Army official: Imminent al-Qaeda threat to Eilat
Meir Ohayon
Published: 19.09.06, 00:51
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1. Big Mouths
mark ,   israel   (09.19.06)
Who needs terrorists when you have IDF officers shooting their mouths off consistently.
2. Make the country from where the attack is launch pay for it.
David   (09.19.06)
3. What about the Vatican? the Pope?
Mark ,   USA   (09.19.06)
Buckingham Palace, the Hague,Taj Mahal? It never stops. Endless targets. Every day ,there is a new target. This world is sick. very very very very sick
4. And as long as the 3 stooges are in 'command'
Arie ,   Afula   (09.19.06)
the outlook is grim!
5. why isn't all this information kept secret?
tal   (09.19.06)
6. Another "benefit" of Gaza withdrawal. Thanks peaceniks.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.19.06)
7. Islam is a religion of (rest in) peace
8. promoting tourism
brammi ,   tel aviv   (09.19.06)
i understand that this article is meant to promote tourism to eilath and israel.
9. Promoting terrorism
observer   (09.19.06)
If Al-Qaeda is weak, you are helping its PR. If Al-Qaeda is strong, you show it more stronger, as a one which can carry out its threats.
10. terorist atak to help ollmert and GOP??
Anatoly ,   canada   (09.21.06)
if thers gona be an atak on israel, that will strengthen olmerts slumping position because now most of israel doesnt aprove him. same with america, if israel gets ataked, they can proudly say: SEE THERE ARE TERORISTS OUT THERE, thats why we fight!!! so lets get voted again in november! bunch of sick bastards.
11. Hey, remember when they caught "al-Qaeda" in 2002
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (09.21.06)
and it turned out to be Israeli agents posing as al-Qaeda? No? Noone remembers? Of course it could be Palestinian lies, because we all know arabs lie all the time (and it's not racist to say so, wink wink).
12. why eilat?
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.22.06)
Why would Eilat be a target? Is it significant in some way? Just accessable? What's there? When has anyone known in advance that Al Qaeda (wink wink, nudge nudge) was about to attack someplace? Probably bullshit, or just an excuse for something else. It's probably just about more control. And, yes, I remember the phony Al Qaeda cell caught in 2002.
13. #2, that's called collective punishment
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.22.06)
Are you Israeli? You sound like it with that terrible logic. What you're describing is collective punishment. It's illegal, immoral and stupid. Then again, that's Israel for you. How can you punish anyone except who actually did it?
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