Abbas cancels meeting with Haniyeh
Ali Waked
Published: 25.09.06, 17:32
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1. Have the Palestinians realized they voted for this?
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (09.25.06)
I think now is the time to remind the Palestinians that if you vote for a bunch of genocidal jihadists you will bear the responsibility of their actions. The Palestinians have to stand up and say they do not want armed gangs screaming hatred raging through their streets. They must take a stand against corruption and feudal warlordism if they want to live decent lives. The tragedy of killing off the voices of peace and co-existence will continue to haunt the territories. Now is the time for extraordinary Palestinian courage. I wish I could be optimistic this will occur.
2. theatrics for international cash
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.25.06)
all these performances are a weak attempt to give the appearance of giving the west what it wants to see in order to get money. have the palestinians no shame? this says it all: you can't have your cake and eat it, too. they can't be terrorists and expect the international community to give them money. abbas is posturing for the future elections, hamas is showing everyone how proud (stubborn) they are - this entire game is a joke. the palestinian people are/will suffer because of their own stupidity. ever heard of the darwin awards? well, the palestinians deserve first prize.
3. That Makes Us Even???
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (09.25.06)
Israel will never recognize Hamas and Hamas will never recognize Israel. That makes us even!!! Moreover, both sides now are run by idiots! That's levelling the playing field!
4. American democracy is so great
Palestinians vote the "wrong" way, so americans are punishing them. True democracy are so great, even more under occupation. The western values are really full of freedom and openess. Bush and his click are just gangsters that are boycotting the victims and not the oppressors. History will judge all this criminals. Sanctions must be reserved to states that violates international laws...
5. #4, you're right about one thing...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.25.06)
American Democracy is great. Maybe you should leave your Mosque and come check it out. It may open your eyes and your brain a little. Now, talking about the article, Palestinians have to realize that terror and violence will never, ever get them anythying. They will never defeat Isarel, they can barely run their own affairs. Once these people realize that Hamas and all the other extreme, militant groupsare not serving the people and once they get rid of them, only then can Israel stop the "occupation" and start dealing with the Palis as a normal state. I don't see that happening anytime soon so don't hold you breath.
6. #4 Democracy
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (09.25.06)
First of all there is no state of Palestine, so there really isn't a sanction. Second - it takes more then being elected to be a democracy. I can' t just declare my neighborhood is a country, have my neighor's elect me, and say I'm a country. BTW - Hitler was elected too. Third - Can anyone say who really does represent the Palestinians? Is it Abbas? Or is it Hamas? Or maybe it's the Islarmic Resistance? It could even be Meshaal in Syria.
7. #5 DR - unfortunately true - no change soon
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (09.25.06)
Especially when certain groups threaten to kill incoming politicians that will recognize Israel.
8. 4
9. We have reached a final conclusion that there is no point ..
Steve ,   USA   (09.25.06)
B"H If this is the conclusion Abbas is making in speaking with the "elected" government, why is it so unreasonable for the Israelis to come to the same conclusion? Then again, is this not why the Jews largely are not in Israel, because the power is not really in Jewish hands also, but in the hands of nations who direct Israel's affairs from above? I think a lot of people have given up on return because these people feel that the decision making power is not in their hands either. It is more in their hands in excile from some perspectives. But what can be done about "Haniyeh and those around him" who stir the pot, instigating violence or who are the political face to that violence? The left and right hand cannot be so disconnected. Quote: "We have reached a final conclusion that there is no point in talking with Haniyeh and those around him, as the decision making power is not in their hands. This has been know, but in the recent period, all of the agreements have been violated time after time – making trust between the sides minimal," a Palestinian source told Ynet.
10. 4 Actually, the USA is doing the correct thing.
freedom ,   canada   (09.25.06)
There is never an obligation to help anyone in the world. And yes the USA is boycotting the criminals of hamas. Then again democracy ruled I guess in gaza.. Tough to know for sure seeing that Hamas and fatah had gunmen at the poling stations.. hahaha.. So the palestinian people have voted for terror in the short term, no money for palestinian people.. deal with it.. thats the price of democracy.
11. Democracy will only bring Jihadists
Palestinian   (09.25.06)
You call them Jihadists, but for people they are the true honest men who are not giving up the rights of people. They cannot be bought and cheated as the Fatah leadership whom gave Israel everything and got nothing.
12. #4 DR, Florida
Ron ,   Los Angeles   (09.26.06)
I don't want his smelly A** here in the states. For all I know he might come here and blow me up!
13. Question to readers...
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (09.26.06)
Can anyone tell me how the Pal press is covering this ?
14. #11 Democracy
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (09.26.06)
Palestinian: I don't know if they are honest or not - but as democratically elected officials the welfare of their people should be their top priority. By refusing to recognizie Israel they are causing much grief and suffering, and are ensuring no peace talks will take place. If that is what the Palestinian public truly wants then that is democracy.
15. One question for professor DR
If the occupation is explained by the fact that the inhabitanst of the territories are defending themself againdt it then why Israel occupy WB and Gaza between 68 and 86 when there were virtually no violence from the palestinians. PS if "violence will never, ever get them anythying" why israel continue to opress 4 millions palestinians in the territories. "They will never defeat Isarel", are you sure. They love more death than you love live... pretty hardcore opponent.
16. #15....history shows us...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.26.06)
that Isarelis and palestinians had a pretty good living and working relationship up until the first entifada. That's when palis started being violent and that's when Israel had to tighten up the control. I beliebe that Palis should have their own state, BUT, not until they can control the vilolent groups that want nothing to do with peace. As for you thinking that they can defeat Israel b/c they love death, well, they will all die before they break the will of israel, that's is one thing I am completely sure of.
17. DR, you are an arrogant zionist
"Isarelis and palestinians had a pretty good living and working relationship up until the first entifada" For sur the marrocan (and iraki, yemeni and etc) jews and marocaan muslims "had a pretty good living and working relationship up until the" creation of Israel, then what !! Do you accpet the status of dhimmi, I'm sure you don't What is no good for jews is not good for anybody. But the worst of your answer is that it show that you (as a lot of zionists) you understand only violence. If there is no terror, they must enjoy oppression. Yes sure... You now tibetians and chinese have "pretty good living and working relationship "
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