Christian leaders show support for Israel
Published: 26.09.06, 09:34
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1. what ever, Israel is still alone and will be alone forever..
2. We need help, occuping is too hard and needs money and lifes
3. Christians NEVER supported us ...
4. Christians?we need NOBODY, $$
5. Christians go away, no End Time here
Igor ,   Jerusalem   (09.26.06)
6. Christians support Israel
Arul ,   Malaysia   (09.26.06)
Christians are the only group that really supports Israel other than a few countries. Be thankful. You guys are really miserable. You can't event distinuish between who is good and who is bad
7. Christian leaders support Israel
Hannah ,   Jerusalem   (09.26.06)
Its easy to distrust the words and motives of others..and Israelis have a very legitimate reason to do that...but sometimes to reject others support is closing the door in the face of someone who really does want to be a friend and does care, and wants to try and sometimes its better to risk trusting instead of hardening.
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.26.06)
To all you naysayers here, we should be thankful that these good people are coming here. They represent millions of Christian supporters of Israel. I do not care what their own agenda is. There is a new Christianity that does not subscribe to replacement theology.
9. Do not pay these ingrates no mind
appreciate ,   solo   (09.26.06)
I dont care what any one says...i am grateful to have any support from whatever the alone can we be in this world..its enuf to read the talkbacks and guage how people feel about us.. i say bring on the support the more the merrier..and to the christians out there GOD BLESS U ALL..i am jewish and together with my colleagues..we all appreciate ur support.
10. G-d bless you
Sami ,   USA   (09.26.06)
11. Arul; A lot of groups other than Christians support Israel.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.26.06)
Stop believing what the media tells you about Israel. Hundreds of millions of people support Israel around the world.
12. What is a Christian
Josh   (09.26.06)
Supporting Israel means supporting its God. It also means supporting his rules and his blessings as well as curses. Christiantity seeks to take Jews away from their blessings by having them abandon the Torah. Once a Jew leaves Torah they recieve the curses. One of which is that God will hide himself from the cursed ones and expell the Jews from the promise land. So forgive me if I don't get excited about their well wishes.
13. BULL
Menachem ,   T-A,IL   (09.26.06)
IF the xians are talking about support, it is ONLY because they are out to convert the entire world to a bogus religion. We really DON'T need the xians.
14. "Those Who Bless You Shall Be Blessed" (Genesis 12:3)
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.26.06)
Thank you for your support and may G-d bless you!
15. Nice to hear that # 11
Arul ,   Malaysia   (09.26.06)
It is really nice to hear that many groups support Israel. May the good Lord GOD bless them too.
16. #13
Believer   (09.26.06)
What can one expect from those who have rejected their mesiah himself ?!!
18. #8 Chaya - Yes, replacement theology is EVIL & Against G-D
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.26.06)
Evil replacement theology is NOT taught in the Christian Bible. It is a false teaching of wicked and sinful man claiming that Christians have replaced Jews. It is a shocking attack on the holy character of G-D. Who will dare to claim that G-D does not keep His word? Who will dare to claim that G-D does not keep His promises.? G-D's character is perfect - G-D keeps all His promises! The Creator of the Universe has the right to give Land to whoever He chooses. There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Hebrew Bible, not once in the Koran. The eternal, all-knowing G-D WHO KNOWS THE FUTURE is not a man that He should change His mind! G-D NEVER changes! G-D's word NEVER changes and CANNOT be replaced with other scriptures. The Hebrew Bible is forever. The murderous dispute of Islamist religious supremacists is with G-D, for it is G-D - Master of the Universe, who gave the Promised Land to Jews. Israel has always kept to the Biblical morality of her G-D given borders. G-D states repeatedly in the Bible He has given Israel to Jews as an eternal possession. Psalm 105:8 "He has remembered His covenant forever, the word which He commanded to a thousand generations. The covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac. Then He confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant, saying, "To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion of your inheritance." Who will dare to give away even one inch of the land G-D gave to Jews and who will dare to take or steal it? Who will dare make war against this great, this mighty and awesome G-D? Psalm 119:120 "My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments."
19. 13 - would you be happier if christians w/drew support & $ ?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.26.06)
then you'd call christians a bunch of anti-semites, right? if suddenly the evangelical support evaporated and congress & bush treated you like the rest of europe, russia, or china treats you, then what? you'd be happier with that? don't worry, christians do not love you because you are lovable (look in the mirror) or because you deserve it, OR because you might convert. no, chriatians love you because they believe the bible is true. sorry to disappoint you.
20. Will Christians Mobilize Demonstrations AGAINST TERROR STATE
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.26.06)
Jew Deportation Advanced Global Jihad's War Against Israel - These Christian leaders must prove their sincerity by mobilizing World MASSIVE street demonstrations against an Islamic terror state in Israel ! 10,000 Jews in Gaza and northern Samaria were ruthlessly rendered jobless and homeless - Israel's military gifted the seized Jewish land and assets to the Islamic PA/PLO terrorist organization. Muslims demand the ethnic cleansing of Jews from militarily strategic, Biblical Judea and Samaria - vital to Israel's defense. Israeli leaders plan to submissively comply with this massive criminal violation of the human rights of Jews and in the process destroy Israel's defense. Return Jewish land and assets to the Jewish refugees! STOP empowering Muslim terrorists - STOP advancing global jihad - STOP giving Jewish land to implacable enemies sworn to the destruction of Israel and the free world! GSS Chief Paints Grim Security Picture of PA-Controlled Areas Aug 30, '06 / 6 Elul 5766 by Hana Levi Julian and Yechiel Spira ...“Samaria has become the land of Islamic Jihad following the Disengagement,” he told the committee. Diskin added that Judea and Samaria have become much harder to control since four Jewish communities in northern Samaria were destroyed by the Israeli government in 2005. Intelligence gathering has also become much more difficult, he said. The senior intelligence community official spoke of the decay of law and order throughout PA-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria. Hizbullah is becoming a greater threat than even Fatah and Hamas within these areas. Smugglers are bringing guns, rockets, missiles and other materiel into Gaza with impunity at this point, he said, despite the presence of Egyptian forces there. The list of weapons and ammunition that smugglers have managed to bring into Gaza is stunning: some 4 million bullets, more than 17,000 guns and pistols, 3 dozen rockets, dozens of anti-tank missiles, 400 RPGs, 15 tons of TNT and up to 15 Katyusha rockets of the type fired from southern Lebanon at northern this summer. “At this point, anyone who wants to smuggle something through the Philadelphi route [into Gaza] can do so. You can smuggle anything through … except maybe a tank or plane,” said Diskin. He warned that within 3-5 years, the Sinai will become a major route for the import of arms for terrorists. "Sinai will become a major threat to Israel if the current trend is permitted to continue," he said...
21. Very saddened
SAM ,   USA   (09.26.06)
It is sad to see people in this talk back make negative remarks, even inflamatory remarks , about christian support of the state of Israel. I cant speak for all christians, but be assured that a very significant part of the world christian community supports the Israeli cause. Remeber, Christians too suffer at the hands of Muslims in the Islamic states. Remeber, Christians do fight in the Israeli army. May g-d Bless Isael forever and ever.
22. What?
gl3nk ,   NJ   (09.26.06)
No true Christan would support the Zionist state of Israel.
23. Evangelical Christians Love the Jews...
Craig ,   USA   (09.26.06)
I just want to address this to the Jewish people who seem to distrust the "Christian" support, somehow suspecting that our support is disengenuous or that an ulterior motive is really behind this support. You must first learn to differintiate between "Christian"....we are not all the same; you must realize that many who call themselves Christian are NOT Christian at all; and that organizations like the "World Council of Churches" generally represent the liberal wing of Christianity (bad) and do not speak for all Christians, especially not the fundamentalist, evangelical Christians. I know we Christians and you Jews have a major disagreement about the true 'personhood' or identity of Yeshua...that's OK. True Christians feel that Yeshua came to be crucified as the ultimate sin offering, and do not resent or "blame" the Jews for this....AT ALL. Christians do not want to take the Jews "away from Torah", nor do most feel that we replace the Jews in God's eternal plan. TENS of millions of true Christians love and genuinely support Israel and the Jewish could we not? Our saviour is Jewish!! I personally can think of no greater honor than to stand beside my Jewish brethren and help defend Israel against this seemingly increasing horde of Islamic Jew haters and asundry other misguided anti-semites. I urge you who doubt the sincerity of Christian support, due to past sins of commission or omission by so called Christians against reconsider. Your hostility and doubt is distressing and saddens us greatly. You are right to not blindly accept... you must exercise keen discernment, but don't reject millions who only wish you the best regardless of our differences. Your God...and ours, will not remain silent forever. Be strong and know that you do not stand alone.
24. We need Christian Support
Jew ,   USA   (09.26.06)
The Evangelist Christians, irregardless of views, are Israel's best friend. In a world as hostile as it is, we need these friends. Our response should always be one of welcome to their support. That is it. All other responses should think about where Israel would be now if we did not have their support.
25. if we never supported you, then give us back our money!
Andrew ,   USA   (09.26.06)
26. Israel is supported for Jesus
ArabGuy ,   Kuwait   (09.26.06)
Israel is not supported by Chrisitians for the sake of jews!! but for the return of jesus as they believe.. However, both side will be eliminated when Jesus comes back and join Muslims
Andrea ,   Magangue, Colombia   (09.26.06)
We fully support the state of Israel and the peaceful decisions taken by the isareli people. We are aware of the difficult situation you face everyday trying to build peace in the region sorrounded by islamo-facist terrorist.
PEOPLE ,   EVERYWHERE   (09.26.06)
all the nasty comments coming out of the mouths of a few talkbackers - i dont even think that half of them know or even understand the tremendous support christian organisations give the people of Israel. I understand that everyone has their history..but we live in the present and in the now..the support that the Christian people give us whether it be morally, verbally, spiritally or even financially is uplifting, to say the least. In a world full of hate and tension..being a good samaritan and a good christian is something to be proud of...i may be jewish but i love my christian and catholic friends, simply because i define them by their friendship and not by their religion. PAY THEM NO MIND..THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THOSE WHO HAVE A NEGATIVE REMARK TO MAKE. AND ARUL THANK U TOO. GOD BE WITH U!
29. Let me tell you about Evangelical
Josh   (09.26.06)
I spent some time as a born-agin Christian. I traveled around seven states inclusing Georgia and the "bible belt". They have an illuminti conspiracy that makes its way into bible discussions that believes that the "Money Changers" and the Masons which they describe as the Magicians and Jews are helping to bring the one world order of the "beast". They also speak anti-semetic remarks and think the politics of the country are going to HE double toothpicks because the Jews are running the government to further the devil conspiracy. For me, I continued seeking the truth about God only to find for myself or rather not find for myself that any of the prophecies in context from the Torah described Jesus, his time or what he did. Thus throught seeking the truth I found the orginal Torah and returned to Judasim. So take it from a convert who has stood side-by-side with the evangelical crowd, Israel don't count your blessings. Also Jews who left to follow Christ are not Goyim, rather as Jesus said speak only to the Fallen jews not the Goyim. Thus they are family and probably don't fall under the "Those Who Bless You Shall Be Blessed" (Genesis 12:3)" clause.
30. 26 - if that's true, why do you muslims fight?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.26.06)
it seems that if you really believed that you'd not feel you had to put guns to people's heads and force them to convert. actually, it sounds quite fragile to have to quash all debate on the subject. anyway, to know what christians believe, try getting your info from sources other than the koran and fellow muslims (you'll sound less ignorant).
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