Sheikh: All must convert to Islam
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 28.09.06, 10:09
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1. religion of peace...
gm ,   south africa   (09.28.06)
...raises it's ugly head AGAIN. It's funny how the things that muslims say are contradictory: the inter-faith dialogue is a conspiracy, but it's okay to say that all religions must convert to islam and the 'green flag, will fly on the vatican. The muslims don't like certain words (i.e. the truth) so they respond more severely with physical violence and murder, but claim islam is a peaceful religion. "Islam is not the source of violence" but Jews haven't rioted and are not at war with anyone else and Christians haven't rioted and are not at war with anyone else (or murdered or destroyed for that matter). I think the muslim leaders are losing confidence in themselves and they are panicking and this is why they incite violence, they are like cornered animals with nowhere to run.
2. Shake Abu Sucker, you talking to me?
Sheik Ahmed's Nut ,   NZ   (09.28.06)
3. Islam
Yisraeli   (09.28.06)
I hope I will live to see the day Islam is eradicated once and for all from this earth. Humanity and Islam cannot co-exist. full stop.
4. Yeah, I gotta agree, THESE GUYS ARE CRAZY!
Mike ,   USA   (09.28.06)
How can they be so blind.
5. Muslims are the biggest slave traders - ask Africa
Judith   (09.28.06)
And what will we all live off when we are all Muslims. I don't think they have thought this through; they're just enjoying the hype of the Jihad. When it's all over, we will be demanding proper governing bodies that really care for the people of earth, health care, livelihood, education, thriving economy, proper transportation, animal rights, clean environment, hope, woman's rights, equality, etc. These demands are not going to disappear – forget it. Are they up to the job? Or do they just like to keep people in a lively mood of false anticipation for something not viable in the long run.
6. I look forward
Sagi   (09.28.06)
to the day when I shall have a small rug always at hand so I can kneel down and stick my posterior in the air five times a day, reiterate after every sentence, "God is the one and only". Ask God to give me strength to kill as many infidels as possible, especially "Zionist pigs and dogs". Oh how wonderful life will then be, full of tranquillity and mission, a God given mission.
7. The Pope and Islam.
James ,   Glasgow, Scotland   (09.28.06)
The two religions that seek world domination, the one covertly using Christianity and the other to wiping it out. Man made and man run, they both are involved with each other all around the world and both claim peace as their watchword. Note that both claim to stand on earth as the mouthpiece of God yet both are responsible for uncountable numbers of dead such as has never been seen on this planet before. So, will there be dialogue? Of course there will. Will it mean anything? Not one iota.
8. those pacific muslims...
shimon ,   madrid   (09.28.06)
this gay is just a proof of what the pope said...they have no idea about tolerance, dialogue in their concept means thet we do what they want. Sad but true. And don't tell me that just a few muslims think like that, 'cause i haven't seen yet any manifestation of the so called moderate muslims in support of freedom of religion and opinion. Where are those pacific and moderate muslims? We know the answer and we should not lie to ourselves: they are a silent and silenced minority.
9. Convert to islam??? it's like convert your garage.
Phil ,   Mtl, Canada   (09.28.06)
10. anybody remember Mars Attacks?
Nick ,   Sweden   (09.28.06)
I wonder what is so fascinating about the furious rantings of an islamic fascist that Ynet has to lay out an article consisting entirely of detailed citations of this lunatic. I don't remember any coverage of the pope's lecture in this detail. This whole business of "peaceful islam" is starting to resemble the scenes from the alien movie parody Mars Attacks, when the marsians are exterminating the human race and the same time broadcasting: Don't run, we come in peace, we come in peace. This was a good "lost-in-translation" joke in the movie, but I wonder what's the meaning of the word peace in Koran?
11. Shimon; I agree that this guy is gay.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.28.06)
12. I will never convert and worship the devil.
Daisy ,   USA   (09.28.06)
I only worship God!
13. The Popes defeat...
Norway   (09.28.06)
It took 60 years for the Vatican to admit that another pope maybe did something wrong, by his inactivity during the Holocaust... The fact that it took only 5 days for the Vatican to blindly beg the Pope; to fall on his knees for the demands of the Islamic world... - is a bad move... It shows the international community's fear of islamic terror... How can a Pope make mistakes... isn't he supposed to be G*ds deputy on earth..?
14. Sheikh: All must convert to Islam
silvio ,   italy   (09.28.06)
All converts but home your!
15. "All must convert to Islam" - i'll die first
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.28.06)
i'd be embarrassed to be a part of such an immoral group of people. obviously their 'religion' is pretty fragile and weak.
16. Crusaders
Ian ,   London   (09.28.06)
All this talk about crusaders. Who is the real Crusader the Pope or those who want to convert the entire world? At the end of the day they are just proving the Pope and an ancient emperor right. I am not one of the Pope's funs but compared to his enemies he knows somthing about this world and knows what he is talking about.
17. I rather dig my own grave
John ,   NZ   (09.28.06)
than be a Muslim. and won't be sticking my ass up 5 times a day, unless I am gay
18. All his samples are over a decde old. what about today?
Mike ,   Georgia US   (09.28.06)
Islam has degenerated because it stopped developing. It is decying over a millenium. Te reason why Muslims hate the west is that they realize they are far behind but prefer to blame others than to check their own responsibility. By doing so they develop a victim psychology which further holds them back. To return to their old glory they need to be again tolerant, flexible and receptive of the culture they get in contact with, just as they did when they inherited the Bizantine empire. If they can't do that- they will stay behind andhistory will condemn them.
19. Tell this story to Kofi...
Felipe ,   Madrid , Spain   (09.28.06)
He'll be first probably to do what Imam told and we will find muslim Kofi :-) All this nonesense ! When UN and EU at the end will recon who they r ? They r not educated wild people , they have no life value and we are playing by their rules . So sad :-( Now UN will say that it is fault of Israelis sure no doubdts about that in UN . People stop all this till it will be too late to react .....
20. islam
Angelo ,   dar es salaam   (09.28.06)
it is right time now to seculate the Rushdie's book in order the world to know the truth. why ban the book?
21. And this is front news!?!
Michael Steiner   (09.28.06)
Maniacal rantings of an Islamofascist virtual nobody in the middle of a hotbed of extremism, all as printed by one of the most maniacal Islamophobic ranting outfits. And naturally, all the right-winger fascists on here couldn't wait for another opportunity at some Muslim-bashing. YNet, you can do better. PLEASE do better.
22. G-d
Doron ,   Holland   (09.28.06)
Shalom Alechem The religions in the world are a way to cling to G'd even if it is a false truth they go after, its still better than believing in some kind of moon god called Allah... Its always better to just fabricate that god into the one and only G'd its not emet but sheker and dont forget to kill everybody who knows its a false truth... (like the Jews in muhammads time) but still they believe in one G'd, Right? As if they don't know its a False Truth!! Christians made a god out of a human being of flesh and blood wich is complete sheker and has nothing to do with the one and only G'd! But still these religions have a purpose in this world by fulfilling G'ds words and all the profecies... These religions show us that without mitzwot (christians) or without (musar) an overall moral code (Islam) people start killing murdering because thats what they learn from Muhammad... And Jesus taught them never to raise up the sword thats why world war one and two broke out in christian Europe......Right... without the mitzwot and Torah values all of these philosophies of peace and love are doomed!! Throw away the word of G'd and whats left is nothing but empty words... G'd Bless You In This New Year Tzom Kal!
23. 1930's all over again
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (09.28.06)
Islanazis here and there calling for conversion of the world, taking over Israel, destroying the Jews, destroying Christians who disagree, violent repression, conquest by the sword. This era is the 1930's all over again. Instead of the swaztica flag, we will be seeing the green flag of the Islanazis flying over conquered territories. We had just as well get on with the next world war and get it over with before more Islanazi countries acquire atomic weapons.
24. Ramblings of an inmate from the open air prison of Gaza
Sean ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.28.06)
Living in close proximity to the USA, I have had occasion to hear the mad ramblings of a number of evangelical preachers spew their hatred of Catholics and Jews. This middle eatern version of the species would be comical if not for the messianic nature of his message. Some people while yammering away about their G-d are unable to mask their profound hatred of humankind. In Catholicism this manifestation is represented by the fallen angel Lucifer. If Ynet wants to call him Sheik Abu Saqer that's okay by me. What are the chances of getting another interview to get his opinion on the lone gunman theory and what he thinks of The Davinci Code ?
25. Another ignorant imam
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (09.28.06)
This amoral cretin Saqer needs to learn not only world history, but also Arabic and Moslem history. "Palestine" is an invented name from the sick mind of the pagan Roman emperor Hadrian after he lost his sanity in the 2nd century. Averroes, the great Moslem thinker, tried to integrate Aristotelean critical thinking into Islam. His best fans were the Jews (such as RaMBaM) who preserved his works by translating them into Hebrew - his fellow Moslems destroyed all his works in the original Arabic. Moslem trade routes brought INDIAN math to the West and renamed it Al-gebra, but Islam invented nothing, except for the enslavement of black Africans. The word for a black person in modern Arabic is still "slave", and Islam still practices slavery in modern Africa. And this imbecile is considered a LEADER in Gaza? Oy.
26. Islam has always been an expansionist religion
Nannette ,   London, UK   (09.28.06)
27. Europe: Start deporting your Muslims
Chaya ,   Eretz Yisrael   (09.28.06)
And Effie Eitam is right - Gaza has to be returned to the Jews. The Arabs there sent to Sinai. And the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to Jordan. Except for the Christian Arabs; they can stay.
28. All must convert from Islam
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.28.06)
If you remove the SUBMISSION element of Islamic theology what is left?? Anyone?? Magen David perhaps?
29. one world religion...Islam!
sam   (09.28.06)
what a world if all people would become jihadist......, what a world if all women will cover their faces....
30. Urgent psychiatric help
DR D ,   Jerusalem   (09.28.06)
The problem in the Arab world will be solved only by creating few thousand mental care institutions. Those people are genetically sick.
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