Al-Qaeda in Palestine threatens truck bombings
Aaron Klein
Published: 21.09.06, 17:17
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1. muslims and their jihad, here we go again
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.06)
some religion they have there. it is amazing that they claim to worship a deity. sounds more like the devil himself. actually, i can't think of a more immoral group of people, with their wanton killing, torture, and hiding behind civilians while trying to kill other civilians. that's the "truth" of islam? please.
2. Silly Muslims: whoever hates Israel more is the true muslim?
Soothsayer ,   USA   (09.21.06)
3. And these are the people with whom the Europeans want us...
Yair ,   Israel   (09.21.06)
to deal? And later on they would want our the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) to get out of the territories of Judea and Samaria, so that the whole of Isreael will be under the threat of such people?
4. Not Yet
Mike ,   U.S.   (09.21.06)
don't believe this yet until it comes directly from somebody with credibility. this sounds like some mossad behavior.....remember mossad has been caught red handed impersonating arabs and blowing up items or killing folks to try and gain support. don't put anything past them....
5. #4, Mike from USA, wtf are you talking about?
David ,   Boston, USA   (09.21.06)
Do you also believe Israel is behind 911. Get over it. IF you hate us, fine, but dont pull lies out of your A**. Israel and Jews value human life, hence they take great care to minimilize civilian casualties at risk to themselves. For example, when the Arabs slaughtered the IDF in Jenin. The IDF walked into a massacre trying to limit civilian casualties. The news propaganda called it a massacre of Arabs. The truth was the opposite. I'd rather have the truth and be in the minority than be wrong and popular. Right always wins in the end.
6. ISALAM: Religion of peace and tolerence
malcolm   (09.21.06)
7. #4
mike ,   t.o.   (09.21.06)
next you will tell that 9/11, 7/7, etc. is the mossad business? are you really that stupid?
8. This sounds stupid ... too obvious dont u think so?
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.21.06)
9. Simple Answer To Solve All Terrorism In Israel
Remove every Non Jew, we can be free and there would be no deaths inside our land. That is our dream as a JEWISH STATE and we will soon achieve it
Jack ,   France   (09.21.06)
11. 9 - yes, jews get along with each other so well
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.06)
reality is not your friend, it seems.
12. Time for Mercy Should Be over
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (09.21.06)
Israel, the U.S., and the West should deport, place in detention camps, and/or kill all enemies in their midst without mercy. Said war is against Islam for Islam has declared war on us. It will only end when they are dead or we are dead...unless we submit...and we will not submit. Damn the "Allah of the Quran". Damn the "Palenstinian State" that NEVER did exist. Free Judea & Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza from the squatters. Send them back to Arabia, Jordan, and Syria where they belong.
13. to detractors of number 4...
derek ,   little rock   (09.21.06)
'by way of deception, thou shalt do war'... historically the Mossad has NOT been scrupulously moral (unless 'moral' is bequeathed only by virtue of being Israeli...) considering there has not been sufficient evidence to stick the perpetration of 9/11 to anyone yet, all postulations should rightly be considered. BTW, have a closer look at al Qaeda... reported in the Haaretz a few years ago: it was exposed that the Mossad invented a phoney al Qaeda cell in efforts to garner anti-Arab sympathy. i'll tell you who is behind al Qaeda: Emmanuel Goldstein...
14. Yeah, jihad is just an inner struggle and Islam is .....
AK   (09.21.06)
15. #4 Right Mike, you believe in the RoP stuff, I see
AK   (09.21.06)
and that Bush and Mossad bombed WWC and Pentagon. We have seen enough attacks to know the truth. Impersonating Arabs? Arabs are proud of every single one of their attrocities -- go and see the Sbarro exhibit, if they still have it.
16. you tell me no. 8 you're from that neck of the woods
17. More luck than Arafat?
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NYC   (09.21.06)
When the al-Qaeda boys starts wiping out square blocks of Gaza with their truck bombs, i hope the Fatah Security forces have more luck in finding the terrorists did than Arafat did for all those years. Arafat never did find any of those bad guys did he? He said he was looking hard.
18. mike are u drunk
ken ,   california   (09.21.06)
19. Israel's appeasment is always rewarded
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.21.06)
The more Israel's politicians surrender to the demands of the Plaestinians the more dangerous it becomes in Israel. Israel has bent over backwards to live in peace with the children from hell and this is what it has accomplished. Too stupid to awaken from it's weak approach Israel comes closer to it's next holocaust,a holocaust of it's own making this time.
20. F--- you
Minimizing civilian casualities is valueing human rights? Wouldn't NOT killing civilians be valueing human rights?
21. Sounds like Shin Bet finally managed to form al-Qaeda...
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (09.21.06)
22. Fadi - if you want stupid and obvious then...
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.21.06)
...look no further than Hezbollah. After a month of glorious war, Hezbollah claimed a stunning victory after: -30000 Israeli troops occupied south lebanon (and not a single Hezbollah soldier occupying Israel, of course) -billions of dollars in damage to Lebanese infrastructure and economy -a thousand dead Lebanese. Hezbollah victory. Now THAT sounds really stupid.
23. Its all a big oooooooh conspiracy
Josh   (09.21.06)
Spooky ooky Bin Laden can kill Palestinians after he claimed the World Trade center was for their benifit. Sounds kooky. Nothing the world would love more if these two would start fighting among themselves and leave the rest of us alone.
24. Threats ?!
dd   (09.21.06)
Threats, treats, threats,threats, threats, threats and again threats. Meantime, Al Qayeda men rot in their distant caves while valiant Nasralla has been cooking his anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli,anti-American, anti-Western anti-infidel diatribes and spewing venom from deep down his rat hole. Since August 14th to be more exact. How about that my fellow human beings who chant hymns and praise the Nasralla man ? I didn't think so ! But threats and again threats - that goes well with Nasralla fans.
25. PHUCK EM!!
elan   (09.21.06)
26. Ah, more phony "Al Qaeda"
Freaky Dick ,   Nashville, TN, USA   (09.21.06)
This smells like another false flag op to perpetuate Israel's status as the Eternal Victim.
strangelove   (09.21.06)
gaza city, nablus, jenin, tulkharm, ramallah etc: ALL OF THEM TRAITORS TO ICELAM. S H A N A T O V A!
28. To Fadi: No I don't.
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.21.06)
29. #4, Mike from USA, wtf are you talking about?
Chris ,   California, USA   (09.22.06)
Mike was referring to the phony Al Queda cell that Mossad was behind in the Gaza strip in December 2002. That is public record. I didn't hear Mike mention 911 or hatred of Israel, you brought that up.
30. 22
All they have left now(the Hizbos) is throwing stones which they just did. They could have stone-throwing competition with the Palis.
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