Yushchenko offers technological aid to Peres
Ronny Sofer
Published: 03.10.06, 23:05
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1. Ukrainian cruise missiles
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.04.06)
Let's hope Ukraine will at least provide technical details about the nuclear-capable cruise missiles reportedly sold to Iran and China. They're probably a greater strategic threat to Israel (and Europe, and the US) than Iran's own land-based missiles.
2. This Yushchenko is a brave man
Johnson ,   USA   (10.04.06)
He will be a good friend to Israel
3. If Iran has Nukes then ...
Steve ,   USA   (10.04.06)
B"H It is just a matter of preventing them from getting fired. I wonder how accurate are the ones that Iran is wanting to reproduce if this report is accurate.
4. cruise missile are now
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.04.06)
nuclear tipped with 850 kilo warhead that coud turn tel aviv into ashyray of the middle east they wer 20 iran got 12 china got 8 china only get those to copy the tech. just like they try to get the ss18 but could not iran who gave the chinese the 8 cruises got in return a very nice gift ryonewhich wil surprise eve
5. to steve
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.04.06)
now its new market and new producers nuclear energy is the future and he who hold the gold make the rule the big powers want to keep monoply on the source for nuclear fuel to produce and sell if yoou keep upp with the news the u.s. just start building centerfuges to start production in 2009 and all the hooppa about nuclear weapons is nothing but hoopla for your sake as jew I hope you do not make the same mistake as the war on lebanon yoou serve the bushies for no good reason
6. #4&5 Have you ever heard of the doctrine called MAD
Johnson ,   USA   (10.04.06)
Its known as Mutually Assured Destruction. Is this what you really want? All it will take is one bomb to put this plan into play because there is no other option but to totally destroy the enemies homeland.
7. to # 6
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.04.06)
then we all go to heaven and catchup on what we miss in this misreable life oh wow eternal peace i can't wait et us do the mad now it sound sexy oh forgive me alah i just said a bad word
8. shimon peres is too old to develop missles and satellites
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.04.06)
besides, i doubt shimon knows ANYTHING about rocket propulsion.
9. Whatever peres does is no good for Israel!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.04.06)
Will we ever see peres leave politics and retire? He is a fool and his ideas are no good for Israel. There should be a law that allows for a maximum of two terms for the knesset and only by people who have served in the I.D.F.
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