A righteous man from Hizbullah land
Idan Avni
Published: 14.09.06, 12:55
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1. Where can we buy this book?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.14.06)
I can't wait to read it.
2. It is a moving history!
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.14.06)
We love all people and we are happy when this is recognized ,and when we are recognized. And we are happy too if one finds hi or she has a Jewish Soul and wants to sincerily join us.
3. bull sh**t
ohoh ,   world   (09.14.06)
4. shame
Jean ,   lebanon   (09.14.06)
shame on you traitor....
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (09.14.06)
6. his mother is not jewish
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.14.06)
after reading talkbacks about the jewish guy who converted to islam and joined al-qaida, the only thing that seems to matter is whether or not a person's mother is jewish. if that is the case, this avraham sinai is just as goy as my wife is, just without the hocus-pocus.
7. collaborator
freeman   (09.14.06)
most collabortors are left to die by Israel once they are identified...this story is nothing but a publicity stunt by both israel and this collaborator who basically think he escape reality and buy himself a new life by converting to judaism... who would care about his book except some psycho-likes.
8. A Corageous Family
David Verde ,   Mexico DF, Mexico   (09.14.06)
Not only his story is moving but that of his family as well. Avraham Siani life should inspire us all; Shalom to you and your family Avraham.
9. WOW ! bring that bok
10. # 6
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.14.06)
We accept sincere conversions,even if the father,mother,grandfather...etc are no Jews. I t just must exist a very genuine and deep wish for the conversion to be acomplished,and a process in which this is proved has to be followed.
11. Will it be sold in the States
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (09.14.06)
Will it be sold in the States what is the title?
12. #6
Bechor   (09.14.06)
Anyone who has an Orthodox conversion is a Jew, in the same way that anyone born to a Jewish mother is a Jew.
13. Interesting Story!
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.06)
But this guy might just be a smart member of the SLA who decided to blend in Israel rather than be a Muslim or Christian SLA member! If he joining Judaism is solely interest free then I welcome him aboard.
14. I think i saw this episode in XFiles !!!!
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.14.06)
15. #4- Jean, from the place formerly known as Lebanon..
Uziel   (09.14.06)
No, shame on you, that were incapable of defending your national sovereignty from a bunch of thugs who brought upon you destruction and shame. Now look powerless the rubble and repeat cowardly: Izrail did it , Izrail did it... Lebanon is no longer.
16. How can we be so sure that he isn't a deeply...
Ariِ ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.06)
Undercover Hezbollah agent passing Intel to Hezbollah terrorists cross the borders? Just a thought!
Shiite ,   Lebanon   (09.14.06)
18. Even Steven
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.06)
Wasn't there an article about a Jew who converted to Islam a few days ago?
19. He wasn’t only spy. He wasn’t alone
Anna ,   Canada   (09.14.06)
Believe you or not to this story, this person definitely has the bulls to tell us. He could run away as far as New Zealand or Alaska. But he did not. Neither his wife, who chose to convert to Judaism with him. And it’s the most important part in the story: he was always safe at home. And for some who doesn’t except him as a Jew: the Jewish society is much more colorful then you think. Person can convert with Conservative or any other branch of Judaism, and he will always find the supporters. But again, it’s much more difficult to be excepted in ultra-orthodox community.
20. #18 Dorothy
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.14.06)
The guy who converted to Islam was not a Jew except according to Hitler's opinion.
21. Anna # 19
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.14.06)
"But again, it’s much more difficult to be excepted in ultra-orthodox community." Yes,because they are ortodoxes,and being so they follow much more strictly the Jewish Laws,what in the opinion of many-as myself-is something good !
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (09.14.06)
Take him and build your population on this kind of people that are traitors. Just one thing: who is not able to love his country he will never be able to love another country (israel or any other country). So taKE HIM AND CONGRATULATIONS TOO. WE DO NOT WANT HIM, THIS TYPE IS NOT WELCOME BETWEEN THE LEBANESE.
23. this guy has a name
jj ,   London, UK   (09.14.06)
he is a trator, not for converting, he is free to chose whatever religion he wants to adopt, but to be an Israeli agent in lebanon is a crime agaist lebanese, all the SLA were traitors, some of them took light sentences by lebanon, and hizbollah didn't follow them and kill them, even though it's easy to do so. and others fled to Israel, those who killed lebanese and who passed information helping israel against lebanon are TRAITORS no less, think of the french who helped the Nazis during the WW2, are those heroes or what??
24. to #22
Alelx ,   Canada   (09.14.06)
You should be thinking about getting rid of real traitors of your country -- the Iranian and Syrian dogs and their bedroom mate Nasrallah.
25. sell out
tony ,   beirut, lebanon   (09.14.06)
come on man how much of a sell out are you. converting into judaism cause you want money and hate living in south lebanon where it's hell because of israel. oh for crying out loud go kill yourself mate, at least that would be a decent end for a piece of crap like you shalom my dear jew wanabe friend.
26. 23
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.14.06)
you must be with the religion of peace, no doubt. nice.
27. to #23
Abraham   (09.14.06)
He was not against Lebanon and neither was the SLA. The SLA where the most patriotic of Lebanese. They where just abandoned by thier government to be harassed by the PLO. The "Only" reason they where prosecuted by the country was because it was run by Syria. History brings everything into focus.
28. to #22 (He loves his country)
The man loves his country, and he lives in it now (Israel). Why is he a traitor then? He just abandoned what he does not believe in.
29. #22, you smoking Lebanese blond?
SAM ,   USA   (09.14.06)
What are you smoking? some of that infamous lebanese hash? wake up and smell the coffee. Your rantings are indicative of what is bad for Lebanon. You just can't handle the fact that NON_muslims have rights. Only your way is right. The man chose his life and is happy. Do Israel a favor and stay in Lebanon and breed . The more imbeciles in Lebanon, the better for Israel
30. #7 "freeman" = fool who would destroy Liban
Jean-Luc Haddad ,   Canada   (09.14.06)
So, a man preventing attacks on Israel by a group determined to destroy it and destroy Lebanon is a "collaborator." Well, that is a word that only a complacent fool would use. Another word would be "decent." I know that there are still many wonderful Lebanese that want to live in peace with Israel. With their hatred, the terrorists have, however, poisoned the country and Lebanon, the beautiful Lebanon, is dying of that poison. Lebanon is the first victim of the terrorists.
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