Palestinian media calls pope 'stupid,' 'criminal'
Published: 26.09.06, 17:37
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1. Sounds like the Pope was right.
David ,   Boston, USA   (09.26.06)
Based on the violent uproar. What the Pope quoted seems correct. Violence and threats only verify it. Peaceful people and religions dont do that. Not that every Muslims is violent or even the majority, just like not everyone else in the world is peaceful.
2. 2 wrongs = the way they do things in the ME
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (09.26.06)
The Islamic world had no excuse to slam the pope for quoting an ancient text. But since they did that anyway - they now have absolutely NO justification for name calling in response. ...not that this matters at all. Humans are by nature hypocritical - but this is so far beyond.
3. Think not that Allah is unaware of what the Palestinians do!
KMR ,   Middle East   (09.26.06)
4. pope smiled when they said that
ken ,   california   (09.26.06)
5. Who or what is ALLAH???
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (09.26.06)
6. don`t take the moslems seriously! they`re just being Moslems
7. Haha! palestinians dont have the right
Ahaha ,   Israel   (09.26.06)
to call other people criminals, their damn religion is about suiciding and killing, THEY are the criminals.
8. so let Allah do Allah's work already
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.06)
If you think Allah will smite the wicked for speaking or drawing a picture, let _Allah_ do it already. No reason to blow up a KFC or a bus. Which brings me to another point. I understand why PETA bombs a KFC, but wtf...why do Muslims take their angst out on the KFC? Maybe you should work on franchising a Fallafal King, selling stores in the US, taking out insurance and then whenever you do something people don't like US people can blow it up and you collect insurance money. Sounds like bank to me!
9. Sincere Appology....
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.06)
I appologize for writing the below, but I hope it makes everyone feel better. Christianity is evil Judaism is evil Islam is evil Flying Spagetti Monsterism ( is evil Hindusim is evil Buddhism is evil Shiekism is evil Bhai is evil Aztek is evil Norse is evil Zoroastrianism is evil Shinto is evil Confucionism is evil Taoism is evil, because Lao Tzu was born at 50 yrs old, so he must be the devil. Akhnatanism is evil Mormonism is evil Scientology is evil There is only ONE true prophet, Rodney King who once said, "Can't we all just get along?"
10. Use of words
Shai ,   Israel   (09.26.06)
They use words like "prison" and "ethnic cleansing" to describe Gaza's situation, even AFTER they've been granted an open border with Egypt, so what's so difficult for them to use words like this to describe the Pope? It's amazing words retain any meaning at all for them.
11. Pope Dhimmi III
Avi Zimmerman   (09.26.06)
Capitulating with Islam, the begining of the downfall. 2070, Islam will prevail, they will have killed anyone who refuses to convert, and will earn Jizya $ from a worldwide tax system. Wake up Pope, your Religion depends on you.
12. That will be two for dinner?
Josh   (09.26.06)
I love it when destructive cultures who take it into their own hands to effect "the will of God" only to find themselves confronted by a superior (and historically more evil) advesary. Invariably they will say as they coward away - Yeah, well God will get you...youll see! If you ask me all the bogus religious leaders and sheep followers will all be a bit shocked and a might bit embarrassed when they get to hell and have to swallow their judgements at the same table. One love one God...get off your high horses and read Torah.
13. Palestinian imams know everything better than anybody else.
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde- Denmark   (09.26.06)
14. torah doesn't lie
Bush ,   USA   (09.26.06)
In our oral Torah it is written that the Arabs will provoke many wars in the end of days. They will wage 3 wars with the Christians. It also mentions how Iran will become very powerful and the whole world including the arab countries will feel intimidated by them. They will seek help from the Christian world and then..................[read the rest] The Torah speaks the future. It's just too bad the Govt and many Israelis are illiterate. If they only knew a little Torah they would know what is coming and what to do. BTW you can find it in the Pesikta Rabati at the end of Tana Debei Eliyahu which was the sefer that was written from the teachings of Elijah the prophet.
15. Pope's Speech
Judy ,   U.S.A   (09.26.06)
I'm shocked that he said that, but many people also thinking of violence of Islam. I guess it started after 911 and seeing people cheering afterwards. People in U.S. just floored. I had chatted with some people in Ireland just afterwards who were debating which terrorist group they belonged to and I didn't even know there were any. Also hear of much persecution of Christians in Islamic lands and the suicide bombings in Israel. Also had people from Muslim country visit and asked what first reaction to America was and they say everyone looks happy and no poor people. I couldn't help but wonder what this country like. So no shortage of being shocked and world changing. I think if Pope speaks up and accidentially offends some people they should try to understand things from our point of view and that protesting someone talking about violence by being violent is really illogical.
16. Poe, pope row boat...
Norway   (09.26.06)
Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream... For in the hand of the L*RD there is a cup, with foaming wine, full of mixture, and He poureth out of the same; surely the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall drain them, and drink them... Ps 75 What shall we do with the drunkin' Sailor, What shall we do with the drunkin' Sailor, What shall we do with the drunkin' Sailor early in the morning... Vatican is falling down, Falling down, Falling down. Vatican is falling down, The false lady... Take a key and lock her up, Lock her up, Lock her up. Take a key and lock her up, The false lady... She's built up with silver and gold, Silver and gold, Silver and gold. She's built up with silver and gold, Silver and gold, Silver and gold... She's built up with needles and pins, Needles and pins, Needles and pins. She's built up with needles and pins, The false lady... Pins and needles bend and break, Bend and break, Bend and break. Pins and needles bend and break, The false lady... She's built up with wood and clay, Wood and clay, Wood and clay. She's built it up with wood and clay, The false lady... Wood and clay will wash away, Wash away, Wash away. Wood and clay will wash away, Wash away, Wash away... Return to the Truth: Build your faith with stone so strong, Stone so strong, Stone so strong. Build your fait with stone so strong... Stone so strong will last so long, Last so long, Last so long. Stone so strong will last so long... Hebrew Bible
17. Up yours Allah
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (09.26.06)
Let the clerics chew on that. Show me the wrath of the false god. Allah can't be god or in heaven, cause heaven is supposed to be paradise, and I think that living eternity with these fanatic dumbass muslims would most definately be hell. So I just proved that Allah is satan.
18. #14, of course the torah lies
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.06)
Bush, what are you talking about? Of course the Torah lies. It contradicts itself. Also, it was written by man, long after the supposed exodus. All religions are founded/written by man. Noone can tell the future. There is no "end of days." We're all the same people floating living on a giant floating rock. The sooner the world can realize this we can stop fighting and using our swords to protect our words. We don't have to give up our religions/ethnicities/traditions but we all have far more in common and have no real reason to fight!
19. #14 again
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.06)
Three wars with the arabs? There has been four crusades. The Byzantines fought many wars with the Arabs. Arab invasion of Iberia. Subsequent Spanish retaking Iberia. The Venitians and Austrians have had many wars with the Arabs. The Greek revolution...The Russian Empire fought the Arabs. Napolean fought the Arabs...WWI. Greeks again, 1956, Afghan War (USSR), Desert Storm, Afghan War (US), Iraq.... By my count the world should be long over Bush.
20. 17 no, you just proved that you are a bigot
wanda ,   montreal   (09.26.06)
if you actually read the pope's speech (takes about 20-30 minutes) then you'd know he made some apt points. the most important of which (in my interpretation): Allah transcends good and evil. God, on the other hand, is necessarily Good, and does not. therefore, Allah does not directly confer morality, whereas God does. now, go figure out the repercussions before leaving your ig'unt stillborns among the rest of us.
21. Dan # 18
Bush   (09.26.06)
Before i ask you where you found contradictions in the Torah let me agree to you on one issue that it would be very difficult to prove that a the new testament or the quran was not written by a man. According to their tradition there was only one prophet of each religion who came out publically to express their teachings in secret from god. Who can prove that otherwise either he is right and spoke to god or he is in sane and an attention seeker. Yet the Torah can confidentally write and Jewish tradition can dictate that G-d spoke to the whole Jewish nation at Mt Sinai. Men Women and Children all saw G-ds revelation. so if it was indeed written by man to start a religion it would be very daring to write that G-d spoke to us all to keep His Torah. You are also 100% right when you say there is no real reason to fight with eachother. However you should be telling that to the moslems who wage wars in the name of allah or maybe the Christians who also waged wars in the 11 - 1800's with Jews and arabs alike. Tell me one time in history that Jews got together to wage a war with Christians or Moslems? We are not looking to fight period. BTW where did the Torah lie.
22. Viva BenedictusXVI- He has no business with Pals
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.06)
23. Everytime U switch on the Ignition U pay Jizya
24. #20 Wanda
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (09.26.06)
43. #39 I love it when people spell words like 'ignorant' wrong ...especially during episodes of unbridled slander Do you now? (ig'unt)? Allah doesn't trascend anything cause he doesn't exist. Might as well make a wish to the easter bunny. Your just one more uneducated immigrant coming to my country spreading your leftist crap and then telling everyone how wonderful your homeland is, yet you still live here and reap the social benefits of true canadians cause your home country is to corrupt and stupid to prosper on there own. How was your hizbullah march in montreal, I bet you were at the front of the pack, your just another muslim hypocrite, are you here legally, we should check that out?
25. Bush & Burden of Proof
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.06)
Bush, we could go at this all day. Many reasearchers have already poured over the torah, and shown that some books have different authors and that Deuteronomy was a "Missing book" and "re-discovered" shortly after the Babylonian exile. Also, you can't lay the burden of proof on me. If I tell a devout person '...that frozen yogurt can make a man invisible...and he is likely to requrie as much evidence as anyone else...Tell him the book he keeps by his bed was written by an invisible diety who will punish him if he fails to accept its every incredible claim about the universe, and he seems to require no evidence whatsoever. Look, how can you prove that the Hindu and Zoroastrian god(s) are wrong and your El Elyon god is correct? Substitute any god from any religion and you still can't prove one over the other. Did god talk to Moses at Mt. Sinai? If so, can you prove that God did not talk to David Koresh? Is it possible that Schitzoprenics were prohpets back in the day? As for the lies in the Torah? Is there any real proof other than that its written in the Torah? I can no sooner disprove the Lord of the Rings as I can disprove the Torah if one side takes its word on faith alone without proof. The burden of proof is misplaced. You can't require me to disprove the unprovable. Don't get me wrong, I am a Jew, I was in temple this past weekend, I will be in temple and I will be fasting next week. I do not "blame" the Jews for anything, I just wish we all could stop claiming that one side has the correct religion be practical and see that religion doesn't have to be blind faith, but an extention of ethnicity. If the Jewish God is right, would he let his people suffer? If the Moslem God is right, would he want his children (Jew/Christian/Moslem) all fighting like a bunch of disrespectful brats? If I were god and saw what my outcome was I'd flush the failed experiment down the toilet.
26. Think not what Allah can do for you,
John ,   NZ   (09.26.06)
but think what Israel is going to do to you..... if you don't shut the hell up!
27. yes Dan #9
megan ,   Israel   (09.27.06)
keeping our prefered religion lets have a world wide religion too..HUMANBEINGISM !!!!!!
28. ryan
wanda ,   montreal   (09.27.06)
i'm glad you brought up cultural sterotypes, because you are such a ryan from calgary. your country. hahaha. your country by virtue of what? your province is swaggering down a path of self-righteous isolationism like the infantoil brat it is. believing it is self-made, forgetting it brings in newfie roughnecks to mine your currency. you're like some once ugly chick that just came back to school from summer vacation to realize she is now considered hot. by grade 12 she's alienated all her friends and only considered a bitch. you were only right in one regard: i should make wishes to the easter bunny, assimilated pagan symbol of fertility that it is. i bet the irony of being left easter eggs to find is lost on the average albertan, but not you, because you have the education to maintain the heritage of the true canadian. your pathetic and misguided diatribe only proves that all that is black and sticky is not oil...
29. To the terrorist Plo: rot in hell!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.27.06)
You devil worshipers will never win against God!
30. "hear, hear" Dan!
wanda ,   montreal   (09.27.06)
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