Israel: Foreign reporters' vehicles may be used by terrorists
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.09.06, 15:13
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1. imbedded reporter
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.22.06)
and when a missle hits the vehicle, well, there will be a whole new meaning to what being "imbedded" means.
2. appeament...Israeli policy END
3. Oust foreign reporters ferrying Hamas.
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde-Denmark   (09.22.06)
4. complicity of reporters
johanna ,   tsfat   (09.22.06)
my sister who lives in oxford told me that the other day there was a panel discussion in oxford where a representative of the guardian newspaper in england admitted that during the recent "conflict" that their reporter had a hizbollah "minder/s" at all times which told them what they could and could not report, photgraph etc....this was never mentioned by the paper in its reportage of the lebanaon. so nothing suprises me about the foreign press here.
5. Proof
steven ,   france   (09.22.06)
Even this will not be enough proof for the countries,who support terrorists,and who harbor and aid them such as these Journalists??Remeber those 2 journalists,"well they said they were,"those 2 supposed reporters,who killed MASSOUD,Here we are facing the same problem,Just Kick these "reporters" out; Can they then blame Israel for stopping these vehicles ,or even shooting at them??and as the vehicle was found in Gaza,and aboard,only Palestinians;;belonging to Hamas,need we have more proof??,
6. Some of our own would be willing to
help in this too? Quite a few ladies in fact...
7. Ahhhhhhhhhh I bet we have Reuters again
Staging pictures doesn`t work? Ok will help them directly attack Israel
8. Oh, so now just kill the reporters
John ,   USA   (09.22.06)
Gee, that seems to me to indicated a policy of intimidation toward news agencys operating in Lebanon. When you can't attack the message, just attack the messanger... Looks paranoid and desparate to me. Is there no logic left? How morally bankrupt can you get?
9. Reporters are not satisfied
jwishman ,   BA, AR   (09.22.06)
Reporters are not satisfied covering the history (and doctoring pictures and movies), they are so partial, so ambitious to get credit, that now they are influencing in the facts, creating a reality for best sale.
10. Kick Out TERRORIST LOVING Jew-Hating Media
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.22.06)
These criminal media pose a danger to innocents everywhere - they share the same cruel, savage blood lust for the murder of innocents as the terrorists.
11. In 2004 the Media Helped Ambush & Kill US Soldiers
Nannette ,   London, UK   (09.22.06)
In 2004, in Iraq, some reporters were tipped off to a roadside bomb. Instead of alerting the US troops, the reporters waited for the armoured contingent to be bombed - putting their story before the lives of the soldiers. Donald Rumsfeld said: "But we know for a fact that other times the terrorists have told journalists and I use the word inadvisedly, quote-unquote journalists, they've told journalists where they are going to be and what they are going to do. "And the journalists have been there. And over and over and over again we've see that Middle Eastern television station Al-Jazeera that seems to have a wonderful way of being Johnny-on-the-spot a little too often for my taste," In a future war involving U.S. soldiers what would a TV reporter do if he learned the enemy troops with which he was traveling were about to launch a surprise attack on an American unit? That's just the question Harvard University professor Charles Ogletree Jr, as moderator of PBS' Ethics in America series, posed to ABC anchor Peter Jennings and 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace. Both agreed getting ambush footage for the evening news would come before warning the U.S. troops.
12. newver ceased from amazing me with their lies
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus   (09.22.06)
Lovely, indeed, so the media is part of the resistance, i.e, any reporter or of their cars that is hit by the Zioinists will be spinned as part of the "terror" infrastructure !! wow, how sick a person can stoop to make such allegations? Every murder and crime israel commits in and around Palestine always has a spin, a justification, and a reason, no matter what, hence, "Israel" is an angel nest!! Pretty sick, indeed.
13. foreign reporter's vehicules
Mihal ,   Paris-France   (09.22.06)
what a surprise!! I can't believe it, no, really, these comportments are not new at all... have a look on metula news agency site, you will fall from your chair, at least!
American ,   USA   (09.22.06)
AGAINST the WORLD- threatening to KILL reporters- what ar you trying to hide jews, huh? is your crime so bad you want to make sure NO reporters are their to report it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
15. Sounds Like An Excuse To Attack Journalists
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.22.06)
Israelis, a more psychotic, racist, xenophobic, and delusional society has never existed on the planet. G_d help us survive these fools!
16. Reuters/World Citizen
Veritas ,   Washington, D.C.   (09.22.06)
Reuters will be the first to go. Then the free peoples of the world will deal with the mohammedans and their enablers (that includes u citizen of the world!) .
17. Israel should change it's name to MurderLand
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.22.06)
People can make all the excuses they want, but for some reason journalists--especially foreign (including western) journalists--are treated the same way as arab children: beaten, harrassed, intimidated, shot, killed, etc... You can call it what you want, but it seems pretty obvious that you're simply trying to CONTAIN the information, so nobody will know about your extensive crimes. Look at gaza. It's a f*cking JAIL, yet SOMEHOW Israelis STILL try to explain their way out of it !! What's to explain? You can see for yourself what's going on--but only every once in a while, thanks to the efforts of the IDF. That's the whole point. Contain the press, control the information. More people would know about it and demand justice if they would ever show it on the news. Wait, who owns and controls most of the American mainstream news? Zionists and Israeli-sympathizers who don't want the truth to get out. If it did, no one would give a damn about Israel and they can't afford that chance.
18. it's always the fault of the victim
yvon ,   T.O Canada   (09.22.06)
Israel never makes mistakes, if you die by their fire, it's your fault, and don't worry they will find an excuse and the world will believe them. aren't them one of leading democracies in the world??
19. Oh of course, journalists are also anti-Israel...
some guy ,   Montreal Canada   (09.22.06)
and this has nothing to do with allowing the free flow of information, or journalistic independence at all, because we know that if a journoterrorist sees and reports something negative about Israeli gov't actions, it must be because they're crazy Islamo-fascist jihad terrorist supporters and not real journalists.
20. No surprise here
AJ   (09.22.06)
Why wouldn't the "palestinians" use foreign journalists vehicles for terrorist attacks? They already use UN ambulances for the same purpose. No doubt with Kofi Annan's aproval.
21. EUROPE and Mainstream MEDIA'S HATE for Israel & FREE WORLD
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.22.06)
Iran's guerrilla army Hizbullah, fired hundreds of rockets at northern Israel every day, many times more than were daily fired at Britain during the Blitz. The rockets packed with thousands of metal ball bearings to maximize the suffering of Jewish victims. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis fled to the south. Over one million Israelis were forced to live in bomb shelters for one month. In Lebanon, the mainstream media conducted a vicious propaganda war against tiny Israel and the free world - colluding with Hizbullah terrorists in deceiving the world's people with fabrications and staged productions - wicked lies designed to make Israel's moral war of self-defense against unprovoked acts of war from Lebanon - appear as immoral and evil. What really happened at Qana: Fake Lebanese casulties reported by the media: Photo Fraud in Lebanon's new movie: Images show Hizbullah using high-density residential areas to launch rockets:,,19955774-5007220,00.html In addition to rescuing the kidnapped IDF soldiers, Israel's main goal was to eliminate the rocket threat from Lebanon. The U.S. EU and UN via the UN resolution were highly successful in preventing Israel from acheiving this goal vital to Israel's security. Europe conducts her deadly political war against Israel: Last update - 22:20 04/09/2006 Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Haaretz Correspondent A number of European states are refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying Israel Defense Forces equipment from stopover landings in their airports. The refusal came from states considered friendly with Israel, including Britain, Germany and Italy, according to Captain Etai Regev, the chairman of El Al's pilots' union. According to Regev, El Al flights bearing heavy loads that arrive from U.S. bases "are not given approval by European states to make stopover landings for refueling, for political reasons. "As a result, cargo planes are taking off from the U.S. with much lighter weight, and are reaching Israel with significantly fewer munitions than needed." Regev called this "a substantial blow to state defense." In the global war to subjugate all nations under Islamic rulers, the mainstream media and world leaders betray Israel and the world's people. We are witnessing the death of Western civilization.
22. Oh yeah!
stupid arabs, they think we love killing people, well I have a news flash for you, we're not muslims. We don't kill for pleasure. We don't behead people. We don't have death sentence. You're sentencing your own death by being a terrorist. Give up terror and have no misery or keep terrorizing and live in the dumphole of the world. Enjoy poverty!
23. Good points, but it doesn't eliminate Israel's war crimes
FM ,   Seattle, USA   (09.22.06)
Linda, you make some good points, and if those people really are lying about what went on then I can't defend that. Wrong is wrong.Maybe they've learned to fight fire with fire. It doesn't change the fact that Israel is illegal and immoral and has committed hundreds of war crimes, killed many thousands of innocent people and is a racist aparthied state. As for #22, you sound like a sick bastard. Muslims don't "kill for pleasure". The people committing terrorism--even in the name of Islam--are NOT Muslims, any more than Bush is a Christian. The whole thing is screwed up, but Israel's existence is a huge part of the problem,. another big part is the way they treat the people who were already there. This is undeniable. You cannot fault these people for their resistance, but they should rely upon facts and the truth,. There's plenty of it that works to their advantage.
24. Control of the news by "Pals"
sk ,   USA   (09.23.06)
Why is it so plausible that "armored vehicles that were given to foreign news agencies operating in the country with the authorization of the State of Israel, may be used by hostile groups to carry out terror attacks against Israel"? Simple: the news agencies rely very heavily on "Palestinian" stringers for the "news." Such stringers are chosen and regulated by the Totalitarian Entity (PA). I presume most stringers are in favor of murdering Jews, and even those who are not will lose their jobs and their lives if they do not stage and photograph the fake news (see e.g. "Pallywood"). The stringers will, naturally enough, be using such armored vehicles and are already part of the terror infrastructure. They are, no doubt, actually ferrying terrorists around. Why would they not be? How could they refuse even if they wanted to? The reason why al-Reuters reports news from the PA perspective is largely because news sources are PA operatives. This is possible because the stupid government of Israel, which is perfectly willing to shut down Arutz 7, allows enemy journalists nearly free rein.
25. Don't know much about history (FM, 23)
sk ,   USA   (09.23.06)
"As for #22, you sound like a sick bastard. Muslims don't "kill for pleasure". The people committing terrorism--even in the name of Islam--are NOT Muslims, any more than Bush is a Christian." Bush IS a Christian, you dope. And the people commiting terror ARE Muslims. They have as much right to define their religion (Islam) as you do, and the old con game of defining "Muslim" conveniently so as to avoid responsibility for Muslim evil fools fewer and fewer people. You are simply an ENABLER of the terrorists. "... Israel's existence is a huge part of the problem,."" No it's not. The Arab murder of Jews in the area occurred well before Israel existed. Indeed, Arabs of the area were allies of Hitler via the Mufti of Jerusalem. The fact is, FM, Arabs are today's Nazis. They are aggressive, possessed of a genocidal monomania about the Joos, and are as credible as Goebbels. Because they have a pre-industrial culture, ordinarily they would be no threat to anyone. Alas, they have oil money.
26. Weren't you all denying that the Reuters car was even hit?
(09.23.06) you're not denying it any more then?
27. Gov. Press Officer needs a new J.O.B.!
RIB ,   USA   (09.23.06)
This REUTER'S News vehicle? I don't know what kind of 'Rockets' you think hit this vehicle - maybe a 'Bottle Rocket'! Maybe the Press Officer would do better - Pumping Gas!
28. reuters jeeps
chuck moody ,   Grangeville, USA   (09.23.06)
When is the civilized world going to learn that, under the doctrine of Taqiyya, lying, cheating, stealing (not to mention slaughtering of innocents) is not only permitted when dealing with kufir, but is actually expected. Why do we looked so shocked when the jihadis use journalist jeeps for reconaissance and intel gathering?
29. Why not let them use tanks?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.23.06)
We need a new govt.Smaller and with alot more sense. The reorters need armored cars? Let them use regular cars and if they get blown up or shot,one less anti semite in the world.
30. # 27 - Reading comprehension
ISA ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.06)
Article is making reference to abuse of armoured car priviliges by foreign press in Israel and possible dangers to Israeli public. No commentary on the incident with the reuters vehicle besides pointing out that the incident proves the abuse. There is also no evaluation of the quality of reuters coverage or threats against them either. So, before making smug remarks, get your facts right and try to understand what you have read.
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