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They reign supreme
Shai Doron
Published: 06.10.06, 07:27
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1. The Rabbis
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.06.06)
Waht about the Bnai Brak rabbis, Rabbi Chaim Kaniefski, Rabbi Steineman. What about the medical rabbis Rabbi Benni Fisher and Rabbi Feurer. This article has overlooked many courts
2. Moreover, the Badatz Edah HaChareidis....
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (10.06.06)
Forgetting the Badatz - Edah HaChareidis is pretty stupid....
3. May they pool their influence and oust olmert.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.06.06)
4. Rabbi Schneerson
NYC Girl   (10.06.06)
It's interesting that the late Lubavitcher rebbe inspired his followers to support the right-wing in Israel, although he himself never even stepped foot in the country. Talk about an "armchair general."
5. Misleading And Offensive Title
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.06.06)
You make it sound like these rabbis are rick and live lavish lives, when in fact, they don't. They use whatever resources they have to help others, and they work VERY long hours- every day. When I went to Rav Mordechai Eliahu for a blessing a number of years ago, I saw this first-hand. He's up LONG before you are- every day, and goes to bed LONG after you do- every day. Being a rabbi of that level is about responsibility.
6. “Netanyahu is good for the Jews.”
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (10.06.06)
To my knowledge this slogan was coined by Australian mining magnate & rav Steven Gutnick who financially supported Likud & Netanyahu in their election campaign.
7. To Shai Doron
Ephraim Rauch ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.06.06)
In this country there is a small clique of anti-religious industrialists, politicians and judges which owns total assets worth billions, not millions. Your column is a classic example of deviating public anger towards an isolated minority. There is an old Jewish saying: "If something looks like a loksh, feels like a loksh, smells like a loksh and tastes like a loksh, it is a loksh" . After having lived for almost 50 years in Europe and having met a (relatively small) number of European antisemites, I can tell you that you look like them, you feel like them, you smell like them and you taste like them.
8. Add 120 in good health.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.06.06)
Thank G-D we have such great Rabanim in Eretz Yisroel. May they all be well add 120.
9. So what! Secular court appointees have assets too
Raphy ,   Montreal   (10.06.06)
10. re NYC Girl
Chaim ,   USA   (10.06.06)
WOW! less than five days after Yom Kippur and you are judging others while being completely ignorant. Ask any of his followers why he did not go to Israel. There is a reason. He did not support the right wing - he supported Halacha - Jewish Law.
11. The Titans of Theological Propoganda
Galileo Galilei   (10.06.06)
I do not think it is necessary to believe that the same God who has given us our senses, reason, and intelligence wished us to abandon their use, giving us by some other means the information that we could gain through them
12. They reign supreme
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.06.06)
The secular High Court holds more power, makes arbitrary and capricious desicions, and does not answer to man or G-D. The secular oligarchs have assets worth BILLIONS and can crush their opponents like ants.
13. What is the POINT of this article?
Religious Jew ,   Israel   (10.06.06)
Why is YNET so bloody ANTI-RELIGIOUS??? Get over it guys. Just deal with it. This ongoing attempt to portray the religious in the worst possible light simply reflects badly on you and this supposedly professional site. Deal with it. Even if they do have what you say - do you think that they - like Olmert and Chalutz - collected this at the expense of the Jewish people? Did they use bribery and treachery? Did they sell their stock portfolios while Israel went to war? No - they have served the Jewish people for decades. This article is a new low for YNET...and speaking of atonement - aren't you lucky...just days after Yom Kippur...and you already have what to atone for.
14. cummon #13
dave ,   herzliya   (10.06.06)
I'd hardly claim Ynet doesn't go after Olmert and Halutz.
15. And speaking of the "secular High Court" ...
sk ,   USA   (10.06.06)
how many luxury apartments does Barak have? Something like 17, though he has always been a "public servant"?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (10.06.06)
A more interesting article would be a breakdown of the properties and assets owned by the Greek Church, Armenian Church, etc.. in Jerusalem. Their influence is more concerning. This is just an attempt to cause "sinat chinam" (baseless hatred). There is no sin in Jewish citizens owning Jewish assets in the Jewish Homeland. Shame on this writer.
17. To #4
Michael ,   Toronto   (10.06.06)
I heard that he never visited Israel because he felt that having arrived, one should not leave. And he felt that he was needed in America.
18. The Chassidim Rabis I know,deserve it and much more.
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (10.06.06)
more. They work hard,help many people,and make many others to follow a much more meaninfull life. If they are rich,they deserve it very much!
19. ultra ultra
hanina ,   usa   (10.06.06)
Isn't it amazing when people don't listen to your beliefs you become ultra something or other. When the key doesn't open the lock some people call a locksmith, some try turning the handle harder, some will break down the door, and everyone gets credit when the door opens to our relief. That should be the way we see all leaders, As they contribute to one common cause. wherever they live, wherever they don't live and whomever they appoint or self appoint.
20. Woe to the shepherds who are dispersing the flock
marilyn   (10.07.06)
Seems to me religious Leaders are very much the same all over the world. And whilst we should be respectful and appreciative of all their hard work and study of Holy scripture, they still enjoy this control over others and they tend not to direct peoples attention to the promise God gave Israel, about the 'new' covenant, whereby God says he will write his Laws in our heart and mind. The reason I suspect that they don't promote this promise of God is because God says "no man will teach his brother." and this would then put all man on equal footing and take away the power of those who believe they are more knowledgable. Gods word says that 'all will know him from the least to the greatest,' so that means God will deal with each one of us on an individual level. He is going to rip the sheep out of the hand of the shepherds who he has much to say about within his word.
21. #20
Toma ,   Melbourne, USA   (10.07.06)
Marilyn, you have said it all. It's the blind leading the blind. Blind by choice. But pain will plant the flag of reality in the fortress of the rebellious hearts sooner than later. Attitude about truth and obedience is everything.
22. Good Shepherds or Shekel Collectors?
Laura ,   London   (10.08.06)
If any one of them has led people closer to God then we must give thanks for such Rabbis - too often they are embroiled in the minutia of Torah law winning minds and influence, rather than hearts. As #20 says, such Shepheds disperse the flock away from God - and woe indeed to any who set themselves up as religious leaders for their own ends, at the expense of souls who come seeking salvation.
23. to # 6
mark ,   US   (10.10.06)
Rabbi Joseph Gutnik came out with this slogan as a representative of the Chabad movement.
24. Who to go to for a Bracha/blessing
Deborah Shaya   (12.27.10)
1. The best person to go to for a bracha/blessing is: a true Cohen. Hashem passes His Beracha to the Kohen. And only a true Kohen can pass the full Bracha from Hashem to all of Am Yisrael - for material and spiritual blessing. In ancient times, where there would be a difference of opinion between the Melech and the Cohen, the Melech, the King, would always have to defer to the Cohen. This demonstrates the extremely high stature of the Kohen. 2. The Cohen has a specific function to act as an “interface” between Hashem and the Jewish People – and to bless them. This is done through the, “Birchat Cohanim”. No one else, other than a true Kohen, is permitted to recite the, “Birchat Kohanim.” (Parsha of Nasso – 6:22-27) The Cohanim are specifically commanded to bless the Jewish People, “Be’ahava” - “with Love”. The Shechinah, the Presence of Hashem, is only able to rest on the Cohen, as he is a true descendant of Aharon HaKohen, the first Cohen HaGadol.
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