Report: Bombing of Gaza power plant war crime
Ynet reporters
Published: 27.09.06, 09:24
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1. Who pays?
James   (09.27.06)
The costs of the IDF operations in Gaza, WB and Lebanon are huge. Invading foreign territory, creating a swathe of destruction and leaving lethal cluster bombs which will maim and kill for years to come is not an expense that should be incurred by the world community. Where an attack is unprovoked or immoderate, the aggressor must pay.
2. Two ways to look at it
Josh   (09.27.06)
It is either a strategic military move against a foriegn aggressor or it is the bombing of an Israeli power plant. Either way who cares if they miss METV, its all reruns anyways.
3. to 1. still waiting for the checks from lebanon for rockets
aaron ,   ra'anana   (09.27.06)
4. Wrong conclusion. In war, hitting power plant legitimate.
Int'l Jurist   (09.27.06)
The IDF only went into Gaza to attack after Hamas operatives crossed the Green Line and attacked the unit from which Shalit was kidnapped. Hitting the enemy's power source is almost invariably the first thing an army does in war and is considered legitimate even if it does affect a larger population of non-combatants. Sorry B'tselem. By the way, Qassem rockets have hit the Ashqelon power plant which was clearly an intended target. The Qassems are the reason the IDF has remained in Gaza.
5. Everthing Israel does is "WarCrime". Whatever Musies do isOK
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.06)
6. What about life-damages caused by Palestinian bombers?
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde-Denmark   (09.27.06)
7. Let's make a deal
Zionist ,   Israel   (09.27.06)
I agree that Israel should finance the rebuilding of the Gaza powerplant, if the PA finances Israel for the construction of a short-range anti-missile defense system. Fair trade, no?
8. So the "palestinians" will pay for Sderot damage????????????
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (09.27.06)
9. Lefties at it again
Elle   (09.27.06)
10. .
David ,   Israel   (09.27.06)
To Josh: You're an idiot and a Jew-hater, and that's obvious. Have fun in hell. To B'Tselem: You're self-hating Jews and you pose the biggest threat to Israel - more so than all of its Arab enemies combined. You're the enemy from within. Repent or join hell.
11. B'Tselem: Start complaining about "honor" killings and jihad
Ohev Tsion ,   Israel   (09.27.06)
13. BTselem: do you know what Arabs do to their own traitors?
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (09.27.06)
There are some things which we should learn from the Arabs.
14. Gaza
Earnest Siegel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.27.06)
Those who complain about Israel ask them when are they stopping rockes being into Israel
15. Re #10
Josh   (09.27.06)
First it helps that you learn how to complete a comment post. Second you need to work on your reading comprehension, my post is in favor of Israel. I would lean towards Israel's bombing of the power plant as a military move against the terrorist Hamas agressor. Even though Palestininas still don't have a state and therefore live in an Israel over-lord type arrangement. Hope your not dissatisied with this or other pro Israel comments I make.
16. We should welcome the closing of oil burning power plants
Bo   (09.27.06)
Isma'il Haniya, the prime minister from the Hamas movement, said in a Friday sermon in response to the cutting of international aid: 'We will eat wild thyme, salt, olive oil, and olives, but we will never bow our heads.' He forgot to mention building windmills
17. Bombing!
Dr. JOHN MAXWELL ,   Israel   (09.27.06)
Maybe those supercillious self-righteous" twits" at BeTsalem consider the indescriminate Katyusha bombing of Sderot as a another manifestation of the "heroic resistance of those poor downtrodden Palestinians" Don't they just make you want to vomit!!!
toledano   (09.27.06)
19. Victim spotlight getting stolen?
J. Lefkowitz ,   Pasadena, California   (09.27.06)
So I guess Jews are the only ones allowed to play the victim...
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.27.06)
Jews are regarded as absolutely valueless by human rights organizations. PA/PLO are the recipients of mega U.S. tax dollars. Americans are immorally forced to finance jihad against Jews and Americans. The planned genocide of Jews by PA/PLO/Hamas, Hizbullah-Syria-Iran et al, breaks international law and must be addressed by the International Criminal Court. The U.S. EU, UN Road Map Islamic Terror State Two in Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem will reduce Israel to an INDEFENSIBLE 6-10 miles wide at mid-section, thus enabling a second Holocaust of Jews. The Palestinian Authority teach through their mosques, media, summer camps, and public education system, that murdering Jews is a religious obligation. Human bomb killers of Jewish innocents are revered and considered heroes by PA society. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise: The Palestinian Authority hailed as heroes the terrorists who brutally murdered defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother, Tali Hatuel, and four little daughters in Gush Katif in May 2004. Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrate in the streets and pass out sweets whenever Jewish innocents, including children, are murdered by human bomb killers. Effigies of burning buses are features of PA school pageants and summer camps. Streets and soccer teams are named after suicide bombers. Adults and children train in terrorist training camps. Terrorists have been captured at Israeli checkpoints, posing as ambulance drivers, doctors and patients. Terrorists have hidden explosive suicide belts under gurneys carrying sick children and in the garments of pregnant women. Red Crescent ambulances transport terrorists, weapons and bombs. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..."
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.27.06)
Road Map architects U.S. EU UN - PA/PLO/Hamas political agenda keeps Palestinian Authority Christians persecuted. Take BETHLEHEM and other CHRISTIAN towns inside the green line now! PLO terrorists conducted horrific jihad against Lebanon's Christians murdering huge numbers. Click on photo gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO savagery was rewarded - PLO terrrorists were implanted into Israel as "peace" partners through Oslo Peace Accords to to continue their barbaric jihad. Christians in PA areas suffer horrendous persecution under cruel occupation of PA/PLO and other terrorist organizations. Christianity Dying In Its Birthplace By Daniel Pipes | September 13, 2005 "What some observers are calling a pogrom took place near Ramallah, West Bank, on the night of Sep. 3-4. That’s when fifteen Muslim youths from one village, Dair Jarir, rampaged against Taybeh, a neighboring all-Christian village of 1,500 people. The Ajajs and their friends broke into houses and stole furniture, jewelry, and electrical appliances. They threw Molotov cocktails at some buildings and poured kerosene on others, then torched them. The damage included at least 16 houses, some stores,a farm, and a gas station. The assailants vandalized cars, looted extensively, and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary. “It was like a war,” one Taybeh resident told The Jerusalem Post. Hours passed before the Palestinian Authority security and fire services arrived. The fifteen assailants spent only a few hours in police detention, then were released. As for Khouriyye, the Palestinian police arrested him, kept him jail, and (his family says) have repeatedly beat him. A cousin, Suleiman Khouriyye, pointed to his burned house. “They did this because we’re Christians. They did this because we are the weaker ones.” The Khouriyyes and others recall the assailants shouting Allahu Akbar and anti-Christian slogans: “Burn the infidels, burn the Crusaders.” This assault fits a larger pattern. According to the Catholic Custodian of the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Christians in the Bethlehem region alone have suffered 93 cases of injustice in 2000-04. In the worst of these, in 2002, Muslims murdered the two Amre sisters, 17 and 19 years old, whom they called prostitutes. A post-mortem, however, showed the teenagers to have been virgins – and to have been tortured on their genitals. “Almost every day – I repeat, almost every day – our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions,” Pizzaballa says. “And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with … the Palestinian Authority.” In addition to the Islamists, a “Muslim land mafia” is said to operate. With PA complicity. it threatens Christian land and house owners, often succeeding to compel them to abandon their properties. The campaign of persecution has succeeded...Bethlehem and Nazareth, historic Christian towns for nearly two millennia, are now primarily Muslim. In 1922, Christians outnumbered Muslims in Jerusalem; today, Christians amount to a mere 2 percent of that city’s population." "Islamic mafia accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians" Every single agreement has been broken by the PA/PLO, rendering Oslo, Road Map and ALL agreements NULL AND VOID. IDF, HELP! Stop Islamic cruelty. Liberate Christians from ALL terrorist organizations now!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.27.06)
May 2003 Pew Global poll: 80% of Palestinians agreed with the statement: "The rights and needs of the Palestinian people cannot be taken care of as long as the State of Israel exists." Human rights organizations give their full support to those who seek Jewish annihilation and the eradication of Israel. All PA maps show the new state of Palestine covering ALL Israel with ALL Jerusalem as their capital - the Jewish Holy Land is the highly coveted prize of global jihad.
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