Air Force sex scandal: 9 more soldiers incarcerated
Efrat Weiss
Published: 18.09.06, 21:18
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1. Is that Israeli Justice, Save pedophile Rapers?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.18.06)
law of many countries prescribe a juvenile cannot consent to sexual relation as they are not full age. Any sexual relation with them, especially in such a group of soldiers are obviously RAPE. Do you release RAPERS if they are Israeli Soldiers or Do you release Rapers if the raped is not Jew? OR what? What would or should be charged a normal group of person raped a 14 years old girl, your daugnter for example?
2. Wow it's only 16 in Israel?
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (09.18.06)
3. What an army!!!!??
Noora ,   Bahrain   (09.18.06)
President, minister of justice and soldeirs are all busy with their sexual desire.....great country
4. porn and sex
David Severy ,   Balt., MD, USA   (09.18.06)
I have referred to myself in two previous talkbacks as a "former world class fornicator". And with no small shame and regret. And with this caveat: Sex sin is like substance abuse/addiction, it is habitual sin, or at least it becomes a habit, and that out of the untamed human heart of which Jeremiah wrote: Ch 17 (KJV) 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? 10 I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings. Habits of sin are the habits of lawlessness and of idolatry, wherein the heart is led away from loving G-d and to loving self, a self reflected in the idol of choice. In ancient times they were carved stones, some amazingly unimaginative, some ornately adorned. Today they are the photos and moving images of real people. My heart is still very weak toward those things. I had invested many many years pursuing pleasure through the worship of them. Now I read that Israeli Airmen are found guilty of what I have been guilty of dreaming of many many times. I have no condemnation, but and admonition for those who would condemn them: Legislate the pornographer out of business and remove the idols from there prominent high places, and their groves, in Israel and in the USA and in the whole world. Then perhaps men will be more able to keep themselves from doing that which most men do today fantasize.
5. IAF: Stop Screwing Around and Defend Israel
Scott ,   Okemos, USA   (09.18.06)
I don't care if she was a bombshell. It doesn't give pilots the right just to dive bomb in. The focus must be on defending Israel and not wasting time and effort bunker bombing other areas!
6. #1
Bob B ,   Vancouver, Canada   (09.18.06)
Tayfun your country is one of the worst for sex slavery (kidnapping and detention of females). Maybe look in your own backyard before casting stones. Your country is a crooked a place where anyone can be bought (cheaply too especially your police and goverment officials) Have a good day and clean up your own backyard Good day eh .... Loser
7. Justice then...and now...
James Dudzik ,   Toledo Oho USA   (09.18.06)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but at one time in Jewish history weren't adulterers and fornicators subject to being stoned to death? You people must have thought it was a pretty serious thing at one time. What happenned? Now everyone from the top governing officials right down to solders and the street pimps are in bed together. What ever happened to "Thou shalt NOT committ adultery"? It seems to have become woven into your society and moral attitudes that a little flesh is ok. What's that big word that people dont think of very often.... "REPENT"?
8. Send Them All To A Penal Institution
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (09.19.06)
9. #7 answer
hapenned that we do not excommunicate non desireble members any more. Anyone in the bag is jewish from Moses to this scum and worse
10. is she hot looking, or are idf just desperate, show her pic
jeff ,   seattle   (09.19.06)
11. Noora
problem is: it's happening in your country as well, but SHHHHHHHH, no one talks about it or they're a head shorter!
12. 7
Cheap shot. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, don't say it.
13. 7
Now, now, don't make fun of the Jewish people. What do YOU say when you read/hear about priests having sexual relations with choir boys? Do you put down YOUR own religion? well, when I read about it, I know, as an intelligent person, that there are bad apples in any segment of any demographic group of people. The difference is, I am not a bigot, as you certainly seem to be.
14. Israel is screwed
Lee ,   New York   (09.19.06)
With an army wherein soldiers can have sex with a minor and then claim in their defense that they thought she was 16, Israel is really screwed. The obvious solution here was to impose severe sentences on these offenders, but the I.D.F. chose the more comfortable solution of a slap, not on the phallus, but on the wrist. How in the world will such a hedonistic army stand up against religious fanatics who are willing to sacrifice their very lives for their cause? G-d help the nation of Israel.
15. Under 16, but not raped..
Leandro Coutinho ,   Paris - France   (09.19.06)
They must be charged. They must pay for what they have done. But they didnĀ“t rape the girl. She accepted the sexual relations and even lied to the men, saying she was 16..
16. All because of a nutcase girl
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.19.06)
The question I have is where in the hell are the girl's parents? That an 18 yr would have sexual relation with a peer is perhaps not wonderful, but not the most unusual occurrence. Almost a norm in Western countries, but you have to wonder about the overall morality of a country where something like this is only a small deviation from the accepted.
17. Re #12, 13 Words of a true Bigot.
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (09.19.06)
You sound like a homosexual.I think all homosexuals should be prosecuted as social deviates and incarcerated in insane asylems for the rest of their lifes. Priest are all the more guilty. I dont make fun of other religions especially the real one. God despises sin. He sees this kind of sin causing the world to laugh at you and therefore God, I really think he longs for his people to repent. So if calling sin what it is...SIN...makes me a bigot then I only hope to take the prize!
18. # 10, Jeff from Seattle
female ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.06)
Your comment is must be an immature 18 year old son, who is serving the army , is more mature then you....he was disgusted by this scandal and your comment...
19. Sex with 14 yr. old girl
Asteria ,   Redding,USA   (09.19.06)
I do not believe any man could get all that much from a 14 yr. old. I do wonder how much she made if there were so many involved in having sex with her and it wasn't rape.
20. spit on these IDIOTS !!!
Mike Fairman ,   Homer Alaska   (09.21.06)
All military should be f-ing ashamed that this happened. What a bunch of PUCKS. Yeah thats right !! Your just a buch of f-ing punks that would probably f thier own mothers . fing assholes !!!!!!!!!! My grandaughter was almost destroyed by our so called "special forces" idiots !!! Oh.. she was 9 years old when one of our am sooldiers molested her for over a year.SO BITE ME YOU FING FUCKERS.....BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never forgive you for what you did to my grandaughter......fuck you !!!!
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