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Before we bomb Iran
Prof. Yossi Yona
Published: 17.09.06, 11:27
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31. #18: Hani lacks the brain to withhold from striking Iran
32. ..
thr ,   ep   (09.17.06)
Try "diplomatic" channels until it is obvious for everybody this is meaningless, even the UN secturity council; then..go ahead.
33. Ho Hum
malcolm   (09.17.06)
Sounds like Solana. But at the end of the day , is there really someone to talk to?
34. Fadi u complete moron
Rehavam ,   Haifa   (09.17.06)
If u had a proper school instead “to bend over school” you attended, you would understand. The only thing standing between you and complete destruction is Jewish higher moral. 2000-3000 suicide bombers are just STUPID TERRORISTS! They can’t hold front! They can protect NOTHING! Israel simply does NOT consider your Hezbollah REAL THREAT. That’s why Israel is not willing to sacrifice valuable soldiers. Simple use of napalm would make you brave mujaheddin to start running and stop only in Teheran. Remember! If Israel would feel threatened in next conflict then “Palestine”, Lebanon and Syria would become small jarabic villages around Teheran. In Iranian radioactive desert! And all of it WITHOUT using atomic bombs. One hit in to Iranian nuclear facility or pouwer plant make ONE Chernobyl. You gona have 20 Chernobyl’s on Iranian soil in 60 min. (will you still masturbate with you missiles or not and how many Israelis die is not relevant. The UN reaction will be irrelevant also.) If you don’t behave your DOOM is inevitable!
35. Before we bomb Iran
Fadistein's Monster ,   Perth, Australia   (09.17.06)
#1 Have Professor Yossi Yona and Professor Moshe Sharon fight it out in the ring. If Yossi wins we get nine years of peace followed by a nuclear explosion in Tel Aviv. If Moshe wins we get to fight the Amalekites before they have the technology to kill us all in one attack. #2 Try apologising. It is working out well for the Pope, and it will work out well for us. We can send Ahmadinejad a card which says 'Sorry for making up the Holocaust', and once he sees that we are really sorry he will have no reason to want to kill us any more. #3 Bomb the Van Leer Institute. As Professor Yona acknowledges, there is a risk that we might not be able to successfully strike Iran. We are a little rusty. So we should use the Van Leer Institute for target practice, to calibrate our weapons systems. #4 Bomb Fadi's house. Because every time we bomb Fadi's house it makes Iran $12,000 poorer. Simply by bombing Fadi's house over and over again we can cause the Iranian economy to collapse, and avoid a war altogether. #5 End the injustice. There is an international Zionist conspiracy afoot to prevent Fadi from communicating with Michael Steiner in real time. Providing a forum for all the enemies of Israel to repeatedly post how much they hate Israel is simply not good enough. Fadi must be given a permanent staff job at Ynet, and a baby monitor so that Michael Steiner always hears what he has to say immediately.
36. Rehavam of Haifa is an idiot
Bruno ,   Los Angeles   (09.17.06)
Such arrogance and ignorance and you are not from Haifa. All of us Jews are not from Haifa. Your settler ocuppier father came to Haifa and took over some Palestinian's home.You need to go to school and study some history, them some manners. Such a ignorant moron Rahavam.
37. Why is it just Israel's job ?
John ,   NZ   (09.17.06)
What happened to the rest of the world. Are they too scared or love Iran's oil too much. Unlike the Islamic Brotherhood, The world is not united enuf to care and this weakness is being exploited by Iran. The rich and powerful nations ( which I would not like to name ) are too selfish to get their hands dirty. Not US though, US got their hands tight with Afghan and Iraq. Everyone thinks, Iran's nuke is meant for Israel. Well, you cannot to find out the truth.
38. #8...ibrodsky
Craig ,   USA   (09.17.06)
Well put...outstanding. "The Iranian fascists have shown convincingly that for them war is also the continuation of policy. And "Death to Israel" is the cornerstone of their policy..."
39. EMP over Iran...
Craig ,   USA   (09.17.06)
There are alternatives to resorting to conventional nukes targeted on Iran's Nuclear fascilities. I believe a couple of EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) weapons detonated in the atmosphere over Iran would essentially fry most of the electronics in Iran...reducing their infrastructure back to the stone-age. If that pre-emptive warning were to fail, then Israel could go after their oil wells...say 10% at a clip. Sure, oil would go to $150.00 per barrel temporarily...too bad. It is better than allowing these nutcases to achieve nuclear capability. A few neutron bombs would be more severe but would at least leave the Iranian infrstructure intact. Regardless of which course of action...Israel must strike first! These Islamo-fascists, don't lack the WILL to strike, they only lack the POWER. They will attempt to incinerate Israel if they are allowed to achieve nuclear capability. Ironically, Israel has the POWER but I fear she lacks the WILL. I hope you Israelis are not counting on the USA or the international community to act. America also lacks the will, and the international community will side with the Islamists. If you rely on any entity for your security, you will be betrayed.
Mahmoud ,   Lebanon   (09.17.06)
if you didn't catch anything from the issue of yossi yona who analyzed situation very correctly. & about you saying that Hizbollah can't hold a front & they are not a real threat ,i recommend you to read newspapers about committee to probe failures in Lebanese war where IDF during 34 days couldn't move more than few meters in Lebanese territory & till last day 300-350 rockets still fall on israel & 2 captured soldiers are still unfreed ,it means that nothing of war goals was not distinguished.Is this all not sufficient to your empty head to deduce something correct about the might of Hizbollah? & Hizbollah didn't use all his fo\rce,so if you want to try with Iran you have to bring netanyahu to PM & can try your chance .good luck with "IRANIAN ROULETTE"
41. war
Alfred ,   France   (09.17.06)
Israel is a bit off, by acting this way you are creating your own destruction. the new Hitler will certainly kill everyone. so please use your mind if you got any in one go. be realistic. forget the USA think human. before is to late
42. apocalyptic
wade ,   usa   (09.17.06)
either way it will be apocalyptic, if Iran continues or if Israel strikes first. the thought of "mutual nuclear deterence" will not apply. Iran, under the theology of its current president is willing to martyr all in the attempt to unify all arab nations against Israel once and for all. the question is who and when will shot first. Israel needs to be aware that the support of the USA is weakening with the movement of our govt (the masses) toward the liberal left soon i fear the support will not be willing to stand with Israel. watch the USA as it turns away from G-d and G-ds choosen people. I pray I will be proven wrong! TIME IS RUNNING OUT.... WAIT TO LONG AND ISRAEL MAY BE ALL ALONE.... the mass in the US are losing the stomach for war and we sure do not know how to end one...... numbers 6, 22-27
43. Listen to yourselves
Justathot Imahavin ,   SF, CA, USA   (09.17.06)
You people make it sound so easy to and are so willing to use nuclear weapons to destroy infrastructure and human lives by the tens of thousands. In reality, you have learned nothing from history. The US and Israel are worried about Iran, and the US is cleaning up the messes it has made in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa while the Brits are busy (with the exception of a few thousand soldiers by the oil exits in the S of Iraq) closing business deals and making plenty of money off all these countries. You people are hilarious. So much talk of military supremacy and tactical planning capability but you can't see the obvious game of Divide and Conquer being played by outsiders in the middle east. Utterly and simply Pathetic.
44. #36 bend over and blow urself up :)
Rehavam ,   Haifa   (09.17.06)
"some Palestinian's home" Mad hat without electricity or indoor pluming. So no jew can live like that.
45. Enough with these professors!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.17.06)
They are no more intelligent than anyone else.They just had the time and money to study for an advanced degree. Save news magazines for a few years,then reread them all the "experts" are usually wrong.Did anyone predict the fall of the soviet union and the warsaw pact countries? Did anyone predict that many warswa pact countries would join nato? Did anyone predict that some of our greatest enemies were our former allies? iran has to be taken out and the cost to them is of no importance.We have to survive even if it means the iranians are destroyed.
46. More Leftist idiocies
Francois ,   Montréal, Canada   (09.17.06)
According to Yona peace could be reached because a balance of terror, but Israel already owns nukes and islamo-nazis are not deterred so why should they be more deterred if they own nukes? Moreover, these scums are not at war with Israel because they want nukes so they are not likely to change their mind regarding Israel's destruction with nukes. More Leftist idiocies.
47. To #40: keep dreaming
Francois ,   Montréal, Canada   (09.17.06)
IDF didn't not destroyed Hizballah and rocket launchers because it was prevented of doing it by a stupid and incompetent PM.
48. #40 Mahmoud jews took pitty on ur sorry...
Rehavam ,   Haifa   (09.17.06)
Mahmoud who do u trying to kid? Who do u sending to read newspapers? I WAS THERE. I’m still there. In Lebanon. I don’t see Hezbollah in Israel. IDF tanks can get to Beirut or Damask in 10-20 hours. ANY TIME we wish. We can make DUST out of Beirut sending you running non stop to Teheran. Unfortunately our gov send us to hunt down cockroaches in bunkers. This type of operation is we being doing for 34 days. The REAL objective of this war – MESSAGE to cockroaches! DON’T you dear to touch our soldiers and this objective was achieved! By the way, what is current exchange rate? Body of ONE fallen Israeli for 100 live cockroaches? Correct me! About Iran… ;) NO roulette. 100% probability on Iranian mutants. WITHOUT using WMD. Just conventional bunker busters. Go visit Chernobyl get a good preview.
50. The world does not care
Gil Borman ,   Detroit USA   (09.17.06)
Professor is right to ask the questions he does. Here are my questions: -what sign is there of any international will to confront Iran -What makes anyone think "the world" will be upset if Israel gets nuked? -Would you trust the barbarians who did the Argentina AMIA bombing with a nuclear bomb? In case we have not figured it out- the world is as indifferent to theJews as they were in 1938 at Evian and it is up to Israel and only Israel to act. I would suggest trying to overthrow the regime first, kill their leaders second and bomb their nuke sites if it comes to it. Blockading Iranian oil exports also makes sense.
51. To #40 i can just agree about all including cockroaches
Phil ,   Mtl, Canada   (09.18.06)
52. Far Left Academics Will Destroy Israel.That IS Their Plan.
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (09.18.06)
One reason (out of many) why Israel's national security is such a basket case is because of the deluded mindsets of their far left academics. They haven't met fascists that they haven't embraced. I wouldn' t trust this prof to educate my dog, let alone my children. Trust me, I know a thing or two about credible higher education. Yona's concocted theories don't pass muster.
53. Iran
mark ,   UK   (09.18.06)
Why do you print so many one-sided and biased e-mails from your readers? Is it not because you make them up to boost your own morale about Israel. The man is talking sense . Stop calling him names so much with your fictitious readers' talkbacks. I am sure you won't publish this . War has cost so many Israeli lives and yet you are asking for another one. i just can't see the logic.
54. war now or later
55. iran's nukes
geodeo ,   toronto,canada   (09.18.06)
Iran doesn't have the guts to nuke Israel if it had nukes. Just like Saddam Hussein. America and Israel wanted to scare the world by saying Saddam Hussein would use Scud Missles with bio/chemical agents on Israel during Saddam's invasion of Kuwait and the US/UN response. Did Hussein, in fact, use WMDs on Israel, even though Hussein hated Israel? NO! Did Hussein make negative remarks of Israel? YES! Which proves one thing. All this scare-mongering by Americans and Israelis don't amount to much. We saw the same thing with Saddam Hussein during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. No WMDs, no nuclear weapons programmes, no connection to Al-Qaida, NOTHING. Just more war-mongering and scare-mongering. I won't definitely say that Iran has a nuclear weapons programme. No one can make that judgement until there is CLEAR evidence yet. Oh for sure, YOUR opinion fits the signs, but is it truth yet? No. I tend to think that they do have a weapons programme, but as I said, I and others CANNOT make judgements. With that in mind, I think Iran doesn't have the guts to nuke Israel. People seem to forget that the Holy Land, especially Jerusalem is holy to the Muslims as well. If any nuclear fallout fell on Jerusalem and stained the Dome of the Rock, Muslims around the world would be outraged at the Iranian government/military for such a stupid attack. Iran couldn't risk a worldwide condemnation, especially from it's own people and it's own religious body, let alone getting counter-nuked by Israeli nukes (which Israelis don't seem to be declaring, even though it's as SECRET as Iran's nuclear programme). Which brings me to my last point. If Israel was allowed to have a clandestine programme, why can't Iran? I wish BOTH countries destroyed their nuclear programmes. Instead of pointing fingers at other countries for having WMD, why can't we look at ourselves and criticize ourselves? Is that not the fair thing to do?
56. Options, what Options!
RIB ,   USA   (09.18.06)
http://www.memritv.org/Search.asp?ACT=S2 Try to keep up! http://www.eyeontheun.org/articles.asp?c=36 This stuff is not NEW! http://www.unwatch.org/site/c.bdKKISNqEmG/b.1317489/k.D8F5/Articles/apps/nl/newsletter2.asp
57. Cannot buy yossi's arguments
Joseph E . ,   Givatayim , IL   (09.18.06)
Ahmediabusers raises his finger above his head same as the caliphated shmock from j'lem, Israel cannot afford the risk of an intellectual or double standard or balance of power argument under teheran Mullah's ideology of islam expansion, to convert or to die . but if iran's nukes are taken down thah the could be effect domino on syria-hezbollah-hamas , could lessen up some difficulties in the ME. if israel chooses to take out this this existential threat, it could later deny any involevement same as iran denies the holocaust trgedy.israel wishes to have neighbours such as canada, but than it had no choice about the promised land connection and geographic locality. fate of a strange land , strange people , strange divinity , the most important thing is to not to fear anything,keep in mind israel is stubborn against terror , it doen't talk to it , it fights back. keep it high friends
58. To # 29 stop telling us to commit suicide.
Jerry ,   Tel Aviv   (09.18.06)
A JEW ,   USA   (09.18.06)
60. B4 we bomb Iran, tell the Iranians
John ,   NZ   (09.18.06)
It's all Ahmedinejad's fault
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