US boosts Israel aid by half a billion
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.09.06, 08:19
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1. What ever we do, we will not survive, we are surrounded .!
2. We got the Worst Military in the world,
i would like to say Worst in history, but infact we have no history. how shame is that
4. nice plans are underway for once
ken ,   california   (09.30.06)
5. Hey Israel...I need a Tax Break!
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (09.30.06)
But if giving you folks more help means foegoing my long deserved and wanted tax break, that's what I can do. Good decision on the part of the US Congress....or maybe a masterful political manuever due to upcoming elections. I support it 100% Show the whole damm world where we stand! Godspeed to all friends of Israel.
6. Israel don't need money, but permission to fight the terror
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (09.30.06)
7. to #1,2,3...your not real israeli..ur ashamed of ur place
ken ,   california   (09.30.06)
1. dude you dont have a name location 3. you claim israeli, american, british are you one of those twarts who are not proud of what they or where they are coming from.
8. to #1,2,3,... work on your english...its sucks
ken ,   california   (09.30.06)
9. Hey, James (#5)
Antonio ,   Haifa   (09.30.06)
You ought to have your tax break. As most Israelis will tell you, Israel doesn't need the U.S. aid. The best thing our friends in the U.S. can do is write their congressmen and aks them to stop wasting the money of U.S. taxpayers.
10. To xyz #1
silvio ,   italy   (09.30.06)
You enter Europe, as you won't be more surrounded
11. I second that #5~ thumbs up for Israel..
NS ,   Heartland USA   (09.30.06)
12. It is a good thing
Mike ,   USA   (09.30.06)
that the US is supporting Israel. It is probably the only thing that keeps divine judgement from ending us for our sin.
13. Stop the illusions and quit the occupation
Hani ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.30.06)
...because no amount of arms can guard your evil occupation dungeons forever. Better make peace now rather then VANISH and believe me nobody will shed a tear.
14. #9 & 5
Jon ,   Oz   (09.30.06)
Looks more like cooperative research than aid to me? Both countries benefit nad isn 't that a different issue?
15. Necessary
Brod ,   USA   (09.30.06)
Defense against Katyushas and other short range rockets is necessary.
16. My apologize humans of the earth
American ,   USA   (09.30.06)
for my stupid country. i truly am sorry the USA is so blind about israel. Many mericans do not agree with our current foreign policies and agendas. please believe me . We are not represented.
17. why?
aaron ,   ludlow usa   (09.30.06)
why in the photo that goes with this article is there a guy at front left wearing only blue underwear. Is this not the us congress?
18. #16 Speak for yourself.
magrudis ,   Houston, TX   (09.30.06)
Did you go out and poll 300 million people? There are many Americans who agree with THIS policy. Israel is our ally and a missile interception system is needed NOW... and not just for Israel. The US will also benefit from the technology. Why wait until our enemies are capable of launching missiles into the continental US? With rogue nations like Venezuela in our backyard it is becoming more likely. Although you'll probably be so stoned you'll think it's the 4th of July. Take another hit off your joint and turn on the cartoons.
19. Enjoy!!!!!
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (09.30.06)
20. #16
juliana ,   African   (09.30.06)
Sorry about your feeling, together with your many Americans, if you can give AID to other people who even have no democracy how about Isreal? And oh, remember its a mutual relationship you both gain i mean US and Isreal just incase u exclude yourself from America. Thanks US.
21. wrong move
Fares ,   USA   (09.30.06)
the US should be spending more time and money in the pursuit of peace than supporting bandit losers with deadly weapons . weapons will win you war temporarly not peace .. soon ,israel will find nobody to talk too.
22. United States Aid to Israel
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (09.30.06)
Every cent of military aid the United States gives to Israel is either for joint military ventures, or with the requirement that all monies be spent for military equipment in the United States. Therefore, the United States also benefits from this "aid".
23. Money well spent... Send more...
Johnson ,   USA   (09.30.06)
Real Americans know who our friends are, and rest assured we will stand behind Israel. We are as brother and sister. For the rest of you, keep in mind that America also loves it's former enemies who enter the civilized world of peace take for example Japan, and Germany.
24. #13
mike ,   t.o.   (09.30.06)
Hani, nobody in quebec will shed a tear, backward, racist, antisemite society, safe haven for muslim extrimists. Luckily not all the world is Quebec. Remember you guys get money from us in Ontario. I would rather send them to Israel
25. nonsense, we will succeed but only with hashems help
Joe ,   NY   (09.30.06)
26. The Road Map to peace is through war
RA   (09.30.06)
And that is the bitter and hard to admit truth. Israel needs to start preparing every branch of their armed forces for a wide scale war, or it will be in trouble. The US should do the same.
27. The pride of WELFARE QUEENS
Gene ,   Raleigh, USA   (09.30.06)
28. The extortion continues.
M ,   Maryland, USA   (09.30.06)
Israeli lobbyists own the US Congress through campaign contributions. A joint venture? Who benefits more, Israel or the US? Certainly not the US taxpayer. And, before some contributors embark on the usual illogical name calling responses, I am pro-American, not anti-this or that.
29. Should have been a Billion!!
Craig ,   USA   (09.30.06)
We receive back in the benefits of shared technological developments as well as often priceless intelligence assistance far more than we ever 'give' to Israel. Not to mention the untold benefits from the Almighty (as one poster rightly pointed out)...the only thing which stays God's judgement on America is our support for Israel and the Christian churches love and prayers for the Jewish people. I fear though, that Bush's insistence on the foolish "Roadmap" where part of Israel is given to the so-called Palestinians is trying even God's patience. Islamics...time is short, use it to examine your sinful hearts and repent of your hateful intentions towards the Jews. They are God's Chosen People...not you Islamics, get over your jealousy; God will not be silent forever, He will eventually deliver His people and smash all who align themselves against them.
30. #1,2,3,.....You aren't fooling anyone
Craig ,   USA   (09.30.06)
I doubt you are a Jew. The Jews will be delivered by their God when they return to Him in repentance. It has been reported that approx. 70% of Israel is secular. They have turned away from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...they apparently don't believe in their God or believe that he will intervene for them. This will change , and when their blindness is removed and they once again discern correctly and acknowledge their sin (as God requires of us all), then God will deliver them and smash all the people arrayed against them. Islamics worship at the altar of deception, hatred, and violence. Pray for them, for they don't know any better; maybe the God of Israel will be merciful since they are deceived from birth.
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