Iraq al-Qaeda: Pope, West are doomed
Associated Press
Published: 18.09.06, 17:15
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Rick ,   Ocala FL USA   (09.18.06)
Ah, the enlightened peace loving Islam religion... The Pope quoted a 13th century emperor's assessment of Islam, and was immediately excoriated for 'claiming' that Islam is a violent religion. In the first, the Pope didn't make the claim. He quoted somebody else who made that claim. And rationally, since the claim was made 700 years ago, it was referring to Islam in the 13th century. No matter. Modern Islam, enraged at the thought that a guy who lived 700 years ago thought Islam was a violent religion, responded by unleashing a violent series of world-wide demonstrations and actions against symbols of Christianity. The rhetoric from the Islamic world turned reason and rationality on its head. The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement saying that "anybody who calls Islam intolerant brings violence upon himself." That statement is so irrational that it sounds like something from Saturday Night Live. "Don't call me violent or I will kill you." In protest at being called violent, Islamists burned Christian churches. A 61 year old nun was gunned down to protest the concept of Islamic violence. In dozens of world-wide demonstrations, the Pope was burned in effigy. Islamic groups issued death threats against the Pope. Others threatened to storm the Vatican and kill everyone inside. In response, the Pope apologized profusely, with his secretary issuing a statement saying that Benedict’s position on Islam was unquestionably in line with the Vatican’s traditional teaching that the Rome “esteems Muslims, who adore the only God.” To say that the god of Islam that sponsored the global rioting is the same God that told His followers to 'turn the other cheek' is more than just heresy, it is totally irrational. The Western world murmured appreciatively at the pope's apology, while global Islam protested that it 'didn't go far enough.' And who is it that STILL contends that Islam is a religion of peace?
32. Offended?
LMB ,   TEXAS   (09.18.06)
How can what the Pope quotes from history offend anyone when the Islamist, cut off heads, hide behind women and children? I think their upset because the truth is really hurting their propoganda machine that they are a peaceful religion...Ha Ha! Holy War against the West is nothing more then what we all know is, Convert to Islam or Die.....then come get me so I can give you a free ride to your hell.
33. I respect what Jesus you beleive in But
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA   (09.18.06)
All those lines that you wrote doesn't make a sens because jesus, How ever you are refering too show the prophecy that God Assign to him after Moises and other prohets have done and it make a sens in the term of evolution in the time. The no sens you are talking about that after Islam didn't exist at that time and that area at all. let's say God know the confusion that some people like you do and talk about reason but not practicing it. Islam has birth through Mohamed a man who doesn't read or write, and after jesus time and in a different location. Isn't God so smart then all of us? take care and go get more study about the reason
34. GOOD JOB -men &womem
p HENRY ,   longmont U.S.A.   (09.18.06)
35. an example
Simon Mohammed ,   VA USA`   (09.18.06)
we are talking about half of what the pope had said, i am sure he is not that dump to stop there, he still got other thing to add specialy his own opinion. the example is: you hit me first then you run and cry/complain about me. or you kill me then you walk in my fenuraille do some meditation my friend the world isn't stupid as you think
36. DARREN # 29--------> AMEN!!!
Watchman777 ,   USA   (09.18.06)
37. shouldn't have to appologize for quoting the truth
jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (09.18.06)
The Pope's quotation is proved absolut by the action of the hypocitical fools that are rioting, fire bombing churches and murder of the nun. It's amazing that these people can't think for themselves and act like cattle being herded. A bunch of pigs!
38. To all Muslims especially #26
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (09.18.06)
Muslims are like leaves, a little wind and they are blowing around everywhere, where the west is like a rock, keep pushing us and pushing us, and one of these days we will start to roll, we will roll over all leaves and knock the damn tree down too. ie, a cartoon or a quote from a 600 year dead guy can make muslims whirl around in protest, burning, shouting insults and violence, (while humorously saying they are peaceful) while the west sits here waiting for that push that will get us rolling.
39. #7 Is it any wonder? The Un is STILL pondering WWII!
Watchman777 ,   USA   (09.18.06)
40. #17
Watchman777 ,   USA   (09.18.06)
KNOW this, that IF islam persists they MAY bite off more than they can chew! IF the U.S. (THE PEOPLE- NOT the "elected officials") gets angry enough, they (Muslims in ME) may be watching as their eyes burn out of their sockets and their skin falls off before they hit the ground DEAD. (The BIG bomb-ask Japan about it) WE, THE PEOPLE can FORCE our INEPT government into taking action and turn the muslim countries into a BIG SEA OF GLASS!----> KNOW THAT, take it to the bank and spread the word!
41. Pope, West are doomed
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv, Israel   (09.18.06)
The sooner the west wakes up to the fact that Islam is nothing but a terrorist and destructive force, the healthier it will be for all. The Pope told the truth and the Islamists - by their actions - proved him correct. Wake up everyone!! We have to fight for our lives.
42. At the end of days ISRAEL'S G-D will give GREAT VICTORY
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.18.06)
G-D will rule - not man! The eternal, all-knowing G-D WHO KNOWS THE FUTURE is not a man that He should change His mind! G-D NEVER changes! G-D's word NEVER changes and CANNOT be replaced with other scriptures. The Bible is forever. Jews suffered horrendously at the hands of evil men - men consumed by an intense hate for G-D and G-D's Laws. Despising G-D's Law: "YOU SHALL NOT MURDER" the evil ones committed murder and monstrous and terrible crimes against Jews in the name of G-D! Men are fighting with all their might for man's kingdom of violence and massive idol worship of 'power and control' to go on forever. The very essence of Judaism - Deuteronomy 6:4, is for ALL TIME and ETERNITY, but it is rejected by men who seek to replace the greatest scripture with their own doctrine. The greatest scripture: Hebrew Bible, Deuteronomy 6:4: "Hear, O Israel! The L-RD is our G-d, the L-RD is One! You shall love the L-RD your G-d with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might." Total allegience to, and love for the One great G-D! Jesus Christ, the Israeli Jew, practiced Judaism and taught from the Hebrew Bible. Jesus affirmed in the gospels that Deuteronomy 6:4 is the greatest and foremost commandment. G-D's requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS. Hebrew Bible, Micah 6:8: And what does the L-RD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your G-D.
43. Bring it on Muslim savages! You'll be sorry!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.18.06)
God is on our side and you will be defeated!
44. Rabid dogs
David ,   Philadelphia, PA   (09.18.06)
Don't call me violent or I will kill you! The lunacy of this statement is exceeded only by the other threats of extreme Islam. They are clearly not reasonable. One cannot reason with irrational beings. One can only hope to preven the insane from harming us once they make their intentions clear. As sad as it is that such action is necessary, we must treat the offenders as we would a rabid dog.
45. #27 Conversion to Islam is the only cure
Abu Ali   (09.18.06)
46. Watch man start pushing
Kofi ,   UN   (09.18.06)
it is only the US out side of the middle east can see the threat posed by the peace loving radicals and sheep
47.  # 40 I hope
Sagi   (09.18.06)
you know what you are talking about because the end is nigh for us if you are wrong. Our grandchildren will live in a different world and I say that with two reservations. That they indeed live and that the world will still be in the universe. I doubt it. My money goes on them winning and eventually the world disappearing. They win,the slaughter starts,the world ends.
48. #45 Abu Ali - Conversion the 'only cure'??
Bubba ,   Jacksonville, TX   (09.18.06)
Just like Satan, the father of Mohammed and the entire Muslim faith to REQUIRE conversion, even if at the point of a sword. A true god would want his creation to willfully worship and follow him, but a wannabe fallen angel - the great counterfeitor - will take it anyway he can get it.
49. apology
hellpig   (09.18.06)
50. to Ryan, Canada
As a response to your last paragraph, they're already blaming Bush and Israel for the Pope's comments. It's all over Iranian headlines. I expected it. They so predictible. By the way, I agree with you that no apology was necessary. The Pope did nothing wrong. He was telling it like it is. Last time I checked, this is still a free world. Nancy, Canada
51. #26 may be correct!
67cj5 ,   USA   (09.18.06)
I have continued to state that eventually the Islamists will push us too far and pay a horrible price, but now I wonder! We are still asleep, we still sit and do nothing! #26 may be correct, I see us doing nothing except blustering about our resolve, and how tough we are in the west while they walk all over us. The Pope apologised!!! For what? Telling the truth! I see our media taking the Islamist side, and calling us evil for putting panties on their heads while they chop our heads off with rusty knives. I hear my president talk about the religion of peace, the religion of peace, the religion of peace! Why will he not say it like it is damn it! Those who think we will win with this stupid attitude are idiots. The only way we will win is to fight back. Not like Bush is, I know atleast he is doing something which is more than most countries but it isnt enough. We must fight like we mean it! Enough politically correct BS! When will they push too far? How far is too far? By the time we in the west decide to answer those questions, it may well be too damn late!
52. simple minds want simple things..
BouSameer ,   Beirut Lebanon   (09.18.06)
Pointing to Al-Quaeda's reaction - whose members are wanted in practically every moslem country - to prove your point that Islam is violent and irrational, is like concluding that Christianity is violent because of the IRA. Your reasoning is clearly a sophism (Quaeda is moslem, quaeda is violent, THEREFORE islam is violent = wrong syllogism). Facist leaders have historicaly used such rhethoric to mobilize the masses. It worked great - still does - , because of its seducing elegance and simplicity. Al-Quaeda uses it too (US bombing Iraq, = Christians exterminating moslems) . Many of YOU here, are using it too.
53. He was absolutely right
Rupert Bumfrey ,   Dubai, UAE   (09.18.06)
Speaking as a long-time resident of Dubai, I can see how correct the Pope is. Islam is a religion based on violence and oppression. It is not coincidental that the "peace-loving" muslims have condemned the Pope with death threats!! We need more brave people like this Pope!
54. 45
Keep your religion to yourselves. No one wants or needs it. Every person has the right to choose any religion they desire. Your statement confirms the overall mood and ideology of the Islamists. Convert to Islam or else!
55. Solution
John ,   NZ   (09.18.06)
One way of preventing this cancer from spreading is to stop all migration of Muslims to non Islamic countries, deport all extremists back to where they came from, and leave them alone. If they want to convert us, they have to invade us militarily. cos. we don't believe in virgins after death nor do we practise polygamy.
56. 45, we don't need a cure
We're not ill, thank you very much and each of us is comfortable with our own religion. Why don't you take an example from the Jews? They are not trying to convert anyone. Quite on the contrary. It's hard to become a Jew through the Orthodox channels. They are peace loving. They just want to be left alone. They're not trying to convince anyone that their religion is the best one, although it probably is....and just in case, not that it matters, I am not Jewish myself but I admire them. They are indeed a light to all others.
57. Al-Qaeda are Sunni Muslims...
John Corish ,   Dublin, Ireland   (09.18.06)
...and if the news from Iraq is anything to go by they seem to be so busy torturing and murdering their Shi'ite brothers that they won't have the time or energy to deal with us infidels in the West.
58. Finally a peace proposal - the head tax
Steve ,   USA   (09.18.06)
B"H "We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax," ... how much is that head tax again? I see Israel and the West paying a much greater price and not getting the due protection. How much do wars cost in terms of a tax? The average Israeli does actually bear that burden and pays these taxes on his or her income. Even so, there is no safety that is really provided. I have serious doubt that a head tax would be of any benefit for this situation. I do not think breaking up the bottles will help much either. We are not talking molitov cocktails that are the main sticking points here.
59. protesters
jim heifner ,   usa   (09.19.06)
islamic violence goes back to the very founding of islam. (mecca ,medina) why can't these people be proud of their history? in their hearts they are proud... proud of their blasfamy... proud of their racism... proud of their suicide children... proud of their slaughter of innocents... proud of their total embrace of everything evil .. proud of the evil skills learned from years of repeated criminal behavior. stealth deciet intimidation proud as a vulture getting his fill of dead mens flesh, until they are just a bloated ,sagging bag of pus, full of infection and disease. a genuine plague on humanity, parias with no future ,only death. as you may have noticed, i have no respect for terrorists , their slaves or their slavemasters.. curse you evil bastards to death and darkness.
60. 29. Jesus is NOT messenger of Islam...well the true one is n
Chuck ,   USA   (09.19.06) The fake sister of Moses. The real sister of Moses. Is this not proof enough that the Quran is fake? Muhammed was a schizophrenic, syphillictic, paedophile. He imagined tha angel Gabriel spoke to him. All the prophets saw the angels, he never did see the angel. His last wife Aisa was 9 years old, when he married here. He is probabley roasting in Sheol. This is a prophet they are fighting for. They worship a rock and say that a angel told them to worship it. They throw rocks at Satan once a year, can you hear the devil say ouch it hurts. They kill daily in the name of Allah. God created all the people that exist in this world. When they kill one person, it like they have attempted to kill God through his creation, and their blood cries out to God. A terrible judgement awaits all those who do violence in words thoughts and deeds.
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