Al-Aqsa Brigades: We’ll kill Hamas leaders
Published: 03.10.06, 07:25
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1. Good luck.
2. Hamas attacking Al-Aqsa is Like Mexico
Chuck Yung ,   Los Angeles USA   (10.03.06)
Former President Fox of Mexico was stopped from delivering his State of the Nation Speech by angry members of the opposition party who threatened to kill him if he appeared on the dais of Mexico's most august chamber; being a wise - not foolish - man he did not appear and circulated his speech in writing. Seems Mexico and Palestine conduct their governmental affairs in the same manner: if you don't like what the oppositing has to say simply kill the oppositing. And the progressives say America should be like the rest of the world.
3. poetic justice - israel can't wish anything better than this
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.03.06)
just sit back and let the terrorists kill each other. is that poetic justice or what? maybe israel could lend a hand to one of the sides that would be willing to help israel if israel helps them. one thing is for sure, it's hard to kill jews when they are killing each other.
4. How can we help, your wish is our command.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.03.06)
5. Al-aqsa vs. Hamas
jayzel ,   SD, CA, USA   (10.03.06)
oh boy, in the middle of this article there is a banner ad for "FREE TRIP TO ISRAEL THIS WINTER".
6. This is not good for GILAD SHALIT!
Judith ,   Haifa   (10.03.06)
Don't be so happy about the mayhem in Gaza; we will also suffer the consequences.
7. Help
me ,   planet earth   (10.03.06)
hey Al- aqsa,how can we help???
8. Most creative and good idea since 1948
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.06)
9. You people are sick
James P ,   London, UK   (10.03.06)
you relish arab blood don't you? when will you realise that it's all worth the same? you're just as bad as the others that don't value jewish blood
10. #9
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.03.06)
eat more fiber and take a #2
11. 9 - moral equivalence does not apply to terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.03.06)
innocent arab blood does not equal terrorist blood. when terrorists decide to fight and kill each other, why should anyone cry? when the terrorists kill innocent arabs and jews, then we cry for them. when the terrorists receive their just due, do you cry for them? i hope not. this conflict has a context and making your sanctimonious general statements is rather absurd.
12. #9
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.03.06)
I'm sure you never wrote anything about when the Arabs call to kill Jews, there kidnapping and call to push the Jews into the ocean. so who are you to judge! your worse than anybody.
13. Its all for the money...
LeoP ,   Moscow   (10.03.06)
Why are Arab people so poor while their regimes are so filthy rich? Arafat was worth billions, Saudi royal family worth billions, Saddam worth billions, Bin Laden worth billions, Nazrallah worth millions, Iran’s leadership worth billions, etc etc etc… and don’t answer me that Israel’s leadership is also rich, because although they are rich, the quality of life of the nation isn’t suffering at the expense of their fortune . The bottom line is that Israeli leadership might be rich, but Israeli people are overall enjoying a high standard of living; whereas Arabs are mostly dirt poor with only the royals or the dictators or the terrorists collecting all the wealth… its fine with me that they are wealthy, just why is it that they are the only ones that are wealthy? If you can answer this rationally I will be grateful. Why are Arabs so driven to destroy Israel? Why do they consider it stolen land? Israel won numerous wars to secure that property (already a legitimate reason for having rights to that land). Israel has made the most use of that land. This tiny nation has roared louder than the mightiest of lions. You complain that Israel refuses the right of return. Well, pray tell then, why when you call for this ‘right’ you don’t also include the right of return of Jews to arab countries? Also, why should Israel accept palis when Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt refuses to accept them? It seems highly irrational that Israel should give jobs, healthcare, and support the 9 children per woman lifestyle of a Palestinian when their own brothers don’t want to put such a burden on their own economies. Prove me wrong! Finally, you complain that the EU and the US are not giving you enough money. This has got to be my favorite gripe from the palis. You want the EU and the US to compensate you for the speeches you make against the EU and the US. You want to be paid by western countries to commit terrorism against western interests? No of course you don’t, you’ll say you want the funds to build schools, hospitals, and put food on the table. Well, then this brings me back to my first question, what did Arafat do with all the money they gave him to build schools, hospitals, and put food on the table?
14. to mike, #3
esther ,   raanana   (10.03.06)
Poetic justice? Or rather the work of the righteous in done by others?
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