Rice to ask that Arab allies strengthen Abbas
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Published: 03.10.06, 09:10
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1. abbas: the least worst terrorist
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.03.06)
sure, israel wants hamas to be weakened. but beware because abbas is a terrorist leader in his own right. when he was leading the people after arafat's death, he did nothing and hamas rose to prominence under his refusal to control them. he is "good cop" to the hamas "bad cop", but he is still israel's enemy.
2. Again the US supports the Democratic choice of the region!
Palestinian   (10.03.06)
It is quit disgusting after that to listen to any talk about Democracy particularly from the US. Democracy is becoming a tool used by various American governments to interfer in the business of this region. Since Bush greatly believe in the Democracy acheived in Iraq, I wish for America a similar Democracy that Bush is advocating. A democracy that will divide that US into Catholics, Protestant, Baptisits, etc... As an observer, I think it is unfair that America had only one Catholic president in all its history although the Catholics are 25% of the country. This is infair, and I think the U.N. should have an urgent meeting to discuss this situation and do a regeim change over there to free the Catholics!
3. peace???????????
tony ,   PARIS   (10.03.06)
While Cndo,Rice is warming up to the 2 faced Egyptians,to help Abbas,they are at the same time arming Hamas terrorists,in Gaza..How in heavens name,can these arms get through the Border ,without the knowledge of the Egyptian Border police??Impossible,Therefore we have undoubted proof that Egypt is arming these Terrorists in Gaza;; Now the question is ,WHY DO WE NOT HEAR FROM ALL THOSE LOUD,BIG MOUTHED EUROPEANS,WHO ARE SO QUICK TO CONDEM ISRAEL,when they know that israel only wishes to defend her citizens?Where are the UN loud mouths,the BBC,& the Skynews journalists that report only when the Israelis are involved;and killing the palestinian terrorists;Why do we not hear from COFFEE HANAN,condemming the Hamas,or even Egypt for allowing such breach of Un resolutions ,regaurding the transfer of weapons to Gaza? OH they will all be back in the headlines,when Israel does reataliate,and they will still put the blame on the Israeli "Occupation". WHY ARE WE NOT HEARING THE VOICES OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE,?THOSE WHO WISH FOR PEACE.IF THOSE TERROR FACTIONS?LANCE A WAR AGAINST ISRAEL FROM GAZA,NOT ONLY WILL THE PALESTINIANS SUFFER,BUT MOST OF THE ARAB COUNTRIES IN THE REGION WILL BE DRAWN INTO THIS WAR,WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT,and this time Israel will not just pin point targets.
4. terrorists
pierre ,   belgique   (10.03.06)
Here we are once again seeing the Ultimate in Palestinian ARROGANCE.and STUPIDITY.Need more be said on the subject??
5. accountable
me ,   planet earth   (10.03.06)
The Palestinian gouvernment ,should be held accountable for the War crimes ,commited by these terrorists,in the name of the Palestinian people.The Hamas gouvernment,Al Aqsa,and this dispicaple person,Abu ahamed,should be courtmarshelled,How long can the rest of the Arab world just sit by and let these arrogant terrorists,do as they please,in the name of the Palestinian people??Where are the voices of the west?WE WILL ALL BE TO BLAME ,SHOULD THEIR THREATS COME ABOUT.FOR ISRAEL WILL NOT JUST SIT BY AND LET THESE ARAB TERRORISTS DO AS THEY PLEASE; Even though the war in Lebanon was a setback,and the Israelis have admitted,CANT SAY THE SAME FOR THE LEBANESE,This time Israel will srike at Gaza,with NO restraint and May Allah have mercy on the Palestinian people,who wish otherwise.
6. TREASON-Integrating US Canada& Mexico Without CitizenConsent
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (10.03.06)
We are losing our sovereignty. Jobs will become extremely scarce. Greater numbers of Islamic terrorists will gain easy access across erased, open borders. America and Canada will rapidly become Third World countries unable to cope with the massive influx from Mexico and Latin America. The wealthy will be a tiny minority. The majority, poor. The middle class will disappear. America and Canada as we have known them will become a dream of the past. Huge street protests are urgently required to prevent the loss of our countries and our freedom. © 2006 Canadians protest 'North American Union' Party to fly national flag upside down in protest at convention September 9, 2006 By Jerome R. Corsi A Canadian political party intends to fly the national flag upside down during its convention this weekend as a signal of distress and resistance against the integration of Canada with the United States and Mexico into a North American Union regional government. Connie Fogal, the leader of the Canadian Action Party told WND "we are opposed to the plan to develop the Security and Prosperity Partnership into a EU-style North American Union government" which "amounts to treason and is a total violation of the constitutional rights of Canadian citizens." Fogal argues the plan to form a North American Union is designed to avoid public scrutiny and to maintain "deniability" even as the legal structure for a new regional government is being put into place by the executive branches of the three countries... The U.S. Department of Commerce SPP website contains a link to the SPP counterparts in Mexico and Canada. "The rapid integration of North America into one entity ruled by an unaccountable, unrepresented and unelected group cabal of administrative executive branch officials is treason pure and simple," she said. A video currently archived on records Connie Fogel's charge that the Canadian involvement in SPP and the movement to create the NAU constitutes treason.
7. US/Mubark/Abdullah support of Abbas is his suicide note.
Tunisian   (10.04.06)
8. Hello Democracy??? what a tasteless "rice"!!!
Tunisian   (10.04.06)
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