Christians: We'll fight for Israel
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 27.09.06, 21:43
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1. Altruistic Christian Fundamentalists
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.27.06)
Sickening !!!!
2. How tragic.
Paul ,   AUstin, USA   (09.27.06)
Israel stoops to the lowest common denominator for support. You need not look any further than THIS when you wonder why an increasing number of diaspora Jews do not support government policies.
3. Evangelical Christian friends of Israel
Jonathan Phillips ,   Fredericton, Canada   (09.27.06)
It is good that Christians are supporting Israel and Jews at this a time when darkness is creaping over the earth (as foretold by the prophets and Christ). .......but in the worst case, should Israel be pushed into the sea by Islamic forces and Jews are forced to run for their lives throughout the earth......and Jews are not safe anywhere, how many of this group will still support the Jew and put their lives on the line for them? This will be the true test....and I see in prophetic scripture (both old and new testaments) that such a time is coming.....and this time will define the true church......we will be defined by how we extend ourselves for the People of the Covenant (the Jew). In the final end, the Lord will rescue his people and save them and establish them in the land.....and no one will ever make them afraid again. Israel will then be a blessing in the earth.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.27.06)
Israel suffers continual terror attacks from global jihad. Under U.S. pressure, Israel ACCEPTS continual war, rewarding her enemies! 10,000 Gaza Jews were punished for not being Muslim. Jewish land and thousands of greenhouses and hundreds of farms of the hated infidel Jews were confiscated and given to Muslims. Muslim mobs celebrated by desecrating and destroying Gaza synagogues. Impoverished jobless and homeless Jewish refugees are forced to pay mortgages on their destroyed homes! Israel's surrender of Gaza brought terrorists closer to major Israeli population centers. Arab missiles now fire on Ashkelon, previously not within range. Sderot's mayor charges Israel has abandoned Sderot. Which cities inside the green line will be abandoned next? Happy terrorists fire rockets on Sderot, just as terrorists were allowed to fire thousands of rockets and mortars on Gaza's Jews. Terrorists and massive amounts of weapons pass freely through the Gaza-Egypt border. Rockets are fired daily from ethnically Jew cleansed Gaza, which has been transformed into terrorist training camps and a GLOBAL base for terror! The response of terrorist enablers, U.S. EU, and UN, is for terrorists to duplicate this success in Judea and Samaria. Another wicked crime against humanity is demanded. The cruel ethnic cleansing of Jews punished for not being Muslim, rendered jobless and homeless; their land confiscated and given to Muslims. Giving Islamists military advantage over a tiny, weakened Israel reduced to an INDEFENSIBLE 6-10 miles wide at her middle ENABLING CONQUEST OF ALL ISRAEL. Will Israel fight back when it is too late, when Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all Israel is under total attack from Islamists, with reinforcements from throughout the Muslim Middle East and beyond?
5. Thank you Christian Brothers&Sisters.We need all help we get
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.06)
7. Response to ALL pro-arab posts and statements…
LeoP ,   Moscow   (09.27.06)
After reading all the posts on ynet for the past couple of months, this is my first post and I would like to respond to all of them. Arabs/palis/lebs etc. (I’ll use these words interchangeably b/c the differences they share are only cultural at best, ideologically they are all the same in my regard)… but I digress. It seems to me that as a whole, the Arab people feel inferior to some extent. The sad truth, and any erudite individual from the liberal left to the conservative right will agree, is that the problems in the arab world were caused by the arab regimes controlling them. The regimes are filthy rich, so rich that few people can even enumerate this wealth (the poorest people on the planet, the palis, had a leader named Arafat who left his wife over USD 2billion… and the government of Hamas and Abbas are struggling to get together a few million here and there… how does that make any sense? Is terrorism the answer, is death the answer? Terrorism itself was started by Arab regimes as a way to point the arab people away from the real reasons for their inhumanity and degraded quality of life. The rich bastard Arafat was sitting on a treasure chest of billions of dollars while orating to this people, pointing his finger over the border at Israel, and with a quivering lip saying “jihad, jihad, jihad”… jihad for what? He could have given them a decent start at life, a few small business loans here, a school there, and society little by little would have picked up, instead he told them to go kill themselves… so who exactly thinks arabs lives are worthless? Not the Israeli’s… I guarantee you that any Israeli would be happy to know that no more arabs will die in suicide missions on Israeli soil. As for violence, why do you get so violent when the Pope says he doesn’t want to see you be violent? It’s like beating a dog for urinating on the carpet only to have the dog piss himself during the beating… the point is, the Pope’s comments added fuel to the fire, and that’s mostly b/c you guys didn’t do anything to help change world opinion. I just can’t understand… I’m a worldly person, well educated, and grew up with a renaissance mentality of a ‘new world’ highly dependant on education and progress. All I see in arabs is a threat to that lifestyle… doctors, scientists, writers, poets, directors, actors, professors, cartoons, models, books, sports, athletes, and various other forms of ‘art’ in the western civilized world are extinct in the arab world. Why? Why do you hate this progressive culture so much? Is it because you didn’t think of it first? Is it again this inferiority you seem to feel? OR maybe its because if arabs do get smart and do progress in society and do become ‘enlightened’ like the rest of the world, then they will easily figure out that it was never the Jew’s or the West’s faults, but their own regimes that caused so many generations so much pain and suffering. Just take a good look a the lifestyles of Hamas’s leadership and Hezbo’s leadership, and compare it to the lifestyle of a plain pali. Just keep in mind, Israel regained a desert in the 1940’s and rebuilt it into a Garden of Eden… Israeli’s have Nobel prizes for medical advances, technology, physics, literature, politics; they have achieved A-List status in every rung of capitalist society from banking to manufacturing… In short, Israel is the success story that is in every respect a miracle… what has the arab world brought to the table… and I quote 2 Pope’s for the answer, “there you will find things only evil and inhuman”
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (09.27.06)
9. Maybe the tree that is being planted
SA ,   USA   (09.27.06)
between the Jews and Christians who share the belief in the sanctity of the Holy Land will bear the fruit of reconciliation and friendship between the two religions. We have to start somewhere.
10. Christians will fight for Israel
Jason ,   Seagrove, USA   (09.27.06)
I would also will fight for Israel. God bless Israel!
11. ha ha
a few monthes ago Israel was angry because the Evangelican Church in the USA made boycott against any company deals with Israel ..... come on guys ... lol
12. Too bad the hara-dim are not as kosher as
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.27.06)
the Evangicals.
13. How can a nation so blindly support terrorism?
LeoP ,   Moscow   (09.27.06)
My peers would argue that Israel is also a terrorist state. But if we discount emotional appeals, personal hatreds, and popular media exploitation of events… you will come to find that Israel is a democratic society built on westernized ideology. Israeli politics are not run by religious zealots, Israeli media is free to report on any news, and Israel allows arabs to live on its soil. Furthermore, Israel has its fair share of corruption, has its fair share of mistakes, and has its fair share of bad publicity. However, Israel has an overweighing share of terrorist acts on its soil, Israel has the highest burden of grievances against it from the mid east, the EU and now Latin America (Chavez is a joke, all political leaders should have respect from the world, but there is no respect for a leader who acts like a whore and picks friends and allies based on similar hatred… but I digress) Israel is not a terrorist state. It is like any other western country with democracy as its platform and a ‘renaissance’ mentality as its backbone. Israel is reactionary. It reacts to terrorism. Some might argue that it is precisely these reactions that cause even more terrorism. But imagine it this way. Israel’s actions are like those of a bulletproof vest. The vest protects a human much like Israel protects its citizens (citizens, not only jews, but citizens.. pay attention to this often overlooked point). Now saying that Israel causes more terrorism is like saying that the bulletproof vest causes more shootings to occur (and logically more shootings occur because it takes more bullets to overcome the protection of the vest)… so by saying that Israel’s responses to terror cause more terror, you are basically inviting the idea that Israel should drop its bulletproof vest and let terror do its job. Because if terror succeeds then there will be no more need for terror, much like if the first shot kills a human, he no longer needs the vest and there is no longer any need for bullets. Does this sound crazy? Well now you know what Israeli’s must be feeling when faced with the accusations of causing terror to spread.
14. Beware of the Christians
John ,   USA   (09.27.06)
Bare in mind that evangelical Christians see the second coming of the State of Israel as foretold in the Bible. It is seen as the beginning of the End of Time, or the Rapture, or the Apocalypse. The are waiting for the Apocalypse to occur so that Christ will have his second coming, and save all good CHRISTIANS! I don't think they intend on anyone else getting saved. Traditionally, Christian hatred of the Jews comes from the Jews taking the blame for the killing of Christ. Many Christians see this alliance of Christians and Jews as an unholy alliance, and are rather disturbed by it. So beware of the motives of this Christian minority.
15. Christians: We'll fight for Israel
silvio ,   italy   (09.27.06)
This is and with all our strengths, as this will be.
16. To #11--you are confused
The church that wanted to boycott Israeli business is the ANGLICAN church (AKA Episcopalian). There is no such thing as "evangelican". Evangelicals are from every denomination and many from non-demonimational churches
17. You people are pathetic. Can't you accept
American Jew   (09.27.06)
friendship for what it is without looking for ulterior motives? Right now Israel needs all the friends it can get. Get over yourselves already and instead of lambesting the Christians reach out to them and embrace their friendship.
19. RE: Next Step Is That These Evangelicals Start Converting Je
Lee ,   Savannah, GA USA   (09.27.06)
Let's all of us, Christian and Jews, agree to cooperate to fight and defeat our common enemy, radical Islam and then we can argue among ourselves. Do we want to survive as a people or do we want to carry on age old animosities in the face of our foe?
20. these christians are not trying force anything on jews
Dave ,   Minneapolis,MN USA   (09.27.06)
the scriptural foundation of a non jewish christians is to honor Israel according to romans 15:27. A "Messianic Jew" is a choice without forced submission to any christian group.Jesus, all the first disciples & apostles, the very first church were from the house of Israel. It would be blind ignorance for gentile christians to not honor & protect jews. They are the spiritual roots of Christianity.
21. Linda #4.... What that got to do with the Christians?
John ,   USA   (09.27.06)
Usually your diatribe has at least something to do with the article at hand. But this time you really seem to go off on a tangent. What are your thoughts of this alliance between the evangelical Christians and Jews?
22. Christians: We'll fight for Israel
Dave ,   Minneapolis,MN USA   (09.27.06)
The scriptural foundation of a non jewish christians is to honor Israel according to romans 15:27. A "Messianic Jew" is a choice without forced submission to any christian group. Jesus, all the first disciples & apostles, the very first church were from the house of Israel. It would be blind ignorance for gentile christians to not honor & protect jews. They are the spiritual roots of Christianity
23. Great talkback LeoP #13
John ,   USA   (09.27.06)
I read your other talkback last night, and I wanted to respond, but today I can't find it. Where did it go? Thanks
24. thank u leo its good to see u again
larissa ,   israel   (09.27.06)
i read ur talkback in both instances - regardless of who u favour, u are at least honest in your opinion and from your wording u seem to have an understanding of the situation unlike a lot of talkbackers who shoot off at the mouth. thank u for your insight and i look forward to seeing u again.
25. The fear of conversion
Allan   (09.27.06)
There is no conversion without will. If a Jew does not want to convert, he won't. Plain and simple.
26. Any decent moral person would support Israel.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.27.06)
Christians are not the only ones supporting Israel. It's obvious what side is good, civilized and honorable. God bless Israel!
27. A Protestant Mexican loves Israel
Jill ,   Colorado   (09.27.06)
I have been taught as a little girl in California to Love Israel and to pray for peace in Israel.To look up to Jews since they are G_d's chosen people. I cry and weep at every loss and wish that there were something I Could do to protect every one of you who suffer. I love and cherish the Holy words of Moses,always loved the Psalms of Kind David, Elijah an amazing prophet. We cherish you. Please think not of the foolish crusades and make us suffer for sins of our ancestors. These lovers of G_d who study the bible will love and honor and respect you. We as humans don't always know how to show it properly. We are stupid sometimes. Show us how to help you and bless you, don't shun us!!! Shalom
28. Fear of conversion
Allan   (09.27.06)
There is no conversion without will. A Jew will not convert if he doesn't want to. Even the Morranos in equisitional Spain secretly kept their jewish identity and considered themselves jews nonthe less.
29. Scary, aren't they?
Steve G   (09.27.06)
When the rapture comes, leave me your car keys and the deed to your house, okay?
30. to the Americans who want to fight for Israel
1. thankyou, may god bless you. 2. the best thing you can do for us is do the best thing for the great nation of america. It frightens me to see you being torn up much like we have been before and after the murder of the dear and missed Y. Rabin. We have been through years of hell during Oslo, beside the terror thatwas presented to us for the first time instead of the peace we were looking for, there was a breakage in the Israeli public that was horrible. I see that now in the US and I can't believe my eyes. It is so similar. The language you use... the agressiveness toward each other... don't do that to your selves. USA is about something that as a Jew I am greatfull for because that very unique something spared it from having a history of Anti-Semtism, for one, and I think a lot of groups that have suffered can relate to what USA is about from their own point of view. Therefore I really think that the best thing you can do for us is to go on being the best citizens you can be, the best neighbors you can be to your American neighbors and the best people you can be, just like you did up to now. Saying you support Israel means a hell of a lot today. You have no idea how much. But you don't need to fight for us. You need to go on fighting for kind and honest people every where, along with the USA and every nation that will join that lonley battle.
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