Sderot: Woman soldier hurt in Qassam attack
Tova Dadon
Published: 26.09.06, 09:06
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1. Women Soldier
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.26.06)
I have long proposed to call a woman soldier a "soldierette". I like the sound of it.
2. oh my god...
eb22 ,   Haifa   (09.26.06)
one the first man will die the the palestian will suffer even more since Gilaad Shalit was kidnapet more than 300 palestian were killed f i were abu mazen or anyone else who makes the decision i'd let him go because if i wouldent then the number of dead will rise even more... beside that i dont know why israel is giving away more than 1000 prisoners for 1 soldier but i do know that this soldier worth more than this 1000 men because he is "bought" in the price of 1000 men "The lions pf Judah will raor once more"
3. Level Gaza!
Gumby and Pokey ,   Gritz   (09.26.06)
Did you learn nothing from Hizbullah? i bet the Pals in Gaza did!
4. Olmert/kadima/peretz will ruin southern israel
John ,   u.s   (09.26.06)
Every morning they allow rockets to be fired. Does Olmert even know what is happening that milktoast fool. Then his pick for defense minister tells you all you need to know about the worst prime minister in our history. This kadima crowd also left the philadelphia route and the rafah crossing to allow better rockets in. Ehud doesn't care his kids are abroad and he is a cheat on his own personal finances. Israel can not begin to have a deterrence again until the worst prime minister ehud is OUT of office. We need new election olmert has been a DISASTER.
5. Gilaad stil not home, more rockets, a worthless
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (09.26.06)
government, perhaps some pilot will just nuke gaza and explain it was an accident.
6. Qassam rockets
Gijs   (09.26.06)
So far the Israeli army has done nothing to stop the qassam rockets. Maybe the inhabitants of Sderot should make some rockets themselves and fire these at random into Gaza. Perhaps this would help
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