youb believe lies doesn't make it true. AS I SAID BEFORE LEARN REALITY BEFORE YOU FORM AN OPINION, OR ALL YOU ARE IS AN UNINFORMED NAIVE PUPPET.
46. Munich.
ramrod ,   The F State USA   (09.13.06)
The only political solution Ahmadinutjob will go for will look remarkably like the Munich conference of 1938 - except this time it will be Israel. If you don't know about Munich then go back to your room and suck on your pacifier, because you lack the historical context required to gain even the first iota of understanding as to what is actually going here. It will come down to bunker busters now, or nuke em later. Simple as that. "Problematic" (a coward's word) or not. The comforting thing to remember is when the political will finally asserts itself, and it will, and the gloves finally come off, Iran will get crushed like a bug and North Korea with it - these things tend to get resolved enmass. Iran - The Roach That Roared
47. More dangerous than Hitler
J Blair ,   Clinton, NJ   (09.13.06)
BUSH is worse than Hitler. Remember 911? secrect prisons? Captain America calling: "Help world, we need rescue!"
48. "Al-qaeda has nothing to do with Iran"
Nathan ,   USA   (09.13.06)
I think what a lot of people are missing is it doesn't matter if Iran and Al-qaeda have ties or not. The point is they want the same thing. Their goals are the same. Do we really want them to make ties if they don't have them already? People need to understand we (the free world) can no longer sit and wait in hopes that this won't affect us. This will affect everyone. Now is the time to act. This isn't going to go away. iran isn't going to stop what they are doing. Russia isn't going to help. China isn't going to help. These 3 countries would love to see the west lose the power and influence they so badly crave. The history of the UN is a prime example of a failed democracy. How can you expect to use democracy to solve issues when it is nearly impossible to impose punishment? I am glad the US started something. Whether the international community agreed with it or not. At least now we are having these conversations. At least now citizens across the world are opening their eyes to real world threats. As long as people throughout the world are uneducated and not allowed to be a part of the election process we will have problems like this.
49. How Did The World Become Blind?
Lior ,   London   (09.13.06)
Because the liberal Left - its press, TV and constant drip-drip-drip of anti-Zionist propaganda - poked the world's eyes out and it's now stumbling around as blind as a bat unable to see the truth like a blind beggar in a dark alley. In London there was a demonstration by terrorist-inspired Islamic organizations one Saturday. I was waking home from shul. I got caught up the the demo and a roar went up from the crowd as they saw my kippah. Among them were leftwing feminists with placards saying "We are Hizbollah". Since when do left wing, bra-burning feminists ally themselves with mysogynist Islamo-fascists? Have we lost our collective presence of mind? The only reason has been twenty and more years of leftwing agitation and propaganda that has vilified Israel and has now boiled over into outright anti-Semitism. I hope those mindless, slogan-thinking feminists get their just desserts... locked up in purdah, veiled, the vote taken from them and subject to genital mutilation. Then, just perhaps, they will start to realize who their true allies really are. The battle was bad enough before... now we have to convince the liberals and the leftwing of the rightness of our cause before we can even start to fight our real enemies. We have been subject to a campaign of vilifying propaganda for the last twenty years that has only ever been surpassed by Goebbels and his "big lie". It is time to hold the anti-Zionist press to account before the price becomes to high to pay.
50. People need to realize what is happening here
Randy ,   USA   (09.13.06)
This is a war between good and evil. It is World wide, it will not stop until one side wins, and I will tell you right now who wins, the good side, Gods team! Hitler tried to eliminate the Jewish People, he almost succeeded, but God will not let that happen, ever. The Islam fanatics helped Hitler in WWII, they are continuing in what he failed in. Israel is the promise land of the Jews, it is Gods land that he gave to the Jews. One person said on here that if the Jews and the Americans were gone all the problems in the World would go away, please wake up from that dream, do not be fooled by the evil one, the only thing that will take all the Worlds problems away is God himself, he is the good, Islam is the evil, wake up everyone before its too late, we are in a war of survival, our survival, it is written who will be on the winning side, if you want to be on that side then read the Bible, learn, then it will be perfectly clear who the evil one is. God Bless the USA and Israel!
51. So how do we correct all of the mistakes in history?
Nathan ,   USA   (09.13.06)
We can sit here all day and point fingers at the problem. Who caused what, who did what to who, who threw the first punch, who's land is it really, etc. Sometimes we focus so much on the past that the future passes us by. And by doing so the mistakes of the past occur over and over again. The next thing you know its 100 years later, nothing has changed, and all the issues are still in front of us. We (the world) will never be able to change the past. This isn't in our power. What we can change is our future. Is it more important to fight over a piece of land or find a way to live together in peace where everyone can live a good life. A life that is right for them. Have a chance to raise a family, make some money, treat people well, and have a positive impact on the world. My problem is I will never understand the thought process of people in the middle east and other places. It's not because I don't try to see their side, it's because I do not have that deep religious belief and the my own history in those regions. I can't understand how 100's of years of fighting is the answer. Why can't people just be happy that they are alive and focus on improving their lives. This reminds me of Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries. (I'm not a history major, so some of this could be off). When the church had power life sucked. You lived to be 22, you ate potatoes, you lived and slept on dirt floors, most of the people you knew died from some horrible disease and 1 out of every 5 children lived past 7. Religion had the most power when peoples lives sucked and they had hopes that something had to be better than what they were living day to day. I don't want to die. Death frightens me. I like my life. But I have worked hard. I have a home, a car, and a soon to be wife. We need to find a way to improve peoples lives and stop focusing on the past. We have the power to change the future. the goal should be to find a way where everyone can find happiness and have a better life.
52. #34, SSA
Nathan ,   USA   (09.13.06)
The problem with your thought process is you don't see the possibilities. You don't see the future. You think if we stop "beating the war drum" the world will turn peaceful and everyone will carry flowers and rainbows will fill every sky. At what point in time did the US finally get involved with Hitler? Do you think we should have been involved earlier? Do you not realize how some people in the middle east think? you should really read more news than the new york times. You should take some time out of your day to read what is going on in the world. Read up on some history. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not, that isn't important. What is important is being able too forsee where things are going in the world today. "he knows the world wouldn't stand for it" Stand for what? Ahmadinejad's political and religious ideas make him a threat. What if what we hear from him is true. What if that man is smart. He is manipulating the world so he can continue doing what he has been doing. He is defying the international body and the world is standing for it. In your eyes, when would be the time to stand up? And by the world, who do you expect to act? Would Iran have to attack someone before you thought we should do something? What if they attack India, would you think it doesn't involve us and we should stay out of it (probably). At what point should the US get involved? When has democracy suceeded in these types of situations? How can democracy succeed when veto weilding powers do not believe in democracy? If you tell you son not to jump on the couch, and when he does you tell him not to jump on the couch, and he keeps jumping and all you do is keep telling him not to jump, will he ever change? There needs to be consequences or punishments when the international community agrees on something that is ignored. We saw it with Sadaam for 10 years. Now we are seeing it with Iran. What is your timeline? I'm just curious to know how some people in NY think.
53. Netanyahu on Militant Islam
Marci ,   Los Angeles USA   (09.13.06)
What part about total annihilation don't Muslims get? The worldwide terror (over 42 countries are under siege by Islamofascists) in the name of establishing an Islamic world-state and the quiet acquiesence (or fear?) of peaceful Muslims will result in a Judeo-Christian backlash which will make the Holocaust pale in comparison. An Islamofascist nuclear terror incident will result in two things: (1) A massive nuclear response which will incinerate most Arab cities, and (2) a Judeo-Christian campaign that will methodically exterminate the remaining worldwide Muslim population The only way to avoid this nightmare is for the peaceful Muslim world to awaken and go to war against itself, just as Christian Europeans and Americans had to wage war against Christian Germany and Italy to eradicate the cancer within.
54. pro Israel jewess
Patrick ,   franklin Tennessee   (09.13.06)
Thank You for the all encompassing perspective. I 'm afraid that the Palestinian people are being used by Israel haters to accomplish their goals. God bless the ignorant and bedevil the behind the scenes killers.
55. Rally against Iran 9.20.06
56. Insolent MInx #42
Phyllis ,   Cleveland, OH USA   (09.13.06)
You ought to be on your knees thanking Israel for shedding their blood for us. If you cannot see an obvious proxy fight, I think you are to be pitied and are useless in or efforts. Olmert, a liberal, was given free reign and he screwed up. We need Bibi in there and we need him soon. If Bibi had been running things as he should have been, the Hezzbo's would be history as they should be. You better look at yourself in the mirror more closely tomorrow morning and see what is really there, an Anti-Semite
57. A new Hitler
Toppi   (09.13.06)
Yes, Ahmadinejad is not a normal person. He like more who a mentalpatient. Because he have a sick dream about to take gone Israel from the map.
58. who's like hitler?
norman ravitch ,   savannah, georgia   (09.13.06)
Netanyahu knows about Hitler. His Likud party began with profound admiration of Mussolini and has since become the incarnation of Fascism in Israel.
59. John, USA and a political solution?
Phyllis ,   Cleveland, OH USA   (09.13.06)
What part of them wanting to kill all of us do you not get?? How do you negotiate with someones whose only objective is death to our way of life? They consider liberty as we live it contrary to Allah's will. Bibi and Bush have a clue, have a plan and will keep our civilization alive if they are not thwarted by traitors who wish for the end of America and western civilization. Who cares about an oil spill when they want to end our way of life??
60. J Blair
Phyllis ,   Cleveland, USA   (09.13.06)
Are you the Jayson Blair who lied in the NYT?? You comments make as much sense. 9-11 ;was done by Al-Quida and UBL not our government, or are you a moonbat, who just wants to blame our goernment when there is no REAL substantial evidence and you must fabricate it. How is Hitler's exterminating 6 million Jews and others, on a par with fraternity stunts at Abu-Gahrab or Gitmo, and now the prisoners at A-G want American jailers, or even secret CIA prisons for 14 prisoners. Please walk out into the sunlight of reality and grow a spine.
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