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Happy New Year to top billionaires
Sever Plocker
Published: 25.09.06, 17:56
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1. Money and Plocker
c'est moi ,   canada   (09.25.06)
Whats the deal with this plocker guy. He is obsessing over money all the time. I am sure he would take any amount of money and go back to Russia..the motherland.
2. People to be proud of!
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.25.06)
I just don't like the cassino business. I don't think it is a good thing for people in general. If I could get rid of such a thing in the world ,I would...
3. The Riocjest People in the World!
Nicolaus ,   San Francisco, USA   (09.25.06)
What does this tell you? What is the point of this piece?
4. Larry Ellison - a Programming Genius?.. Simnce when?
Nicolaus ,   San Francisco, CA   (09.25.06)
Larry Ellison doesn't know how a keyboard looks like. He never programmed or did any technical work. He was, is and will always be a salesman. That he is arrogant, well, it comes with the territory, and the feeling that he doesn't deserve what he got.
5. Don't forget me...
Brendan ,   Los Angeles, CA   (09.25.06)
I have several hundred dollars in my account right now after I pay rent in a couple days! To another sweet year. Happy New Year all.
6. So how come Israel has such a high poverety rate?
MEI 1   (09.25.06)
So how come Israel has such a high poverety rate?
7. wow. isn't that special.
esther ,   drom america   (09.25.06)
9. Oh, what a beautiful news!
Bancor ,   Genoa, Italy   (09.25.06)
Money, money, money Must be funny In the rich mans world Money, money, money Always sunny In the rich mans world .... Come they from a informatics tycoon, or from a gambling-house-keeper, doesn't matter, isn't it? "Pecunia non olet", told Emperor Vespasiano to his son, who disliked that they arrived from public lavatories. It would be better that this article hadn't been published, for your own sake.
10. Four richest Americans are Israel-lovers
silvio ,   italy   (09.25.06)
Blessed You!
11. 2 Evanglical Christians & 2 Jews - nice!
12. what ever.. israel is alone, and will still alone.!!
13. if you are happy with 2 lovers, what about the world's hate?
14. Happy New Jewish Year?? they are christians, idiot writer !!
15. rich get more rich ,poor get more children
mary ,   jerusalem   (09.26.06)
it is a saying ..but israil need both ..and god promiss with the both ..money ,and children ..and god will see if they are thankfull or not ..thanks to god first not to people
16. just lies, they hate us .
17. Build a casino in the Negev - Turn it green.
RyanH ,   Ashdod Israel   (09.26.06)
Why support the Turkish economy, lets turn the Negev green with greenbacks. We could finance some wars. Come on Adelson and Sol Kersner. Buffet and Gates are great.
18. #6 America has also a high povery rate
Daniel ,   Israel   (09.26.06)
According to statistics both America and Israel has a similar poverty rate. Most poor people in Israel still have a flat, tv, vcr, fridge, mobile phone and food on the table. Most poor people are etiher unemployed, outside the workforce or lack education to take on more qualified jobs. The key is therefore education, expansion of the work-force, lowering the unemployment and increasing the economic productivity among these people.
19. #9 - beautiful news
dan kaplan ,   usa   (09.26.06)
your grammar needs a little work. your conclusion, however, is right on the mark. there are better things to brag about.
20. will we ever learn
pilpelet   (09.27.06)
i was at a rememberance day last friday for two young soldiers, that died in the last war, their familes gave more to this country than all the millionairs put together
21. 14 I think perhaps three of four are christian.
freedom ,   canada   (09.28.06)
Remember though, Israel is very special for christians as well... At least Bethlehem was.....
22. the rich angels
Jose Nigrin ,   Guatemala   (09.28.06)
Yes is good to know we have rich angels for Israel. But where are they for the poor jewish people? In other countries?
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