Gaza preacher: Flag of Allah to be raised above Vatican
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 24.09.06, 20:55
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1. I would give much for a full-fledged, bilateral,
sk ,   USA   (09.24.06)
war pitting Islam against other religions. Losers must pay taxes to the winners, and, if they do not, their land is seized and they are expelled from it.
2. Another message of 'peace' from our Muslim brothers?
Bruno ,   Haifa   (09.24.06)
When will Europe wake up to the rhetoric emanating from Muslim leaders, and realise that not everything is about Israel? Islam has a deep ongoing battle with the Christian world, which has nothing at all to do with Israel. Perhaps our academic colleagues in Eire would do well to reflect on how THEY (and the Lebanese Christians) are regarded by their Muslim counterparts in this part of the world. They might think twice about their calls for a boycott. It is Muslims who are currently calling to go to Rome and cut the throats of the Crusading infidels - to show just how peace-loving they are, of course.
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (09.24.06)
I believe it is time for the Muslims in this world to shut the hell up, Stop your barbaric ways, and your threats against the rest of the world. Patience is running out and the world is tired of your BS, your religion and your savageries. Do it before all of you are sent to join your Allah..........
4. Again and again!
nell ,   israel bound   (09.24.06)
And we are back at this again, islam not being a religion of violenece and hate while this is what it is exactly. Did ever a nun bomb a mosque shouting Jesus Is Great? Did ever a Jew blow a German school in the name of the Hashem? What about a Hindu slashing women's throats for the glory of his Gods? Besides what Benedict sais is the simple truth but he said that truth in a context that had nothing to do with Crusades or hate. The onlyones that are filled with hate are fundamentalists like abu saqer and poor indoctrinated folk just follow. May God have pity on them!
5. Big Mouth
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (09.24.06)
Sheikh Abu Saqer says the day a Muslim flag will be seen over the Vatican is not far. Why not over the White House too ? His mouth is bigger than his imagination. All he can cause is millions of "Martyrs" going to their deaths.
6. We see your example.
Sara ,   United States   (09.24.06)
The first thing It comes to my mind when the word Islam or Muslim is said, it's violence. I don't understand how their god being so righteous is surrounded by violence. The middle east has been at a so called religous war since biblical times and I have a hard time understanding in what part of any religion violence for any circumstance is OK. They think everybody is racist againts them, but aren't they the ones always stereotyping the western world saying that we are evil and our way of living is sinful. Not everybody who is not a muslim is out there being promiscious. But hey, you associate christians as sinners. We associate muslims with terror and violence. Not every christian, or american or westerner is a sinner, but some sinners are christians, american and every other race. Sinners are everywhere. But most terrorist that have been trying to so fight in the name of Allah are muslims. So deal with it. By you trying to "punish the pope" or anything associated with pope or Christianity only reinforces the comment made by the pope. People see it. And yes you may be saying that Islam does not approve violence. But you are not doing anything to stop it, all you have to say that it was consequences of such comment. Kind of giving them the green light. Saying hey : we condemn violence, but its a consequence. We should just leave them alone and let them fight each other to death, their so called religious war they'll be fighting until the end of time, and always trying to blame someone to excuse their violence ways.
7. scary
david ,   gush etzion israel   (09.24.06)
reading the logic and religious insanity that comes out of this guys mouth,shows me that the muslim religious world is run by a bunch of hate filled raving lunatics,who will lead us to a nuclear holocast.There is no reasoning with these guys,there might be moderate moslims,but you never here them.If the world would react to the way they insult everyone ,there would be no mosque standing in europe or the states.The moslim religion is hijacked by a bunch of racist,facist bigots with no moral fiber in there being.In the end they will get what they wish upon us.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.24.06)
There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. In the 1948 Islamic invasion and illegal occupation of the Jewish Holy Land, Jordan destroyed 58 sacred synagogues in Jerusalem. Since 1996, Rachel's Tomb, near Bethlehem, has been attacked by Muslim snipers, bombs and Molotov cocktails. In October 2000, Muslims torched and destroyed the ancient synagogue in Jericho. In 2005, Muslims desecrated and destroyed sacred Gaza synagogues. Joseph is the beloved Bible hero of Jews and Christians. Muslims murdered IDF soldiers at Joseph's Tomb. Muslim mobs BURNED BIBLES and Jewish prayer books that gave praise and glory to the One great G-D, and destroyed the Tomb. In the Islamic invasion and filthy desecration of Jesus Christ' birthplace, Church of Nativity, BIBLES were TORN UP for TOILET PAPER. Inscribed in the Bibles are the Laws G-D gave to Moses; the Laws our Western civilization is founded on: Exodus 20: "You shall not murder" "You shall not commit adultery" "You shall not steal" "You shall not bear false witness" "You shall not covet" Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death" Leviticus 24:17 "If a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death" Global Islamists seek the total destruction of Western civilization. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Hebrew Bible, not once in the Koran. G-D designated the Temple Mount to the Jews for His worship and prayer only. Muslims on the Temple Mount repeatedly engage in massive rock throwing at Jews, turning the HOLIEST place on earth into a common place of violence! Muslims have perpetrated massive desecration and destruction at Judaism's HOLIEST site, the Temple Mount. The OFFENSE to G-D is enormous! The Temple Mount must be returned to its Jewish owners immediately!
9. According to this idiots logic
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (09.24.06)
If Palestinian Chirsitians can be hurt for the words of the Pope, what about the millions of Turks and Kurds in Germany, Arabs in France, Chechens in Russia, Pakistanis in the UK and some of all of those groups in the USA? Is he justifying killing these for the crimes of Bin Laden or his own words? Of course, I don't expect him to follow this simple logic since Islam left all sense of logical argument centuries ago, along with the 'contributions' he claims, all of which are OLD OLD OLD. Modern Islam IS barren
10. islam and multiculturalism
Peter ,   Toronto Canada   (09.24.06)
It is time for all of us to realize that Islam is incompatable with multiculturalis and globalism. It is an immature religion, struggling with itself for some form of meaning that speaks to something other than violence. It is a religion that seeks to claim ownership over all others. How else could they make claims like Abraham and Isaac were muslims as they do everyday. Respect for others is explicitly forbidden in their faith. The time has come to call a Spade a Spade. The pope, though a hypocrit at least spoke the truth. My only fear is that the rest of the world was unwilling to back him up.
11. The west made two mistakes
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.24.06)
1-They should have taken over the arab oil fields in 1974 and not sold them weapons. 2-They should have never allowed them to immigrate to the west.
12. Somebody shut that idiot up. A stupid blind guided fanatic:
fadi ,   lebanon   (09.24.06)
you can criticize the pope for what he said but such kind of idiotic statements is exactly what bush and his gang are betting on for division and confrontation between religions and cultures .. mainly against islam. So to sheikh abu saker (if you truly exist other than in this article).. with all due respect Sir.... Shut Up Idiot!!
13. to david the "clever" #3
Argun ,   Turkey   (09.24.06)
David you must speak for yourself,you and the jews donĀ“t represent all the world,have you that it clear???????
14. Hypocrits
Sick of hypocrits   (09.24.06)
Why can the Muslims say whatever they want about Jews, Christians, etc. but the moment someone says something about Muslims, it is unacceptable? Sounds like a five year old throwing a tantrum. These weren't even the Pope's own words, he was quoting an emperor who lived from the 1300s to the 1400s in order to promote the idea of religious diologue in modern times. Unfortunately, radical Muslims are so primitive and stuck in the past, they can't understand the concept of modern conversation with 'infidels'. And even if they were offended by the Pope's comments, they are always the ones who are condemning other religions and calling for all other religions' destructions, so why can't they accept a critique of theirs?! This is exactly the same thing that happened after the cartoon of Mohammad was published in Denmark. The Muslims rioted in the streets, they killed people and they vandalised property. The way they reacted to the cartoon was exactly what the cartoon was trying to portray Muslims as being! Talk about playing the part and proving that the illustrator of the cartoon was right. Then, Iran had a cartoon contest about the Holocaust, even though the leader of Iran says it never even happened. Jews were upset about the Holocaust cartoon contest but did you see them go and riot in the streets, vandalise property and put out fatwas on people lives? NO. Some Imam's even called for the murder of the Pope! Not all Muslims are like this by any means. It is the fundamentalists and extremists that are to blame. These people are a danger to everyone in this world. We'd be better off without these radicals. But unlike those uncivlized barbarians, I am not going to put out fatwas on their lives and kill them. So for all those extremists..."If you can't hack it, don't dish it out!"
15. TO DUMBS# 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
when some jew falls & hurted wherever it happens, all jews & all jewish media open big mouth & start telling tales about antisemitism,& what if somebody will humilate your hashem ,will you be pleased? so shut up & you must know that all religions must be above all political differences between nations & countries
16. #15
Peter ,   Toronto Canada   (09.24.06)
Why is it #15, that when muslim apologists speak, it typically sounds like the words of a 4th grader. Is your faith so immature, so feeble that it cannot stand up to scrutiny? The Jewish religion has been ridiculed, abused and insulted for the last 2000 years.Much of it by muslims themselves. Are we pleased? Certainly not. Are we riotting in the streets and burning mosques and churches. No we are not. Grow up and take your faith along for the ride into adulthood with you. You both certainly need it.
17. aza preacher
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba il.   (09.25.06)
All these preachers,all these arab dictators,all these arab brain washed individuals,what they dream in the night,the next day they cry about it to the world as a fact,and they try to intimidate everybody ,who is not a real believer of the sacrosanct islam.What they really craving after is to hear the angry responds of the normal people,and when it comes, they call it a day and a big success.So my advice,not to respond to them,if you want to anger these beast. andi hakfarsabai
18. Hell yes! You go get them Catholics in Rome.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.25.06)
We should all rent some Carnival Cruise line ships to send these idiots to Rome. At least Israel would be rid of these morons for war. Get the firing squads ready you Italians. The Palestinians are coming to kill all of you! How do you Palestinians plan on getting out of your self induced jail anyways? Foreign Aid? When you figure it out---let us know. Then we can warn the Italians of your arrival date.
19. jason (11): agreed on both counts.
sk ,   USA   (09.25.06)
By the way, I happened to be taking courses in the Middle East in the late 70s, and it was common knowledge that all of that oil money going to those rotten regimes who were buying all those weapons would ultimately be a real problem for the West. Even the oil money can't fully explain the Arab migration to the West, though. I remember how smart (and typically duplicitous) the French were being at the time, thinking they were setting up special oil deals, only to be blasted with high oil prices and threatened with shortages despite all the French "guile." Now Paris is burning.
20. WorldNetDaily is a fanatic non trustworthy source
Palestinian   (09.25.06)
They make a living from such news any way.
21. to 11: Remeber that there will be a time and Arabs will
not allow you anymore in Afula. go back to your parents homecountry!
22. Another disgusting display against christianity in the west
freedom ,   canada   (09.25.06)
bank. I support the complete removal of the palestinian authority from the entire west bank. These people have no respect for any other religion. Muslims around the world should be outraged at this display of desecration.
23. Argun
Actually,like it or not, every word David wrote is the truth. The world is realizing it now. The Jews are a part of the civilized world. So I take it by your reaction that you are a part of the people David was talking about. I rest my case.
24. to 14
You took the words right out of my mouth.
25. THANK YOU # 23
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (09.25.06)
It seems to me that everyone is afraid to say something that will hurt the Muslims feelings.even the nonradical Muslims are keeping quiet, I am surprised that Mr Argun is not willing to separate himself from those radicals and show that they are peaceful Muslims in this world after all.
26. Bravo Peter Toronto! besides...
Harissa ,   Israel   (09.25.06)
don`t you even have a name 15?
27. And a Red Cross over Mecca
CrabbyMax ,   Chicago   (09.25.06)
28. Talk about double standards
Johnson ,   USA   (09.25.06)
29. When will the western world realize
Avi Silber ,   Connecticut   (09.25.06)
That the Islamo-Fascists are intent on conquering the world. They have millions of brain-washed youth, and billions of petro-dollars behind them. The world "ISLAM" is Arabic for "surrender" or "submission" to the will of Allah [God]. In the language of the Holy Qur'an, Islam means the readiness of a person to take orders from God and to follow them through. It is not derived from the word, "peace," as Muslims would have us believe! Look it up in any dictionary and see for yourself! Seeing a Muslim praying nearly flat on his face five times a day even projects the appearance of a master-slave relationship... a submission of sorts. And while the Muslim is submissive to Allah, all "non-believers" (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Catholics, etc.) MUST submit to the Muslim. That's how THEIR God wills it to be.
30. sudan
mike ,   t.o.   (09.25.06)
300 000 blacks were murdered in sudan by arab muslims. Just bacause they are blacks and some of them cristian. It is very peaceful religion!?
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