UN envoy: Israel turned Gaza into prison
Ali Waked and Reuters
Published: 26.09.06, 19:28
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61. To 43
Paul ,   England   (09.26.06)
You have read the situation incorrectly. Do you not think the Arab nations could afford to have their 'brothers' in Gaza living in luxury? They don't want this to happen. Why? Because they want people like you to believe that it is the Israelis who have caused their plight. This helps the Arab cause to point the finger at Israel. Where has all the BILLIONS in monetary aid destined for Gaza gone? I'll tell you where: Yasser Arafat's bank account. Israel wants peace. Israel has always wanted peace. Finally, using your logic that if people are hit so many times they will eventually hit back: Why has Israel - faced with daily rocket attacks and suicide bombings not turned to terror? Because they don't believe that by killing innocent people they will be rewarded in heaven. The BIGGEST and ONLY threat to world peace today is Radical Islam! They must be stopped. THE RADICAL MUSLIMS, in their quest to rule the world, HATE THE WEST AS MUCH AS THEY HATE ISRAEL. THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR MISSLES WILL BE POINTING AT THE US AND UK, NOT JUST ISRAEL. if you dont believe that, you are living in a fanasy world.
62. But with their last Calorie they want to destroy Israel
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.06)
63. Stop Using the "P" Word
emanon ,   USA   (09.26.06)
These are Arabs. The other word has no meaning relating to an indigenous group of people. You know the drill: Prior to 1967 what was their currency, what was their economy based on, at any point in time prior to 1967 who was their leader, ad infinitum. Every time that word is used as a substitute for Arab, someone gets suckered into believing there was a nation by that name. The kind ones are Arabs, the nasty ones are terrorists. Terrorists owe no allegience to any country, only their ideology of spreading terror. Look how even now, they spread across borders at will and forge alliances with terror cells everywhere. Hizbollah, Hamas, al Fatah, al Aqsa, it does not matter. They are different names for the same people: TERRORISTS. Now do you get it?
64. poor palestinians
Gaby ,   Boston   (09.26.06)
Instead of doing something productive they are obsessing about killing all infidels. No wonder someone else has to feed them.
65. Oh dear...
The White Shadow   (09.26.06)
...perhaps the so-called Palestinians are not the nation they said they could be. They have their own land, but prefer to let it rot and become blighted. They have a border, but choose to violate it at every opportunity. They cry "no more, be merciful", when people in the more civilized Yisrael become upset at rockets and suicide bombers still being thrown at them from Gaza. Behold, you twisted Arabs, for you continue to dig your own graves and pronounce your own doom. No matter how much the UN hates Yisrael, there is no denying what you are doing. Unless you choose to - once and for all - renounce your unfounded, moronic, unrighteous claims ot the land which was given to the children of Yisrael, you will have nothing left, either in this life or in the life to come.
66. #36 - Kyle - Thanks!!!!
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (09.26.06)
67. Doesn't ethnic cleansing...
Saul ,   Barcelona   (09.26.06)
...imply people being forced to move? Where are the Gaza Arabs moving to? Mr. Dugard appears to use the term rather loosely. Sort of like the accusations of Israeli genocide in Lebanon after all of 1000 people died in 34 days Credibility no longer appears to be an issue of concern for the UN..
68. Another bigoted report by John Dugard
Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (09.26.06)
The UN has no shame. It employs so-called human rights officials like John Dugard who is so hostile to Israel that he is unable to fairly analyze a situation. Like the extremists of the left and the right who gave a warm reception to the evil dictators from Iran and Venezuela, Dugard automatically blames Israel and the US for everything. Yes, there is suffering in Gaza but there is suffering also in Israeli towns like Sderot. Just yesterday, the Palestinians launched Kassam rockets against this small town and injured a woman. Dugard doesn't care. Plenty of aid money has been sent already to the Palestinians in Gaza and squandered on bombs and weapons to attack Israel as well as stolen by corrupt Palestinian officials. More aid will be forthcoming from the West as soon as Hamas recognizes Israel. Talk about collective punishment; it was the Palestinian people who voted Hamas into power and 63% support Hezbollah. Like the impoverished drug addict or compulsive gambler, the Palestinian people have an addiction that is making their lives miserable. Their addiction is to hate and violence and Mr. Dugard doesn't seem to have any feelings towards dead and wounded Israelis except hateful feelings. A prison? Gaza shares a border with Egypt. Why aren't the filthy rich oil countries funneling aid tro the Palestinians through Egypt?
69. to 62, great comment
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (09.26.06)
Astute and witty. I had a good laugh. Thanks.
70. You get what you support
John ,   NZ   (09.26.06)
Gazans support their terrorists and they should blame them for their misery. As usual, this is playing into the hands of the terrorists with the help of UN. This also encourages more attacks on Israel and Israel have no choice but to tighten up the screw. At the end of the day, the civilians suffer, and UN cry foul. UN is nothing but a fool and tool for Islamic terrorism.
71. UN points finger at wrong place
Johnson ,   USA   (09.26.06)
It is a Palestinian problem. Plain and simple.
72. Dugard must be asked some questions.
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (09.26.06)
-What does he think about the fact that Israel handed over Gush Katif and the result of it is a dangerous terrorist territory ,sending katiuchas and human bombs to Israel all the time. -He should be asked what was made on the hothouses that used to produce milions of dolars in exports to Jews living in Gaza, and which were GIVEN to palis for them to be able to make a living. -What does he think about the fact that Israel gave up conquered parts of Lebanon and the result of it was the strengthening of hisbollah? -What does he think about the fact that Israel signed Oslo plan,giving to arafat and the territories autonomy ,and the result was a very fat account in all banks in Sura's name and a hell of poverty for pals. -What does he think about the fact that even children are given arms in those territories and tought to kill Jews. -What is his suggestion?Does any sane person would think that Israel should opens its doors to such a hateful people?Why? Blame others is the easiest and most coward way to deal with facts,besides showing a great lack of intelligency. I want to see if this dugard is able to foreseen real peace ways for these people who don't want to improve their lives but hate Israel. As for Israel,I guess that it should cut all the jobs given to pals. They should search for jobs somewhere else in order to learn from how many pieces of wood one makes a canoe.
73. to Mike in Atlanta
Human ,   Houston, Texas   (09.26.06)
Mike, Just because I didn't mention the other hundreds of atrocities my country has committed does not make me an anti-semite. The '67 attack on the USS Liberty was merely the example most salient to the discussion here. Anti-semitism means you don't like someone because they're Jewish. One of the Israeli air force pilots flying the Mirages that attacked the USS Liberty refused to fire on an ally's vessel, but he was threatened with court-martial and obeyed. Was he anti-Semitic because he didn't want to follow orders that went against his conscience? There are some f*&^ed up people in this world who try to hide their utter dearth of morality under national and religious disguises. It's about money and power. Don't let politico-religious labeling divide the majority of us human beings who are just trying to live life without hurting anyone and having nobody hurt us. I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm anti-murder, anti-theft, anti-worshipping false Gods, anti-taking other people's women and goods. Division based on easy labels (ie: anti-semite) is counterproductive to any positive aims. I would risk my neck for yours, Mike. Because you're human and I'm human, too. However, if you hurt or killed my family I would kill you. (Yeah, I know, perpetuating a cycle of violence. Sorry, I'm human...)
74. Not gving Hamas money is not punishment, it's lack of award!
Soothsayer ,   USA   (09.26.06)
Another brainless lawyer writing baseless reports. No one owes Palestinians anything. I don't see any illegality in Israel bombing them, considering that Palestinians backed out of 1994 Oslo accords, Israel is not obligated to keep thei part of the agreement.
75. 5 This guy is from south affrica..
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
The same country that does nothing about Zimbabwe. Talk about ethnic/religious cleansing in Bethlehem. This report to me is biased.
76. 34 What a two by four in your own eye.
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
Are you denying the ethnic cleansing in the Sudan. Wake up ..
77. 33 A lost soul... perhaps.
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
Maybe you should move to the middle east, just dont move to Israel. Maybe your negative attitude would change when all your religious freedoms are gone. Think about the blood that the americans gave to bring freedom throughout the world. It seems you take that for granted.
78. 34 How many illegal settlements are in
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
the west bank and east jerusalem.. Too bad you only tell one side of a very biased report. Is there any talk of ethnic cleansing of jews in gaza or christians and jews in the west bank.?
79. 39 What did you think of the job the UN
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
did in the oil for food program in Iraq. Thanks for your response.
80. 43 Perhaps Hamas represented the
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
anti semetic choice.. that to me would be obvious.. .interested in your response.. and yes we know fatah was known to be corrupt...
81. 49 Only if you leave america and go to gaza.
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
Maybe you think its a better place.. try it out for a year or two.. get back to us..
82. 53.. thats a loaded question.
freedom ,   canada   (09.26.06)
and it did not wear very well on mr. gibson.. sad actually but we are humans I guess.
83. The UN marginalizing itself
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.26.06)
The UN does itself a great disservice by having somebody like Dugard speak in its name. Take the following quote: "Israel violates international law as expounded by the Security Council and the International Court of Justice and goes unpunished. But the Palestinian people are punished for having democratically elected a regime unacceptable to Israel, the US and the EU," Dugard said. Dugard fails to state the obvious: the elected Palestinian regime rejects peace with a UN member and supports policies and actions that are in flagrant violation of the UN charter and international law (both Amnesty Intl and Human Rights Watch have declared that repeated Hamas military actions against unarmed Israeli civilians are crimes against humanity and both say they are most likely war crimes). UN functionaries have to realize that if they want to help the Palestinians, their best bet would be to convince the Palestinians to be good citizens of the UN. That means respecting and honoring the UN charter, and sticking to agreements that the PA has signed - like recognizing Israel and negotiating for peace rather than firing rockets and suicide bombers at Israeli civilians. A PA that conform to international laws and standards would obviously be the recipient of lots of international money. And Dugard as well negligently fails to note that the fourth wall of what he calls a "prison" is Egypt, not Israel. He doesn't ask why food, aid, and trade isn't fflowing over that border instead of through Israel. Maybe it's because the Egyptians also realize that the "democratically elected regime" of Hamas isn't so democratic in fulfilling its obligations to either the international community or its own people.
84. shall i cry now?
some guy ,   Israel   (09.26.06)
Ques: (1) Have you ever seen a prison with a gate that is completely wide open? - cause if i'm not wrong, the Gaza-Egypt border is completely open. (2) The Palestines asked for a clear border. Isn't it Israel's right to decidק wether or not people should enter the country? (3) Why sould Israel's support a nation which does not acknowledge it right to exist? (4) Where have all the donations and funds gone to? (hint: ask Arraft's wife) Points: (1) We left out the area in order to provide them the opportunity to prosper. They just havent use it. (2) Why do people often write report without understanding the situation and learning the facts? - It is so easy to blame Israel. some guy.
85. to #48 (and all his supporters)
eb22 ,   Haifa   (09.26.06)
WTF are u talking about??? u say isael is the bad country? then i bet u mean that in 1948 israel fired the first round of bullet at palestines right? and israel bombs their own buses in the steerts right? and israel has outpost in lebanon which is where all the Katusha rockets which fell in MY city are shot from right? yes...then u must mean that israel did the peace with Eypgt and Jorden just to lie of it back right? and israel just bombard lebanon for the past month? with no actuall reason? u are an american are u? we are ur best allies and actually we are protecting u... yes,yes, the poor 58 years old most hated country is protecting the usa the greats country in the world...the american dream... wtf are u talking about israel are the bad guys..i would like to know what american would have done if in every day a Kassam rocket would fall near the a kindergarden...yes i bet the country or territory which fired that rocket would haev been bernt right now right? oh my god whene we will fall..u (the world) will think that there goes peace,peace and more jews no more wars...after all the jews killed themselves in the holocaust oh i forgot ther were no holocaust...6milion jews dissapeard from the face of the earth.... and i i said whene we will fall then the REAL war will come upon u guys and then u will miss the warrior of Judah to fight along side u in the bloodiets war this world has ever seen...u all will miss the great raor of out lions....but it will be too late then because all the lions will die by then because u let the strongets,reliable ally to be destroy and then whene the freedom of the world so called warriors of Muhammad will march through ur land u will sorry that u let israel down...and then u will relize who were really the bad guys... i want to invite u here number 48 to my city...the city of Haifa which my grandfather FOUGHT for!!!!after he fled from the nazis at 1942-1945 i awnt to invite u to Sderot...and i awnt u to see the schools there the poor childeren who goes to the 1st grade in terror cuz every second the alarms could be raised then u will know why the arabs are paying dearly in lives...u guys say that the entire world holds his breath for one captive soldier....then close ur eyes but whene a hammas terrorits will be chought then i bet u will lie a "sige" on israel cuz he is a poor guy he just wanted to kill jews...after all he has to... get real guys...after u will study the real facts then we will be able to speak one to another "The lions of Judah will raor once more"
86. UN Envoy...
Lee ,   USA   (09.26.06)
I am almost 60 years old and in all my years I have never known the UN to be actually a friend ever to Israel. Oh..perhaps only when America grabbed the UN by the scruff to make them do something nice. All other times the UN is consistent. It never met a terrorist or madman it didn't love.
87. #32..Leon
Barry ,   Canada   (09.26.06)
Well said!
88. #48 well -said
Noora ,   Bahrain   (09.27.06)
89. I'm sure a lot of Nazis reacted the same
a lot of talkbackers react tonight to this stories : "Jews locked them in Ghettos before we do...if they have stop stealing us we would never have adopt all the anti jews laws...the jews brought their tragedy upon themselves" So the point is you are all speaking exactly the same way than the worst antisemites in History
90. leon my friend(#32)
eb22 ,   Haifa   (09.27.06)
I salute to you!!! you are a true friend for the world
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