Hi-tech firm boycotts Israel over 'war crimes'
Ehud Kenan
Published: 27.09.06, 08:10
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1. Boycott U2U
Mark ,   Usa   (09.27.06)
I will ensure that my many world wide companies will from now on boycott all U2U products or contacts.On top of that any company dealing with my companies will have 2 prove they have no dealings what so ever with u2u.I will spread the word to all my network. "BOYCOTT U2U"
2. Boycot U2U
Shlomi ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.06)
Anyone who hasany friends or family in Belgium should email them this article!
3. Stop begging the world's hypocrites for acceptance
Jenny   (09.27.06)
The best revenge is to develop Israel and Israeli products. In this endeavor no one can bring us down. Ask Warren Buffet! These hypocrites will learn in time that they sided with the wrong group when their continent errupts into civil war because of some recent newcomers.
4. Ya see - datz da problem wit dem unenlightened
Cadavre ,   US   (09.27.06)
The nerve - a company actually boycotting Israel - gosh - will others do it. Let's hope Christian Churches can put a stop to this - OOPs the Presbies and Methodies are also boycotting. Maybe the Mosques can help stop the boycott - ooops bombed em all as Militant Breeding Centers - the big guy, through his "little chosen" speaks in strange ways indeed! What kind of world would we have without the distraction of the little City State lovenly pined as Israel? What kind? Hopefully Israelis will come to their senses before they have no senses to come to. How many tanks has Israel just lost to a dedicated village militia in Lebanon? Those are big ticket items indeed. It's not like people in the states are buying Israeli made cars, Israeli made TV's or Israeli made computers or flying the space shuttle or space station with Israeli technology -it's not like Israel has any kind of market base to even afford those tanks lost in lebabnon - not to mention the 1.6 Billion Israelis paid US War Bankers for all those little bombs that has other countries all referring to Israelis as war criminals. Israelis - just srudge you shoulders, click your heels together three times and say, "they just hate us because we're better than they are", over and over and over and over and over ... and over ... infinity It's not like Israel really matters - wheres the value? I don't see it - I see self destruction masked in the glory of a dark age dominion heresy. I see little men with someone elses big guns. I see nothing.
5. The Belgians should boycott themselves
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.27.06)
Funny how U2U operates in Belgium - a country with the reputation of a major arms supplier to repressive third world regimes. Yotrasprot should check if Belgian guns and bullets have killed and maimed more people than the Israelis ever have. A simple Google of "belgium arms trade" returns some pretty nasty incriminations of Belgium as a major purveyor of death and misery the world over. But if Yotrasprot already buys the fake Palestinian spin of "apartheid", then he's probably a lost cause. Especially since he seems to have no problem offering his company's courses in Dubai, with its miserable human rights record. Is it because he can't resist all that dirty Gulf oil money?
6. Belgium invented ethnic cleansing in the Congo
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.27.06)
7. Belgium & pedophilia
Stu ,   Paris, France   (09.27.06)
I think no one should work with Belgian companies as Belgium has a notorious reputation of government supported pedophilia! I won't even go there on holiday! "the evidence indicates a huge effort by magistrates and senior police officials to demolish the testimony of the witnesses"
8. If You're Offended By Wim Uyttersprot, Contact Him Directly
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.27.06)
And tell him:
10. what do you expect from the Europeans? Work with Africans
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.27.06)
I too am in high tech. The attitude here does not surprise me in the least. I am certain (not) that the reponse would be same from the Belgians if aproached by companies from China or Russia with their exemplary record of human rights campaigns in Tibet and Chechnya. Believe me, the Africans with whom I work, Christians and Moslems, have for the most part not been infected with European antisemitism. They know that it is another ploy by their leader to oppress them. They see what we have done in Israel since Independence from the British empire and where they are. In the words of one of them "There are three countries which recieved independence from the colonial powers since the second world war who have made it; Israel, India and Singapore". And before the numbskulls start ranting on about the $3 billion in US aid we get per year; most of it is money for US firms for military needs. And even if it is not, compare the amount of money that Israel recived and was used for real development over the years to the money poured down the corrupt African aid drain straight into the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of their leaders. Tell the Belgian to go to the the Democratic Republic of Congo for a few months and work there and ask their forgiveness for what the Belgians did to them.
11. U2U is not worth it.
Laurent ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (09.27.06)
U2U is not worth a word. (most of ) the Belgian people do not understand the Middle East situation, hence they have a very biased point of view.
12. #2 have a kitkat
Lebanon   (09.27.06)
You are so funny you are comparing places like Dubai and Belgium to Israel. have you seen the news lately: Gaza big prison, Israeli Presdient rapist corrupt etc etc. Prime minister corrupt. Cluster bombs in civilian areas in south lebanon, pollution of the Med. Was that all palestinian spin or no it was all staged thats the one you guys like to use. Give your self a break you are hiding behind your thumb.
13. Europe-stan is LOST.
Bob ,   kiryat ata   (09.27.06)
I'd like to know which "non-apartheid" ARAB regimes this Belgian company does business with. You know, the ones that tolerate other religions, don't oppress women and exploit children, etc.
14. Beligian Collaborators
Barry   (09.27.06)
U2U states on its Web Site that it is after Middle East business. Obviously Wim Yotrasprot sees lying about Israel will help him get business from arabs. Belgians are well known for their moral corruption
15. please check this out
israeli ,   israel   (09.27.06)
16. #4
guy ,   tel aviv   (09.27.06)
well said my friend-you do see nothing
17. belgian boycott
dovdevan ,   PARIS,france   (09.27.06)
another example of getting down on their knees in front of arab propaganda !!! let me remind you that there is lot arab people in belgium if not million and they are practising an intelectual terrorism by their propaganda !
18. It is antisemitism
shimon ,   madrid   (09.27.06)
It is clearly antisemitism. Why? They probably don't boycott (i'm sure they don't) arab business (let the oil flow) which is actually ran by citizens of dictatorial countries, aiding terrorism and preaching the extermination of jews. Do you think they boycott them as racist or aparthaid? Of course they don't, they just boycott israel and i suspect they do so, 'cause it's the state of the Jews. Nothing new...
19. Respect for principles
Marianne ,   Brussels, Belgium   (09.27.06)
I am amazed by the comments, most of them are angry, racist and out of the subject. No one admits the reality of the war. No one is just ready to admire somebody who puts his principle above his financial interests. Where are the jewish values?
20. Does MS know about this?
Jj   (09.27.06)
According to they're site they are authorized by Microsoft.
21. should write to this company
Miri ,   Europe   (09.27.06)
As a protest should all wrtie to this comapny.
22. #4; Boycott Israel and throw away your computer idiot!
Daisy ,   USA   (09.27.06)
You should also throw away your cellphone, medicines, refused the medical tests that were invented in Israel. I could go and on. The great country of Israel has done much for the world but it doesn't get covered in the press. Go ahead and boycott Israel but you'll have to live in a cave and live like a barbarian.
23. to #4, go buy glasses
ori   (09.27.06)
my little friend, israel is a little state that have 5.4 million jews in it, country size is only 20,000 skm, no natural resources. you won't a country in this size that is making cars, space shuttles and space stations. and yet, you will also not find any other small country with zero natural resources, endless wars, that is so strong only based on it's citizen's brains (israel is a center of high tech, technologies, patents, science). israel does export it's own weapons and improves imported weapons. the fact that you (who live in a superpower , which is 464x times bigger then israel, economy that is 81x times bigger etc. ) are here, responding in an israeli news site, just proves how important you think israel is. btw, you should check some statistics about jews in the world (wich are just 0.2% of world population, and won, for example, 25% of all nobel prizes, american jews are more then 30% of all amercian nobel prizes winners, avarage jews in europe have an avarage of 10 iq higher then the avarage european, smae about american jews and so on ...)
24. Belgian boycott
J Heller ,   Modiin, Israel   (09.27.06)
According to a Belgian source, this Company is affiliated to the Scientology Church and has been condemned as a dangerous sect.
25. # 12. Look Within
Israel has it's problems but if you want to talk problems, look at your spinless PM Siniora or your Syrian puppet group Hezbullah that takes your country to war and claims victory.
26. to #19
Dr. NO ,   jerusalem   (09.27.06)
you want principles and Jewish values? Read this first:
27. to Marianne #19
esther ,   raanana   (09.27.06)
You want to hear about Jewish values and respect for principles? An `Israeli court has just sentenced an Israeli Jew to FOUR life imprisonment counts fok murdering 4 Palestinians. I would like to see that reciprocated by Palestinian courts when and if they decide to try Palestinians who murder Jews in cold blood. Now perhaps you might care to share with us some of the exploits performed by Belgians in Congo. Moreover, I hear your kings boast and extraordinary record of pedophilia, royal household murders and more. As soon as I locate those, I shall post them here. Please come back and shed some light on European values.
28. thanx #8-i wrote to him directly:here is text
svietka ,   eli,shomron   (09.27.06)
Sir, It is my understanding you have decided not to do business with an Israeli company based on your view of Israel’s participation in defending herself from aggression. Calling Israel an Apartheid state shows your unawareness of facts and your plain ignorance. Before you, supposedly an educated man, make accusatory statements of grandiose proportions, may I make a suggestion, that you actually read something a bit more factual then your local newspaper and something a bit more educational then your local TV channel. As a private person you have a right to do business with anybody you wish (or not wish) but if you have decided to base your decision on a political view (which of course is your prerogative as well) just make sure you actually know what you are talking about and do not come off sounding like an international ignoramus and a baboon, which, as of now, is exactly how we perceive you. May I suggest you actually take 5-7 min to educate yourself on the most basic difference between Apartheid and Israeli governing system at: Also, if you will feel you are really on an educational roll, you might want to check out: and Most sincerely, Svietka
29. Let U2U suffer from NOT using Israeli technology
Nannette ,   London, UK   (09.27.06)
Israel's at the forefront of tecnological developments and doesn't need to beg these antisemites for business. They'll suffer because they'll end up using yesterday's technology instead.
30. What hypocrites!
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (09.27.06)
U2U manager Yotrasport may not realize what he's really saying here. He's obviously just sucking up to Arabs because U2U is seeking wider markets. $$$ How many high tech products can ordinary citizens of Arab countries buy? They've got their collectove eye on bigger markets, though. China and Russia, for instance. I trust they're goiing to throw away any of their computers which use technology developed here in Silicon Wadi. Yeah, right. I thought so.
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