Fatah member: Abbas recognition of Israel political
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 04.10.06, 14:52
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1. like i said, which terrorist group will israel back?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.04.06)
israel should be backing a civil war among the all of the terrorists. the time is not ripe for peace talks, especially since there is no peace among themselves. let them fight each other and maybe they'll feel better. it can't hurt.
2. And that's the party chosen to be the "intermediary"
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (10.04.06)
in the "peace talks"-a terrorist party and a terrorist leader who do not recognize Israel right to exist! What they all-Israel and fatah and quartet- have been talking about all these years then? Isn't it better to put reality on the table? Recall history;how Jordan grabbed Israel's lands;how palis were pushed to territories,not for Israel.In other words,sanitate facts according to their reality and the reality of Israel's State forever. Isn't there in the" international community" nobody with a peaceful and fair vision in order to resolv this problem? Don't people see that AGAIN Jews have being blamed for other's craziness? Israel is a tiny country and Jews have the right to live the way they chose,even as a tribe if they want so. There is enough land for palis in arab countries. Let Israel alone ,once and for all!
3. Bye to your holy places in Israel
Christain ,   African   (10.04.06)
4. Israel should just crush these morons once and for all
5. Duh, the question is when will Jordan be renamed Palestine
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.04.06)
None of this is new. If the Arabs done want another arab Palestinian state besides Jordan next to Israel, but instead of Israel, they will get NO other state other than Jordan Palestine. Thats what they refuse to realize. Israel and its eternal capital of Jerusalem are forever. The Arab invaders are temporary. They can live together in peace in separate countries or the Arabs can flee. Its their choice, but Israel is never going away again, through war, economics, or this false demographic ploy that is not only failing, but reducing the Arab population in Gaza and Judea and Samaria through emigration and through lower fertility.
6. Why, I wonder?
The Raccoon   (10.04.06)
Why would the Palestinians discard their mask now? Is it internal reasons, trying to beef up their support in the civil war? Or is it because they believe that the West is do PC and psychotic they won't even hear the Palestinian calls for genocide?
7. Fatah & PLO
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.04.06)
Haven't they already stated their intentions to make peace as a midpoint to attacking Israel? I feel like this article justs restates the same old info. Anyone disagree?
8. More of the same
Aaron ,   TA   (10.04.06)
We all know this. These are the 'peace partners' everyone wants to shove down Israel's throat. There is no peace. There never will be with these people. They all dream of the destruction of Israel and that point alone cancels all efforts for 'peace'. The most Israel could hope for, as indicated by any Palestinian group is a long-term cease fire (hudna) until we simply revert back to square one. All those in favour of withdrawal of more Israeli land are deluding themselves. Palestinians will never stop their quest to rid the land of Jews (they use nice int'l legal terms and call it 'the right of return' ). Hey Palestinians - what about the 800,000 Jews expelled from other Middle Eastern countries? Do they and their families get the right of return? To compensation? Thought not...
9. Moshiach
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.04.06)
Those who curse the Jews will themselves be cursed, and those who bless the Jews will be blessed. The Jews will always outlive their enemies. G-d has promised this. The Palestinians could live a beautiful life if they would only understand this and choose peace. If their aim is to destroy Israel, they will end up being destroyed when Moshiach comes.
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (10.04.06)
11. If they chose the path of terror, they will be destroyed
Jake the Snake ,   USA   (10.04.06)
12. we need to listen to what our enemies actually say.
johanna ,   tsfat   (10.04.06)
hitler said what he meant and he acted on it...i'm sure that this rep of the fatah brigade also is speaking the truth when he says that it abbas is all tactical.
13. Bush and Republicans support Israel's destruction
monk ,   USA   (10.04.06)
Congressional Republicans should not be rewarded on Nov. 7, 2006 for their bad behavior. President George W. Bush supports arch-terrorist Mahmoud Abbas. He calls him a man dedicated to peace. Republican Congressional leaders support president Bush's efforts to create a Palestinian jihadist state in the mountains of Judea and Samaria, in Jerusalem and Gaza. The 2004 GOP national party platform says in part: "We support President Bush’s vision of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.... Republicans agree with President Bush that Israel’s plan to remove all settlements from Gaza and several settlements from the West Bank is a courageous step toward peace in the face of continuing terrorist violence. Republicans commend the government of Israel for its desire to pursue peace, even in the face of continuing terrorist attacks." Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' aim is to ultimately destroy the Jewish state.
14. George Bush and his teacher Condi Rice
Riv ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.06)
know the real intentions of the Palestinian terrorist government. Why will no one talk about this? Why will they continue to pretend they have the best interests of Israel in mind? Bush and Rice are using Israel to soothe the Arab/Islamic world and no one wants to bring this to light.
15.  State Department told WND........
Ben ,   Kfar Saba   (10.04.06)
the Brigades is "separate" from Abbas' Fatah party. But Abu Ahmed explained his Brigades group is "one and the same" with the Fatah party. Believe it! State knows it but then if they said it they along with the current Bush administration could no longer provide cover for Abbas the man not of peace but the man who has harbored terror doing nothing to stop it!!!! Truth would once and for all be told and once and for all the Arab world would just have to stop using the phony Palestinian issue as an excuse for raping the entire world. AND......after all these years appeasement to those who wish us all dead would once and for all have to end. The Palestinian people have done nothing to earn statehood. Their leaders have done even less. Hiding this absolute truth from the world by lying for the Palestinains for the sake of the Arab/Muslim world is ruthless. For that and so much more Israelis have paid a very heavy price.
16. #13 Bravo.
Rachel ,   Haifa   (10.04.06)
What you wrote is the abosloute truth down to the last letter. We have no friends. We have had plenty of wolves in sheep's clothing, plenty of double talk, plenty of false arms open to us, but in the end Israel pays just for the sake of appeasing our arch enemies.
17. #9
Maybe Palestinians could live in peace when Israelis stop stealing their land and building houses. Or maybe when Israel actually treats Palestinians like humans, giving them full economic and political rights, or a country of their own. If Israel wants all of the West Bank and Gaza too then they must give Palestinians these equal rights and accept them as citizens of Israel, otherwise they better give them their own country.
18. Isn't that the policy of Meretz too?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.04.06)
Meretz supports Abbaas presumably because they share a common enemy (and it's not Hamas).
19. Why this article is rediculous
Khalid   (10.04.06)
If Abbas secretly wanted to destroy Israel, don't you think Hamas would have agreed to recognize Israel by now??
20. #10, Aaron Klein (WND) a straight shooter
monk ,   USA   (10.04.06)
21. Self Evident
BJL ,   Appleland USA   (10.04.06)
You cant stick two countries on a spot only big enough for one viable country. Either it's Israeli or Arab. You can't have both. It's a religous war people. Islam will never share. Forget "Two viable states, living side by side, in peace"...
22. You need to acknowledge something before you can destroy it
23. 'Moderate'= Slightly more patient.
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.04.06)
And they wonder why 'WE don't want "peace"'...
24. These People Were Never About Peace
Dan ,   UK   (10.04.06)
Did the American Indians get the right of return? Did the South Africans? I don't think so! These Palestinian people are emotionally controlled robots. Their only interest is selfish and is part of the greater Islamic movement for ultimately controlling the world. If after losing thousands of it's youth to decades of suicide missions, targeted assassinations, bulldozed homes, world economic sanctions and downright poverty weren't enough to convince 70% of it's population to live in peace with Israel, I think it's safe to say we're beating a dead horse here.
25. Bush is playing stupid; No this is no game.
John ,   USA   (10.04.06)
The Bush doctrine says that the US will not tolerate a state that harbors terrorist, supports terrorist or allows terrorist to operate from its Borders. Do you think he’s trying to get all the terrorist in one place for a final solution?
26. #16, my New Year's resolution
monk ,   USA   (10.04.06)
During the holiest days of the year leading up to Yom Kippur, I made a resolution. I will not do like I did in the 2004 national elections. I will not turn the page as I did when I came to the Bush --- Kerry ballot. I regret not voting Bush out of office in 2004. He has betrayed every conservative principle. The GOP has abandoned Israel --- America's most faithful ally ---- to her murderous jihadist enemies. Abraham Lincoln would not recognize the party he founded. When I vote on November 7, any Republican candidate who supports Bush administration policies aimed at destroying Israel, I will vote for his or her Democrat opponent. This will be a first for me. We cannot continue to reward bad (even evil) behavior. Republicans have turned against Israel, despite all their soothing rhetoric. They are not our friends, if ever they were.
27. to #17
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.04.06)
Look, even after settlers and the IDF withdrew from Gaza, they could not even bring a reprieve from mortar attacks by Arabs. Now you may argue that Gaza still remains under "occupation" and we can debate that issue. But you cannot debate that even a step towards ending occupation in Gaza gets matched by Arabs in some peaceful way. How can Israel continue to dismantle "occupation" when the Arabs do not match these efforts with their own peaceful gestures?
28. It is time to match policies
Peter ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.04.06)
Regrettably, it is time to also not recognize the legitimacy of the Palestinian state. We should take back any statement of our willingness to live along side the Palestinians and late them know that there is no middle ground. They can live as they do like caged lawless animals or they can accept Israel. There is no statehood without recognition and when they act in a manner inconsistent with Israel's right to exist, we need to do the same.
29. to Monk #26, re US elections
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.04.06)
I generally agree with you. Given the Bush Administration's connections to Saudi, and his father's regime, with its own bullying of Israel, I cannot believe that this Administration has Israel's well-being in mind. That said, I do not believe any US Administration can have Israel's well-being in mind. The American economy thrives on weapons production. We need it for subsidies to basic research in virtually every aspect of high technology. So we must hold Israel hostage by forcing it to purchase weapons thru treaties and by selling to Saudi, Egypt, and others. That has less to do with Bush and more to do with the US economy.
30. #29, I suspect you may be right
monk ,   USA   (10.04.06)
Nonetheless I am a registered Republican because the GOP champions itself a party of values, of moral values, principles and historic lessons that we have learned often at great cost. The base of the Republican party are Christian conservatives and Evangelicals; many that support Israel for biblical reasons. That having been said, I cannot help but be disappointed in our Christian freinds who seem to be putting domestic social issue over Israel's biblical importance not to mention Israel moral importance. Israel is America's only reliable ally in the Middle East. Israel is fighting the same jihadists that have murdered and are murdering Americans. Still, what Mr. Bush is doing to Israel goes beyond biblical warnings. It's clearly wrong from a moral and ethical standpoint and violates his own clear doctrine (the Bush Doctrine ) which he laid out days after 9/11/2001: "You are either with us or you are with the enemy" and "any nation that supports terrorism, harbors terrorists will be considered an enemy regime." Clearly the Palestinian Authority and Mr. Abbas does all this and more. Republicans are compromising all their lofty moral and ethical principles. Republicans must not be rewarded for this bad behavior in November. I'll take my chances and vote for Democrats whom we've been warned are far worse. I will no longer reward bad behavior.
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