Report: Hamas weighing large-scale conflict with Israel
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 03.10.06, 11:17
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31. #7 can you read or is it what you are told
megan ,   Israel   (10.03.06)
so if for self defence, why bother firing qassams and katyushas into Israel!!! thats exactly why we have them to, and for self defence, guess if you push the right buttons Israel will defend and you will find Gaza looking like South Lebanon! Ever thought maybe the evil plot to get rid of you lot once and for all!!!
32. a word to hamas
megan ,   Israel   (10.03.06)
you spend all this on weapons...but you can't pay salaries, have you asked the people if they want a war? have you explained what will happen to them, or is this a way to solve wage dispute....start a war , they will die, you dont have to pay up. Keep leading your people to destruction, if you think this is a good way. Do you really think Israel will be as kind to you as they were in Lebanon? Think of the flak our government got, they wont dare show so much restraint next time. Maybe we should build a big wall around you, like the USA/Mexican boarder and the ones here you moan about. You are evil to your people, you don't care about them and come on..for self defence, that is such a load of BS. You have broken your word and still attack, so peace must be the last thing on your mind. SO do us a favour, keep killing each other if thats all you know.
34. And they're crying about money
malcolm   (10.03.06)
35. Hamas know that Israel i
nero ,   nyc   (10.03.06)
36. Weapon smuggling from Egypt
Brod ,   USA   (10.03.06)
Weapon smuggling from Egypt to the Hamastan shows that the Peace Treaty Egypt signed with Israel is meaningless. Israel needs to understand the gravity of this threat to their national security. It could mean seeing a rain of thousands of Kayushas on Israel from tiny Hamastan. Israel should also go after the suppliers of such weaponry. Such weaponry should be destroyed before it rains terror on Israel.
37. Silvio: This is what people in Gaza do
Len ,   Europe   (10.03.06)
When armed men come into your house, shoot your wife, shell your daughter and destroys your home... When they tell you that the land your parents grew up in is not yours anymore, and what you call a “country” is their property now.. When you need an expiring "permit" just so you can walk in the land that they took from you.... When you dignity as a human being is robbed and your family is either in prison or killed, then they turn to look at you in the eyes and tell you “We do this do defend ourselves from people like you..”. When any reason for you to live in this world is gone... Then one morning, you get up, suit yourself with explosives, and go out to blow yourself is bits of pieces on the streets. See Silvio... now you can see that this "issue" is not really "hard" to understand after all.
38. And you believe this obvious nonsense?
Hartmut Gumpert ,   NYC   (10.03.06)
Who shall believe such a nonsense? Fatah has lost the elections and wants to be supported. No matter by whom. Typical Fatah, typical for many clueless Pals. But there is still a majority, that knows what it wants, at least until the next elections.
39. to #37, Len
Leo ,   Canada   (10.04.06)
Hey, Len, what did you do in 1994, when 2 states were proclaimed? You blew it up! What did you do in 1996, when Peres was about to win after Rabin was shot? You blew our buses. What did you do in 2000, when we took back from S. Lebanon? What did you do last year, after all, when we backed from your place? Did you grow crops in that greenhouses? Do the little math, try to see why the hell those people keep coming for you, into your home. May be one day you'll deside to get out and rip bits and pieces from those of your leaders, who wants war and makes war, disrapting any little chance for peace...
40. #37 Len in Europe
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.04.06)
Oh there was far worse done, but it wasn't done to the "palestinians" but to the Jews. That land was the Jews. It has been the Jews for approximately 4000 years. It was the jews who built cities and a Temple on the Temple Mount. THEN the evil that you refer too was done to the Jews by Babylonians, Assyrians, Arabs, and later Muslims who came in and took JEWISH lands and dispersed many (not all) of the Jews from THEIR HOMELAND. So if you are going to feel "sorry" for someone then feel sorry for the legitimate people of the land and that is the Jews and have no pity for the squatters, i.e. the Palestinians. There has NEVER been a Nation of Palestine; but there HAS BEEN and NOW IS AGAIN a Nation of Israel. Israelis have been the true refugees who HAVE the right of return and they have the right to remove the squatting lying palestinians, who have fools in the West believing their lies, to be removed to the immense amount of land held by the Arabs that surrounds little Israel. Remove them all Israel and CLAIM the land GOD gave YOU! Remember Len in Europe...GOD out rules you and man and He can give the land to whom He chooses and He chose Israel and promised in the Bible their return.
41. Hamas should Not engage in war
Amir Al-Safir ,   Lebanon   (10.04.06)
Hamas is no match for Hizbullah and the terrain in Gaza is nothing like that in South Lebanon. Neither should Hamas engage in a war with the Occupation force as the French experienced in France during the EWII. Beside, subjecting population to the fierce weapons of the IDF and IAF is strategically suicidal because the Occupation force will take advantage of this war to score many deaths among Palestinian civilians where the Hamas fighters might be hiding. It will be literally, putting ones head under the mercy of the Guillotine, where it never knows mercy. If the Palestinians want to gain full independence, then they should fight the IDF/IAF in Vietnam; Go figure !! I truly do not think that the Israelis know what their objective in Middle East is, except gain absolute control all over the Land including the West Bank and Gaza. This country is a war-machine that does not know how to seek peace except by subduing the underprivileged and the use of strong Lobby strategy to write it off as a “Peace” process. Truly, the people in Israel do not know that they are on the path of absolute control over the land. But this plan is deeply rooted in their daily life that they don’t see what’s driving them and the peace process they claim. Its like the subconscious that is unrelenting for peace and keeps on going till they fall over the cliff… keep the cliff in mind because in Middle East, there is no shortages of the many cliffs that are there. Chose true peace now or the MENA culture will decide for you. The Arabs and the Palestinians do not have to go to war for that. It just happens.. Poof, and its all over. I love history. You can sit on your balcony and read what’s coming. What an adventure it is. Many wars are for short gains. The Romans were all over the place, but now, they are either fishermen or bakers of Pizza or weavers of Spaghetti; in Italy only. They once were in Africa, in Asia, in all over Europe including England. What’s becoming of them could not have been more true than that they had no Mercy for the land and the people they conquered. Every one wanted to be Roman then, but soon the image bubble bursted and Poof.. the Romans are no longer with us. But Cultures that have strength in belief and true commandments, they last for many centuries. Judaism is true religion and it survived for just over 4 thousand years. What makes the Islam any less. It’s the Culture, but it will not develop well if it stays under the wit of the thugs like the extremist. But, the culture will survive for as long as there are true believers in peace and equality. But people have to fight for this under Occupation, because, Freedom is not given, it had to be taken even by force. Gandhi is in every one. If the Arabs truly feel so, then they don’t have to worry. Just do as Gandhi did and the rest will be history. Catch my drift ! Peace for all Amir
42. displacing palistinians
mo ,   canada   (10.04.06)
to: Darren , Tampa, FL USA "There has NEVER been a Nation of Palestine; but there HAS BEEN and NOW IS AGAIN a Nation of Israel. " So what was it that the brits invaded? "Remove them all Israel and CLAIM the land GOD gave YOU!" So you are justifying killing thousands and making millions of Palestinians' refugess because the Bible says its your land? This makes me wonder, should America renounce it's land and hand it back to the Natives? It makes me sick as to how people justify kicking Palestinians out of their homes. it also makes me sick how they continously use the defense excuse. If anyone is defending themselves, it is the palestinians. Whether this is true or not, it is only logical. They want the israelis out of the occupied territories as well as the illegal settlements. Alot of people here are hypocrits, completely. when the palestinians bring weapons into their country, its considered smuggling. when the Lebanese do so, its also considered smuggling. When the US sends bombs, its considered legitimate. Why is that? Are many of you forgetting that Israel was founded through terrorist organizations? Compare Palestine's deaths to that of the Israel's. Ridiculously different. How many Palestinians die every week compared to Israelis? To: Leo , Canada All the offers that were offered by the US and Israel were always in Israel's favour and defintely humiliating for Palestinians to accept. I challenge anyone to being up any of the past offers and list them and tell me if it was fair. All in all, if Israel would like to be recognized by the rest of the world, it must stop abusing the Palestinians. It must respect Palestinian sovereignty and resources, as well as air space and the Gaza coast. It must offer East Jerusalem as it's captial. It must dismantle the illegal settlement that control the main natural resource (water). It must also allow them to control all borders unconditionaly. When this is done, I am sure there will be very very few if none at all, that will not recognize the state of Israel. Pretty simple, yet none of this is in favour of the Israelis. They will loose their major water resource which is in the West bank as well as the illegal settlements in which they are trying to integrate as the greater Israel. If this keeps up, who knows if their will even be a Palestine on the map anymore. Just my 2 cents.
43. to mo, #42
Leo ,   Canada   (10.04.06)
Your talk seems intelligible, so there is the point to reply. Dear mo, please, don't stir the matters. Fair, or unfair, there were deals, there were the starting points to begin from. Forget about the past, look at the current reality - your enemy nas left Gaza! Don't kiss and hug him for that, no! But don't go the the border with rockets and shoot! If your leaders do have enought money for buying (see-not smuggling!) new explosives, rockets, guns and amo, then they could use them instead for the same greenhouses for your guys to work and boost your economy! But your leaders DO NOT NEED greenhouses! It is so freaking obvious! You talking of returning 1967 territories. And I agree with you. But your leaders DO NOT TALK of that! They call the state of Israel "the occupation" regardles of the boundaries, 67 or not 67! So how do you see them the partners to talk with?! They can't even say that for the sake of their people they are ready to accept Israel IN 67's borders and let the money flow in to prevent your people from starving! I can tell you many more reasons to call your leadership responsable for what's going on now, it's just not the plase for the long written debates. And, BTW, Lebanon was not smuggling weapons, Hezbollah was. It is a pity you don't see the difference...
44. To Amir, #41
Leo ,   Canada   (10.04.06)
Just tell me, my dear educated phylosofer Amir, what exactly do you call "occupation"? Just define this marveleous word! And we'll take it from there
45. hamas smuggling weapons
Toni ,   USA   (10.05.06)
As the article suggests, hamas has already succeeded in smuggling weapons into Gaza... The question one has to ask himself is what is Israel going to do about it besides talk?
46. Great video link about the anti-Israel bias of the left
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.05.06)
Great video link about the anti-Israel bias of the left in Europe and beyond:
47. To(#44) Leonardo Da
Amir AL-Safir ,   Lebanon   (10.05.06)
Davinci Dear Leo, Occupation is what Israel is to Palestine. These guys came from Europe, waved their book of revelation at the Pal-Arabs and occupied the land with the consent of the US, UK, UR (that’s for Russia), and the whole bunch without the consent of the Arabs and the Palestinians. Since then, they have cause Diaspora, humiliation and ethnic killing of Palestinians, which today, is still going on. But... Just But... don't interrupt my train of thought here.... So far, the powerful have the upper hand. Do I call it fare... Nope. There is no just in taking somebody's homeland and displacing them away. See the refugee camps all over Middle East. Ask the Arabs and talk to the Palestinians.. just for once in your life.. just for once, play it fare and ask any Palestinian about the "Nakbat" or the Diaspora, or the killing field. My friend, if you want to be reasonable to the other party, just spend some uncharged and unbiased time to seek the truth. Neither in Canada, nor in the US will you find the truth about Middle East. Why, simple: The National Jewish Congress made it impossible to learn the truth about the Palestinians in Middle East. I ask you, just for once, give the other side the benefit of the doubt and seek the truth from horse's mouth. On the other hand, if you are in any way affiliated with anything Jewish, or Israel, then, my friend, its all blocked in your hard drive memory and I will never find access to your political correctness on any subject relating to the plight of the Palestinians. Its all there on the Web. Just avoid anything from Israeli or Jewish side and be liberal in your search. If you do that, then I promise you, a whole new world of truth (plus some noise background) will open up for you. I like to invite you to this Google Video link if you will. Please promise me that you’ll be fair and watch all of it. It will take some time to watch it all. I promise you, you’ll find some answers there. I will be more than happy to converse with you after that with good intention..always. This video is titled, “ Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land.” Good luck. Peace for all Amir
48. grave diggers
Buphagus ,   NY   (10.25.06)
Ah the silent majority the voted for the Hamas Gov't to represent their interests. Following the israeli victory and its PR disaster of the innocent dead (was their a gun in their hand when they died?)
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