Time: This is how US will attack Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 18.09.06, 08:32
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61. have we forgot about the supreme leader of iran?
chad ,   usa   (09.18.06)
Is the supreme leader Ali Khamenei not the one with the most political authority in this country? Why then do all articles infer that Ahmadinejad is the head of Iran? wikipedia: "In contrast with most republics, the effective head of Iran's political establishment is not the president, but rather the Supreme Leader" Am I missing something here?
62. Rustrum .. shut up .. we all know your Jew-envy
63. ITS ON! USA/ISRAEL v. Iran & the world
Truth ,   USA   (09.18.06)
My post is #36 - read that then see it happen before your eyes...
64. Hey Y'all
Freaky Dick's Chimp ,   Nashville, TN, USA   (09.18.06)
Once again, ignoramuses are beating the war drums. If you feel so strongly about the destruction of Iran, why haven't you signed up to be in the first wave of the invasion? Get your snout out of the Cheetos bag and turn off your tv if you can't handle the blatant emotional manipulation of "leaders" like Cheney.
65. I like you Todd. / ====21
American ,   USA   (09.18.06)
So true- the Israel lobby is spinning the ARab hate/ FEAR in the USA like crazy, chomping at the bit to PUT OUR AMERICAN BOYS IN HARMS way---in another stupid COSTLY war---for- guess who- the 'jewish state' of Israel' ISRAEL IS NOT AMERICA PEOPLE- (THANK GOD)
American ,   USA   (09.18.06)
60 percent of USA wants OUT of IRAQ/ are you jewish or something?
67. GOOD POST 48
American ,   USA   (09.18.06)
ISrael IS the problem in the ME- it was peaceful before the 'jewish privelegeed state of immigrants was created.
68. #25
Rustum ,   London, UK   (09.18.06)
Who do you think you are madame? You tell Zeev "don't try to speak for us real Jews in Switzerland" - as if you have a monopoly on the decision as to who a real Jew is and who isn't. I have long suspected, from your war-mongering, hate-filled posts that you are actually an agent provocateur - because I can think of no one who wants war more than you do, I can quote no one who is more racist, more prejudiced, more an enemy of the Jewish people than you - because if your pathetic shreds of ideas as to what represents a "policy" were to be followed, it would result in more Jewish deaths than anything so far offered by Hizbullah. Blind, blind, blind - you simply don't see it - that your introverted, parochial goy-hating philosophy is the road to destruction. Talk to your "enemies", engage with them, and leave all your filthy talk of war, bombs and death out of the equation. Oh - but then you'd have no raison d'etre, would you? You'd have to do something useful with your life, like going to make amends for all the evil filth you have spewed out on this website.
69. lets be good goyim slaves of israel
GSS ,   LA   (09.18.06)
lets be good little goyim slaves for israel and fight their enemy for them, so us dumb americans will die instead of our superior jewish masters
70. # 52. 53. 54. rus_dumm = zeev (='chuzpanik's')
gerd schulz ,   germany   (09.18.06)
71. 53 Rusdumm: Little Gerne Gross posting utter nonsense AGAIN
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (09.18.06)
Ignore this Islamic Extremist all he wants is attention on a Jewish Website... Using personal Hate towards those who are Jews - hiding same under a coat of false pretence A person who seeks by all means on a Jewish Israel Website attention - for his actual Jew Hate he has expressed in vile posts - they were even censored before - where he calls for the wish of Death - that he epxressed : saying;... sadly did not die in bombs - or even vile other death thraets - etc... He posts his usual rants to achieve attention - that's his aim: which if he posts his usual Raving remarks, he will Get The usual case of delusional person who must at all cost seek public attention, since in his own life he's a NOTHING So - this way he's someone - that's the reason he spews HATE what a sad little man who is really a very desperate small person Ein Kleiner Gerne Gross - But a Nobody The types we can see in conferences and Radio - where they run a mile when caught in their desperation SO . don't answer this Islamic Extremist
72. 68 Rusdumm = Dumm = Silly Man - LOL
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (09.18.06)
73. Nowhere-Zeev-Rus_dumm: This act of self conversation
gerd schulz ,   germany   (09.18.06)
makes you highly suspicious.
74. attack Iran? right.
Marcel ,   Canada   (09.18.06)
we are the new Roman Empire and we're not near the beginning, we're near the end. if you think they are barbarians 'over there' wait 'till you see how fast the fabric of our society breaks down. This Just In !! Pentagon orders more fans sent to ME. There's sh*t that ain't got nothing to hit.
75. lets be good goyim slaves of israel?
AK ,   NY, USA   (09.18.06)
your comment shows YOU ARE dumb. and you are not representative of americans or christians
76. Interesting Enough.
Decaelo ,   Canada   (09.18.06)
Nice to see many people have made it all to this little discussion from all walks of life, from many ends of the world. Personally when I see media coverage of the events that are happening, I must resist a stronge urge of vomiting. The problem is that this war, or these wars, are wrong - and have been wrong for their entire duration. I am not saying we should idly stand by while our senses of security are threatened and abused - I am simply stating that bombs, military occupation, suicide bombings, Jihad/The Crusades tend only send one message: The wrong one.. If there is one doctrine that all religions share in common, it is that of peace. Even atheists know this - trust me because I am one. It's not that I don't believe in God, because I do, I believe in a One God that is beyond our comprehension. I don't believe in institutionalized religion; I just believe that if God made us all different, then he should be able to handle different kinds of worship. Organized religion misses the entire point and has become a place for like-minded individuals to spread their personal ideology (and by personal, I literally mean personal, and not spiritual). The end result, wether or not you want to call it Holy War, Jihad, Petrochemical Hostaging, Economic Sanction, etc - is that it all boils down to one thing. Differences amongst groups. Differences amongst groups that (at least here in North America) 90% of people have no idea why they adhere to. Speaking of differences, this whole pissed off Muslim reaction to the Pope's words are hilarious. I deeply respect Middle-Eastern / Eastern religions, and all of them. The thing is when you get angry for someone citing something written who knows how long ago, and you are angry because it says you are violent.. don't go shooting and bombing other people, you are seriously contradicting yourself. The Pope may not have been right in choosing to say what he said, but you know what? This is a modern world we live in, and there's this crazy thing about the civilized world called freedom of speech. I am not saying anyone can say what they want, because when we enforce our right to our freedoms, we are never denied so UNLESS it encroaches on the freedoms of others. I believe in Freedom of speech. I believe the Pope, in his position, has a responsibility to be tolerant and to promote ideology via positive statements, and not through negative or derogatory ones. The Pope is far from being a bigot, it is just an oversensitive reaction from a group who feels its been victimized, or a group who is desperately seeking an excuse to act. I will tell you one thing though, all these calls of Jihad and Arabs detonating themselves all over the place has to stop. It is understandable to motivate your people to act against something, but when you are calling 'Holy War', you cannot expect people to act peacibly and not react violently. There will be moderate reactions, violent reactions, and even civil ones.. but I think those who make call for 'Holy War' resulting in deaths should be executed for either war crimes, instigating murder or accomplice to murder. The Crusades may have been wrong in what they did, but they are in the past, and our society has learned much and moved on since.
77. There are no weapons
dsm ,   Kuopio Finland   (09.18.06)
This is just another bogus scare-the-public-of-something-none-existing. US own intelligence before it enters the spin room that says there is no evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Sheesh, folk, many of you are unknowingly being deceived. This is Iraq redux. The neocons had a plan for the middle-east long before 9/11. All of this has been planned at some level and now the details are being worked out. Months ago I read the talking points from AEI, a very influencial think thank which is located in the same building as PNAC, Project for the New American Century. Now does that name ring any bells for you? If not, it absolutely should, because it's their plan that is being carried out. DO NOT EVER expect to hear the truth, these people are disciples of philopher who said the elite should use perpetual warfare, religous fervor and invented enemies and lies to deceive the unknowing public. They think people are idiot, that they won't ever figure out. All along their plans have been published online (what arrogance) but the media never reports on it, so how do you find out? You need to be more sceptical and do your own homework. This quote sums it up very well, from an unnamed neocon employee: "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality--judiciously, as you will--we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." The Iraq WMD claim was a councious decision to fool people and nothing works better than fear. Many administrations despite political leaning have used the fear tactic to support things that the public would never support otherwise. Now they deny that they said a lot of things about Iraq because they want to cover up for their former lies. The neocons are not some kind of "good" force that is out there to rescue the world from supposed enourmous threats. They will bring death and death tand death o every place they want to invade, and they won't find any WMDs in Iran either if the country is invaded because they know there are NONE. They are in the middle-east for a permanent stay...and there are quotes from AEI neocons that makes it clear that one of the plans is to destabilize the region and then blame other countries for the mess. Why' do you think? I have the answer...for further justication for these wars that have little to nothing with a real fight against terrorism. It's used as a tool. Please take time to inform yourself about PNAC and AEI. Your're life may actually depend upon it, you may unknowlingly support imperialism. If former empire builders were bad, then why is this in any way good? It's not going to save people. It will kill thousands upon thousands and blood on all sides will be spilled for decades. For absolutely NO GOOD. I don't know if I can post a link here, but I'll try: (please do not censor)
78. IRAQ =====I S a mess
American ,   USA   (09.18.06)
Will Iran be any different- do you know how much $$$$$ USA has spent on Iraq WAR? do you know if USA had put all this destructive energy into green energy, etc, how positive it would BE? AMERICA WILL NOT GO TO WAR IN IRAN========= I DonT CARE HOW MUCH the 'jewish state" is trying to get USA SOLDIERS to fight for them WE WILL NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
79. RE: #7 70% American Support
Frances ,   Plano, USA   (09.18.06)
Debra, No one helped the 30 million Christians in Russia from the zionist/bolsheviks either. Obviously, you don't read history or you would know that war solves nothing. "Pre-emptive" war is especially harmful and the people in Israel would only be at more risk. You sound like a good little brain-washed soundbite. I do not support any attack on Iran or any other country. Iran is many years away from being able to make any nuclear weapon. Israel needs to open its doors to the IAEA and dispose of its nukes and end the repression and oppression of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.
80. More Insane Zionist Warmonguering
Free Vanunu NOW! ,   Canberra, Australia   (09.19.06)
Israel is fixated on war, agression and deception. What an ugly little country Zionists have made out of the Holy Land! After 1000's of years, we now see the apotheosis of the Jewish separatist project. Revolting!
81. Nuclear Iran
John R. Peacher ,   Martinsburg, WV USA   (09.19.06)
Just what is it going to take for Western Democratic governments to realize that madmen like Hitler, now one in Iran, will do what they say they will do? If we do not get rid of the mullah's in Iran and other nations who speak hatred, murder, and support terror in their weekly "sermons" we will soon pay the price for inaction. Why the delay? If we do nothing, they bomb us, or murder each other. If we do something, they still protest, bomb and murder. Let's at least limit the carnage those unfit to live among lovers of life, not worshipers of death, can do.
82. RE: #7 70% American Support
fran ,   novi, mi   (09.19.06)
Frances, i agree with you, Debra has been a little brain-washed. And no, 70% of US does not support attacking iran (unless it came from fox). Attacking Iran is not going to resolve anything. To be honest i do not believe this attack is for the best interest of our wonderful country (US). I believe it's being pushed by Israeli lobbiest in washington. I've always been a proud republican, but I must say, this administration scares me.
83. 6 Zeev's grandpa Buck told the Jews not
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.19.06)
to bother coming into Switzerland in WWII. Hitler won't hurt you he said. Don't listen to that bone headed President Roosevelt---he proved to be an idiot daily. Don't follow an idiot man. You might survive if you do!
84. Frances, Plano #79
Brod ,   USA   (09.19.06)
Where did you get the info that Iran is still far off from getting nukes? Wake up. Fanatical Islamist-Jihadist terrorist sponsor country Iran is feverishly completing their nuke program in 2006. No Americans or people in the Free World would like to see dirty nuke bombs exploding in their cities by Islamist-Jihadist terrorists. The Ayatollahs have publically announced their evil intention to the world that they plan to annihilate Israel with nuke (read p.224 "World on Fire" [2004] by Professor Amy Chua). Israel has all the rights in the world to defend itself from this existential threat. And the Free World led by America has a responsibility to insure that no rogue nation ever gets nukes and WMDs.
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.19.06)
Attacking Iran would the worst thing Israel could make the US do...but they don't care about American lives--only advancing their own imperial objectives. If Iran is attacked the Muslims in the Middle East will devour the Americans in Iraq and destroy Israel. Don't kid yourselves and don't fall for the PR from the media or the politicians. Hopefully people aren't stupid enough to believe the same lies from the same liars. If so, death and destruction will follow...and not just Iran. WAKE UP. Choose peace.
86. Americans need to WAKE UP
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.19.06)
Debra, Johnson, Freedom Lover, war-hawks, etc....your fear is unfounded. Iran isn't any more a threat to the US than Iraq was. Your hate is childish. We (I'm an American too) have nothing to fear from Iran. Your motives are selfish and destructive...we can't just bomb the hell out of anyone we don't like. Morality is not on our side, and we will win the battle but lose the war if we attack. It might start out an air-based campaign, but it won't stay that way. Your arrogance blinds you from seeing the reality of the outcome. Too many Christians want to protect Israel because they want to "fulfill prophecy", but the Israelis are not our friend and they've tricked us many times in recent history, with death as the result. I'll say it now: BEWARE THE FALSE FLAG OPS. The Neo-Cons and the Zionists are desperate and losing power every day. THEY WILL DO ANYTHING. Choose peace.
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.19.06)
People are making a premise of false dillema. It's not a matter of us hitting them and everything going back to normal or letting them have nukes and they'll blow up the world. If we hit them nothing will ever be "normal" again. If they had nukes, they wouldn't blow up the world. NOBODY--NOT EVEN THE IAEA--HAS SHOWN ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE THAT IRAN IS WORKING ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS. They want nuclear power, like we have. They signed the NPt, like we did. Nuclear energy IS THEIR RIGHT by that treaty. You should never want war because war is death and wanting death is simply evil. You want to fight? Go fight, you idiots. But don't sit there and dictate who should be bombed or not. What foolish pride and inflated arrogance the warmongers have.Zionism is bad for Israel, bad for Jews. Choose peace.
88. you don't have a clue
figo ,   switzerland   (09.18.06)
first of all, switzerlands doctrine is not to blackmail other nations with economic or military power. thats the reason we don't have to fight abroad. our doctrine is to protect our citizens and our land. and thats best accomplished through NEUTRALITY. 2. we took more jews or refugees in general (per capita) than the usa. and what do you expect of a country about 1/10 the size of germany? to attack it? don't be silly... 3. we are much more of a democracy. than the usa, where you have to choose between 2 parties that in the end do the same(more or less). and what do you expect of a country that has less people than NY City? attack germany or what? seldom experienced such a blinded opinion and finally, our economic power isn't built on destroying other nations and than build it up again in deficit. (germany, iraq and many more) oh, lets not forget the military spending... and sorry for my english...
stephen ,   marshall usa/sydney   (09.19.06)
its hard to believe there are people out there who think attacking Iraq is a good idea. I guess spending zillions of dollars on another war, losing possibly hundreds of thousands of american lives (see Iranian population compared to Iraq), losing all that Iranian oil (gee what do you think a gallon of gas might cost you then?), and creating a situation in which a draft will be absolutely necessary (and i bet most of those supporting this insanity are draft age, 18-40), and creating ANOTHER civil war may seem like "good times" to some people, but as for me, i refuse to support such bad idea in anyway.
90. Every attack has a return address!
Persian CAT   (09.19.06)
Those who dream of attacking Iran should be aware they can be attacked too. Israeli's MUST remember this fact very well. I'm sure the Zionists have not forgotten the lessons that Hezb just taught them. This time it won't be Katyushas, I promise you.
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