British cop won't guard embassy
Published: 05.10.06, 05:04
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31. Enemy is within not overthere
lee   (10.05.06)
Yes they have just recently had a vulnerable soldier in hospital accosted by a hostile muslim, accusing him of killing his brothers in Iraq. Whilst they travel miles to fight the enemy, they have left the homefront unguarded and the enemy is within. Now they have people who have no loyalty to their people.or their ideals.
32. #mike
george   (10.05.06)
you are human beings , what about the palesteneans and lebanese they are not human being too,oh i forgot you are the choosen people of god you are above all the other human beings what a racism,
33. to smart guy number 9
tarek ,   lebanon   (10.05.06)
typical silly american, I bet that you and most of your people dont know where the middle east is located!
34. #32, George
NYC Girl   (10.05.06)
Cut the crap about "Chosen People." Nobody ever said it was about Jews being superior, only about the task of bringing the word of God to all people. I'm an atheist and even I know that, but those of you who are racists and anti-Semites want to make it appear that Jews consider themselves to be above everybody else.
35. *******
******   (10.05.06)
well i think it's good better we know it now that he hate israel so mybe if he works there as a "security" guy he will help to muslim terriost good job
36. Muslim cab divers at Minneapolis airport
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.05.06)
Muslim cab drivers at Minneapolis/St.Paul airport in the US refuse to accept fares from passengers who are carrying alcohol (from the duty-free shop). When a cab driver refuse a fare he has to go to the end of the line, but the Muslims are claiming they should be allowed to refuse alcohol-carriers and STAY at the front of the line. If a passenger refused to get in a cab that was driven by a Muslim, you can bet CAIR would scream bloody "HATE CRIME!"
37. UK Muslims 2.6% of population and probably 92.6% of UK News
Alan ,   SA   (10.05.06)
They comprise only 1.6 Million out of 60 Million but one would think they make up over 90% of the news in the UK! They want UK Govt Policy to completely reflect their opinions The 4 Tube Suicide bombers collected £500'000 (close to $1million)in Govt benefits for the underpriviledged in the years before their attack
38. Thoroughly Disgraceful
Shomera ,   London   (10.05.06)
Kick his tochas right out. I have no doubt he'll take it to the European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR).
39. #37
mike ,   t.o.   (10.05.06)
we should sue Gov-t for financing terrorism
40. He has to be fired
Sigfried S. Kuhn ,   Aberdeen   (10.05.06)
Suppose this bigot sees an Israeli storekeeper being robbed and shot by Muslims. Would he refuse to arrest the criminals on "moral" grounds? Would this alow Jewish doctors to refuse to treat British Jihadists if they are brought to the emergency room? Besides firing this racist, he should be investigated for terrorist links.
41. Addition to #2
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.05.06)
"Obviously the officer cannot be trusted to guard the Israelis and their embassy and must not be assigned to this important position." I would add "or to any other in the police force." I'm with Mr. O'Connor on this one 100%.
42. So if an Israeli is assaulted on the a London street
Mike ,   Canada   (10.05.06)
He wont fuffil his "dutie", How stupid can his superior be? They should both be fired, poor poor souls.
43. To #30, God Save Europe
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.05.06)
I agree with you but *please* stop writing all in caps. It's very bad netiquette and, more important, it's unpleasant to read.
44. #13, faisal
eugenie ,   jerusalem   (10.05.06)
In October 2000, Hizbollah kidnapped and murdered three Israeli soldiers. All this was done right under the noses of UNIFIL soldiers from the Indian contingent. Later on it was discovered that the Indian soldiers were bribed in order to turn a blind eye to the incident. No wonder we can't trust you guys any longer. Talk about the 30 pieces of silver.
45. It's for the best
AJ   (10.05.06)
Actually, it's for the best that this individual requested to be removed from guarding the Israeli Embassy. By expressing his views, he's proven that he supports terror and therefore he can't be trusted to guard the Israeli embassy effectively. Hell, he probably would have held open the gates and allowed his terrorist buddies to walk through it wearing suicide vests. Most terrorists wouldn't have pass ed up an opportunity like this to strike at "little satan".
46. #13 Faisal - You don't understand
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.05.06)
As a Police officer you take an oath to protect the public. It doesn't matter who. Does he refuse to protect a citizen that is of Israeli decent? Will he ignore a crime against Jews? If he can't keep his oath then he should resign - it's that simple.
47. Can't or won't do their jobs
Brenda ,   Indiana   (10.06.06)
A police officer has to to many things that are repugnant to him. Sometimes he has to let the jail cell door open and let some criminals go free when they know that person is guilty as hell. Many times there isn't enough evidnece to convict and put the criminal away. Many times the police officer has to protect people they absolutely don't want to keep safe. This is the job they took and they knew what was required in the line of executing those duties. If they don't want to do the job with all it requires, then they should be fired. I'm beginning to think that all Moslems should be given a choice of which country they want to go to and then we should send them back to that country. They want o live and be Moslem then they should live in the country of their choice. Many people come here to America and want all the priviledges and rights of American citizenship, and then they try to do all they can to bring down the country. This is true in other countries as well---London has their share of Moslems whose loyality is to Moslems and not England. They would and will protect Terriorists not matter what they do or who they kill. England fine this out when they stopped those airplane bombings. But do they do anything about it? No,they keep thinking these people will be loyal to England. If you can feel no loyality for the country you live in, the country you want to be a citizen of, then go home, we'll help you get there. Then you can do what you want regardless of the laws and regulations of the host country you're trying to tear apart.
48. Wounded terrorist
Misha ,   US   (10.14.06)
A few days ago the IDF guarding the border spotted two terrorist placing explosives near the fence. They fired warning shot first and when the terrorist ignored the shots the soldiers fired at their legs wounding both of them. What happened next someone would think that they left them to die. No. the soldiers picked them up and took them to the Bersheva Hospital for treatment. Would the arabs do the same?
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