Israeli tourist arrested in India
Roee Nahmias
Published: 21.09.06, 11:32
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2. Israeli arrested in India
Sophie ,   London, UK   (09.21.06)
An Israeli recently arrives at London's Heathrow airport. As he fills out a form, the customs officer asks him: "Occupation?" The Israeli promptly replies: "No, just visiting!"
3. Muslims in India
seema ,   Canada   (09.21.06)
There are large number of muslims in India. They too want to destroy Israel and convert India to an Islamic country. Better India and Israel unit, and these incidences will not occur.
joe   (09.21.06)
Its just like a good piece of chocolate melting on my tongue: ***... arrested Thursday morning in Mumbai, after arriving at the city on an El Al flight from Israel...*** AND ***...The consulate tried to explain that it was a mistake....*** Now, that even softdrinks and water are not allowed in the passengers cabin- but on board of an EL-AL plane, one can carry ammunition???? What a miracle!!!
5. Terrorism
felipe ,   spain   (09.21.06)
what are you doing in india?you want a war between inida and pakistan ¿no?
6. To the comedian #1
Rachel ,   London   (09.21.06)
It's a good thing us Jews have a sense of humour. HAHA very funny. Where did you hear that? Ken Livingstone or George Galloway?
7. To #1 Sophie the Muslim lover
Smooth Stone ,   ma fish falastin   (09.21.06)
Sophie, when your beloved RAF targeted the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen in 1944, they missed and hit a children's hospital. Killed dozens of children. That didn't make your beloved British pilots terrorists, did it, Sophie? Clearly, your burka is confusing your mind. See, there has never been a country in the history of this world more guilty of invading foreign lands, and colonizing them more than your own beloved England. What historical, cultural, or ancestral ties does England have with the Falkland Islands or India or the countless other countries it has invaded like Israel had with Judea and Samaria? And was Great Britain threatened with extinction and genocide of the English people by any of these countries like the Israelis were by the Arab countries who waged four wars of aggression against them? If any country in this world deserves to be isolated, boycotted, and shunned it is your own beloved England. The British armed the Arabs prior to 1948 and hung the Jews for mere possession of weapons. The British sent Jews fleeing Hitler back to the gas chambers rather than let them enter their ancient homeland or risk offending your Arab friends. The British used to send Arabs into minefields to clear them to save their own soldiers from being blown to pieces and blew up Arab homes if they believed they were involved in terrorism. Less of this hypocrisy, Sophie. The British nation and it's treatment of the Jews is shameful. The British were given a Mandate to create a Jewish state in Palestine, when it was both sides of the Jordan River. The British gave 83% to the Arabs to create another Arab state called Transjordan. The Jews ate the crumbs that fell from your table and were prepared to accept a state from the remainder that was mostly desert. The Arabs considered this too much for them and tried to kill them all. Check your history book out from under your burka and take off your hypocritical self righteous blinkers. Don't you ever forget that we were writing the books that shaped your nation while your Celtic ancestors were still smearing themselves with feces and running naked after game in the wilds. Sophie, if I were you, and thank God I am not, I would hesitate before commenting on Israel especialy when you're surrounded by people who are a lot smarter than you are.
8. Number 1
RPT ,   London (sadly)   (09.21.06)
Your a prime reason why I dislike this country and especially the Guardian / independent readers. I hope you look forward to living under Sharia Law because that is the way this rubbish country is going, in fact I'll go buy you your burkah.
9. Israeli TERRORIST arrested in India
Anna ,   London UK   (09.21.06)
Sophie, are you serious? Go get an education.
10. Sophie
Nanker Phelge ,   NY, USA   (09.21.06)
Thanks for the chuckle! Seriously though, this Israeli Annie Oakley's smuggling ammunition aboard an EL AL plane doesn't say too much for Israeli security...unless someone looked the other way.
11. to seema
asad ,   delhi, india   (09.21.06)
Muslim in India dont want to make it a islamic country. They r happy here and like it as it is. As far as isereli tourist r concern they r very infamous for their bad manners and habbit of taking drugs. India has always condemn all wrong doing of iserel.
12. What's Up With Israeli Tourists?
Punjabi Guy ,   NY, USA   (09.21.06)
Carrying the clip for her brother's 9 mm entering India? Heskin with a bullet at an airport? Israelis arrested for smuggling dope out of India? Leave your weapons at home, and stop smuggling. This isn't the 60s.
13. Muslims are Disloyal Citizens in India too !!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (09.21.06)
14. Mumbai’s airport security works !!!!!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (09.21.06)
15. How did she get on an El Al flight with amunition??
Rami ,   Nazareth   (09.21.06)
Either she was know to the security staff or there are security lapses at El Al.
16. Israeli "agent" tourists
Virgo ,   Italy   (09.21.06)
Israelis under the pretext of tourist send their agents evrywhere in the world to "take care of business". It is amazing how 14 million of you can make 6.5 billion people so much distressed and uncomfortable.
17. #7: you nailed it right on, I couldn't have said it bette
sssssssssssss ,   Los Angeles   (09.21.06)
18. virgo
abe ,   panama   (09.21.06)
virgo we, the 14 million, are left alone to distress the world. because the italians all over the world are busy taking care of mafia bussines. see the point. racicism is horrible and could be applied both ways.
19. Re #16
Daniel ,   Australia   (09.21.06)'s more amazing that 1billion+ muslims can turn this world into a s**thole. Italian nazi-collaborators like you should keep their mouths shut. Even your "Hitler Youth" Pope has said what he thinks about Muslims...maybe you should listen?
tan ,   india   (09.21.06)
Your statement about large population in india is true . Yes we are 200 million unofficially & officially 150 milliom. Which indian muslim leader has said that it wants to destroy isreal. And if we wanted to convert india into islamic country we would have when mugals ruled for 800 years u stupid shit . u r name sugest u are either a product of isreal or BJP streaotyping muslims all over the world. No matter who ever units India , usa , russia , china all of them , we are here to stay in secular india and we play an important role in indian economy and spreading and presenting india to world. u nut Example Abdul kalam gave missile to india Sharukh gave india its standing amir salman, sania mirza what have the BJP given , destruction and division u r truely a nut and u stay in canada as we indians don t need people like u ]
21. If you get on an El Al flight with ammo...
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (09.21.06)
it's because they want you to, because we all know how stringent El Al's security measures are supposed to be, as we've been told since the seventies.
22. ISRAILI TERRORIST Arrested!!!!!
Terrorist hater ,   Ameirica   (09.21.06)
WHEN the ship sinks the RATS always RUn for water!
23. Musilms in India
Vikram Prashad ,   Mumbai, India   (09.21.06)
I am extremely proud to be a Hindu till my dying day. Hindu's will ALWAYS remain the OVER-WHELMING majority faith in India. There is no room for other faiths that will try to convert or destroy us. My message to ALL Islamic and Christian converts is "STAY PERMANELTLY OUT OF INDIA IF YOU FEAR OR HATE US".
24. Sophie #1
xxx   (09.21.06)
Hey Sophie, you must be palestinian cuz your body is da bomb . :)
Mohamed   (09.21.06)
But the arabs don´t need your presence on the arab lands:saudi arabia,qatar and bahrein okay??????
26. The arresting Officers Must have been Anti-semites (nt)
MMIE ,   Monroe, USA   (09.21.06)
27. Israeli diplomats are being arrested too
Cadavre   (09.21.06)
"On Wednesday 9th August 2006, Ezeiza airport police arrested an important Israeli diplomat carrying a considerable quantity of explosives. The Zionist representative was en route to Chile and was detained minutes before boarding a plane. Despite his protests, airport police arrested him and informed the Argentine interior ministry of the situation which ordered that the situation be contained. " Some people just don't understand what being "chosen" is all about! Time for some IDF/Mossadovertime me thinks!
28. funny
lee ,   canada   (09.21.06)
imagine if it was a 20 year old muslum and this happened in new york? she would be dead and all the airports would be closed, funny huh double standards hypocracy
29. to 15... good question
Israeli airports suppose to have max security .
30. to sophie #1
peggy ,   ex Brit   (09.22.06)
and what is your on welfare!
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