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55 minutes from Tel Aviv
Yehuda Litani
Published: 06.10.06, 23:58
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1. WTF Is your problem,Yehuda!!!
Sasha Cohen ,   TA, IL   (10.07.06)
Why does your heart bleed for those that want to see you dead and stab those who are your flesh and blood? We have so few friends in this world, cant you even love your fellow Jew? It was not as Israelis who settled this land, it was as Jews. Youre statments here represent a perfect Erev Rav, a bad seed. I dont know whats with you peace now at all costs, if you want peace now get up and get our of here, because your ilk only brings scourage and death onto our people. Shame On You
2. Can the Jewish people have some peace for once?
The arabs have the entire middle east to do whatever the *** they want, Jews have a place smaller than New Jersey. Give Us A Break What will stop you from spitting on your fellow Jew who wants nothing more than to protect our land, another holocaust? How many more candels do we have to light up for you to get the picture? What words does the enemy have to say for you to understand they dont want to shake your hand and call it quits? Those that have no pride in their country cant understand those that do. One doesnt live of bread and a toliet alone, there are more important things in their life than materialism, its land, religion, and Hashem. Your socialist, communist, peace at all costs will only bring further death. May you be silenced.
3. With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies!!
Sue ,   Golden   (10.07.06)
4. Oh yeah, Peace Now is truly non biased
David ,   Haifa   (10.07.06)
What are you smoking because you really should stop it
5. i didnt know...
eyal ,   brazil   (10.07.06)
....palestinians wrote articles for ynet =) not even a left wing activist would write it like this
6. Just Words That Are Irrelevant
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (10.07.06)
There are lots of adjectives in this potty mouth article about Israel. The reality is this, either all this land is part of Israel, or none of it is, that is the question? So called thugs are really enterprising and highly motivated people, or they are ursurpers of so-called Arab and. Is Israel illegally "occupying" Palestinian Arab land, or not? If it's a matter of Israel's security, under the definition of UN242, then nothing criminal is happening. Israel's aggressiveness as viewed by some, is really just a kind of eminent domain...until the status is finally resolved. I'd rather Israel be in the driver's seat, than the Arabs. Then of course, these bleeding heart liberals and leftists won't have any say whatsoever. Just ask, those (Fatah) who disagree with the Hamas govt. Peace Now is reallly War Later...so who cares what they say anyway? But I would recommend their personnal, like Amnesty Intl, get a life...or move to Ramallah.
7. "...visit the Gush Etzion..."
ilana   (10.07.06)
..."enjoy the various festivities being held there, such as treading grapes, a kite festival, and jeep safaris." A more realistic picture of the dire conditions in Israel is an ad to visit Gaza. Let everyone see the dirt and debris where just last year stood Jewish Synagogues. Let the observer take in the stench of the terrorists who drove our people from Jewish land. Get it right Jew hater. Israel belongs to the Jews. Ireland sounds like a good place for you to be.
8. This is not Arab land.
Antonio ,   Haifa   (10.07.06)
This is Israel, not Ishmael. Arabs don't like--they can leave for Arab countries. They have no right to complain.
9. Yes indeed, we BUILD!
jul ,   mastrich   (10.07.06)
Yes indeed! Peace will ONLY establish when Arabs want, so we shall continue buiding and building everywhere, until we will see a tangible change in Arab's attitude towards our Jewish state.
10. What Mr. Litani will not say, is why they're paying
Daniel Rivkin ,   Atlanta, U.S.   (10.07.06)
We tend to forget that the reason that some Arabs are now losing their homes, is that over the past 58years they have tried three times to destroy Israel. It's an inherent rule of warfare that is obeyed in all armed conflicts, A country that attacks its neigbor forfeits its territory, and if it looses the neigbor it attacks can, and in all cases accept where Israel has been involved, does take all the land it captures during the war and annex it. Thus the attacker is dissuaded from striking again, and the state that was attacked improves its strategic situation in order to prevetn future atacks. The only reason that the territories werne't annexed in '67 was that Israel wanted to give them back in exchange for peace. What the Arabs are paing for is their attack on Israel in '67 and their refusal to make peace afterwards, and considering the fact that we could (and maybe should) have expelled them all immediately after the '67 or at latest the '73 war, I'd say their getting off very cheap.
11. For 1,400 years Arabs have stolen Jewish land.
Scott ,   USA   (10.07.06)
During the last war, the Hezbutts named their Iranian missiles "Khaibar" after a brutal assault on a peaceful Jewish town. It's men were killed, its women raped, and land stolen. And who really owned land in "Palestine"? Is there clear title? Of course not. Every inch and stick in the middle East is owned by at least three separate clans, all of whom can show duly notarized Ottoman era deeds, not one of which is likely to be authentic. In Palestinian society, as in all Arab society, posession isn't nine-tenths of the law, it's the entire law. For 1,400 years migrating Bedouin would decide to stop at a specific place, chase out or kill the inhabitants, who would go on to another village to do the same thing, or become Bedouin themselves. Those complaining of disposession by Jews would be the first to steal everything owned by any Jew, or anyone else for that matter. It's a matter of culture.
12. It's official YNET is now Haartez
13. Big Lying False Assumption
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.07.06)
quote: "...they will ignore the sight and imagine the future annexation that will take place on more Arab land.' Falsehood: It is NOT Arab land, but Jewish land and has been for over 4000 years. The Arabs are squatters. The DISPUTED land is merely being reclaimed by the lawful owner, ie. the Jews.
14. No talkback
Bancor ,   Genoa, Italy   (10.07.06)
Hey, guys, no talkback here? It's hard, isn't it, to look at himself in the mirror? Keep this injustice on, and you'll secure a neverending war, if it's what you look for. Bye, with regret, from a pacific country
15. At last some good news from Y-NET
Citizen ,   Negev   (10.07.06)
Build, Build, Build! As long as we express strength we have been strong. The Palestianians prove again and again that they are not capable of self-rule and use Israel's concessions for further agression instead of furthering peace. Everyone is better off with more of Isreal, not less of it.
16. Who cares how they feel!!!!
Build Build And Build Hashem will bless you all for settling his land, you are doing such a mitzvah. Baruch Hashem and May Hashem Be With You In Accomplishing The Greatest Mitzvah
17. Boo Hoo!
sk ,   USA   (10.07.06)
Litani writes quite the tear-jerking article, doesn't she/he/it? There's a reason why her work nearly always appears in some "Palestinian" publication or web site. Twenty years ago she was blathering about how Rabin did not sufficiently restrict Jews from living across the Green Line. Yup, the Rabin who was about to give us the most catastrophic land giveaway and terror acceleration in Israeli history. I don't have the patience to go point by point. I'll just make a couple comments. First, she quotes Peace Now as if this sinister organization were an unbiased source of information. She has not a scrap of information for any of her claims that can be verified by impartial third parties. Second, even Israel's pro-Arab court system has acknowledged that some reported "olive tree demolitions" were big frauds. Readers who remember the Gaza Beach Bomb Fraud will realize that a fraud about a few olive trees would be in comparison a breeze to complete. Third, of course the suggestion that the land being used in these expansions is "Palestinian" is a central lie in the narrative. If every time a Muslim claimed land we ceded it to him, southern Spain would be Muslim again. Fourth, the fact that this expansion (fully legal, apparently, not that I have any respect for Israel's legal system) occurred close to Jerusalem is significant. We are not talking about far-flung outposts at all. In no way has Israel ever agreed to avoid such growth. Poor Arabs! Sure, they love the idea of killing Jews and vote accordingly. Sure they squat on Jewish land without paying taxes on it, while inviting Hezbollah to dig bunkers. It's about time the Arabs on both sides of the Green Line start paying a price. Jews come first.
18. goat land
cordier   (10.07.06)
the land belong to the men who cultivate. The land is not arab, jewish, american... by nature. In the ancient Roma a man who cultivate one year a land is the owner. If he doesn t cultivate the land and an another man do it, the land belong to the last... Before jews Tel Aviv was sand YOU have cultivated this land, this land belong to you not to these men who transform the land where they live in garbage . this is justice and the law of the men and god.
19. Excellent - thank you -
Arja ,   Canada   (10.07.06)
It's wonderful to read articles like Yehuda Litani's at YNET. It takes courage to express these views in Israel where opposition to the State is attacked as anti-semitic. Thank you for the quotes from the beautiful poem by Amichai - here's the last verse: But doubts and loves Dig up the world Like a mole, a plow. And a whisper will be heard in the place Where the ruined House once stood. I quote from Rabbi Amy Eilberg: For me, Amichai's words embody deeper Jewish wisdom, as he warns of the dangers of zealotry and excessive certainty. Amichai's poem asks us to question our certainties, to acknowledge that there is more than we can ever know or understand. Only in this humble recognition can new possibilities flower. Today a whisper of possibility is heard in Israel, and for the first time in a very long time, we can once again dare to hope for a real brit shalom, a covenant of peace, between two peoples. May these quiet voices prove stronger than the cries of zealots, and may flowers soon begin to grow again. (http://www.jewishsf.com/content/2-0-/module/displaystory/story_id/20656/edition_id/423/format/html/displaystory.html) In the feedbacks I hear the certainty of zealots. Where are the "doubts and loves"? Could it be that Israel is wrong in building more settlements and occupying Palestinian land? May Yehuda Litani's quiet voice prove stronger .......
20. Gush Etzion was Destroyed by Muslims in the War of Indep
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.07.06)
It is the most likely to be kept.
21. Gush Etzion was regularly purchased
Raphael ,   PARIS FRANCE   (10.07.06)
by KKL in the thirties at a high price, from rich arab landowners who got it very cheap from the ottoman government further to the 1858 land reform. Cheating the Tabu has been a palestinian national sport since then. This piece of land was reclaimed by the arabs in april 1948 after the Arab Legion destroyed the site and the palestinian thugs slaughtered the kibbutznikim prisoners. Litani is either ignorant or a blatant pro arab propagandist.
22. gush etzion
bobby goodman ,   paris, france   (10.07.06)
Bravo for a good article. this is the truth about the settlements. I see it every time I go to Israel and the West Bank. All the Americans who respond in this column are such righteous zeolot wankers. Do they go to live in Gush Etzion. Some of the settlers are savages. Ripping up olive trees is a sin, so is kiling. If it is a sin when the Palies do it, why is it justified when jews do it. Most israelis wish the settlements would simply disappear. Gush Etzion could exist without ripping up arab olive trees. You american jews are too fat and too comfortable. Israelis laugh at you. I am a jew too, and i go regularly to israel because i love it, so i know....fat donkeys
23. Enough of Peace now newspeak.
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.07.06)
What a deceitful, warped and self-serving piece of lying propaganda. Litani couldn't have written it better if he was being paid directly by the PA. Nowhere does he mention that Gush Etzion land, owned by Jews, was illegaly siezed by Arabs in 1948, nor does he mention the war crimes carried out by the Arabs against the residents. Like other modern revisionist politically incorrect wannabees, Litani's history and memory seem to begin with a bing bang in 1967 - as if nothing existed before it. Peace Now's biggest problem is, however, that fact that there is no Palestinian Peace Now. There are no Salaam Now rallies in Gaza or Ramallah, there is no Palestinian pressure on the PA to make peace with Israel, there is no Salaam Now calling on Hamas, Jihad and Al Aqsa martyrs to stop their human rights violations (well, more like murderous atrocities) against Israel. Sorry, Litani, but we need leadership with vision to get us out of this mess, not apologists ready to draw dotted lines on our necks and say "slit here".
24. So why should I care how they feel also
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (10.07.06)
So why should I care how they feel also. They would settle in Israel just as fast to take over the country.
25. So tell me who is funding Peace Now
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (10.07.06)
So tell me who is funding Peace Now???? What is their Agenda as if I did not know.
26. Flowers flourishing the Gush
Michelle ,   Jerusalem   (10.07.06)
Thanks to the bravehearted Jews in Gush Eztion there are flowers and vineyards FLOURISHING like never before. Kol Hakavod.
27. My talkback wasnt posted so ill try again: GOOD FOR JEWS!
RA   (10.07.06)
At least Israel is doign something positive with the land. Under Arab control it would be infertile, unproductive and of course ugly. Jews will make it a paradise. And Litani should move back to her home next to Litani (aka Hezb-land) where she belongs.
28. Go live with the Arabs
Lila ,   Jerusalem   (10.07.06)
You obviously have no connection to your own land, your own people or your own country, so go live with your enemies. See how long they'll let you live at all.
29. Live with Arabs?
Arja ,   Canada   (10.08.06)
Hasn't Amira Hass lived with the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? So what's the problem? Most of you in here don't sound like you really want peace. Do you think it's possible for you to kill off all the Arabs? Hmm there are others in the past who have tried to do away with their enemies too and their methods weren't all that different. History repeats and human beings refuse to learn. What insanity!
30. Do something positive for peace
Arja ,   Canada   (10.08.06)
Have you ever thought of helping bring peace about instead of inciting further violence? I just read about Elik Elihan whose sister died because there is an occupation. In a speech in Japan she spoke the following: If we really want to stop the violence, to make sure no more innocent lives are lost then we must struggle for a peace agreement. You can say `it was tried, there were negotiations. There was an agreement. We failed`. I don`t accept that. We must believe that even if it failed once, an understanding and a compromise can still be reached in a way that will respect both sides` fears and aspirations. This belief has been guiding me in the last nine years. I work for peace in many ways but the most significant one in my eyes is the family forum. In this group there are 500 families that have lost a family member in this conflict, often more then one. 250 from Israel and 250 from Palestine. They know loss and of pain and they still struggle for peace. Through this group I had the possibility of meeting Palestinians, real ones, like a normal Israeli never meets, not stereotypes nor caricatures. Not targets but real people like Ali Abu Awwad that spend 4 years in our jails, who was shot by a settler and whose brother was murdered by a soldier. Nevertheless Ali still wants peace. And there are many others like him. I had a chance to ask them if what we say about them is true: do they really want to throw us in the ocean? Do they really educate their kids to hate us? Is it true that we don`t have anyone to talk to? And ! they answered me that things are not true, that we do have a partner to talk to and that there is much to talk about. And I learned one other thing: that if I can talk to these people, many of them former members of the Palestinian resistance movements, like the one that killed my sister, and that if they can talk to me after losing family members by the hands of soldiers like I was, if we can talk then anyone can and no one has the excuse not to do so. We want to show people in pain that there is another way to deal with it, through hope rather then hate. In that respect it is very inspiring for me to be here in Hiroshima, an example to the victory of hope over atrocities. In our group we know that peace will only be achieved through dialogue; that it is our duty to promote dialogue because we know best what is the price of not having peace. We know that dialogue and peace can only be promoted by an Israeli-Palestinian solidarity based on respect, understanding and equality. We know that it is imperative that each side will know the story, the suffering and the hopes of the other and we dedicate all of our efforts to promote knowledge. We go everywhere and speak before anyone to say these very simple things: the death of a child is the end, after that death there is no other. Nothing in the world is worth that price. The only way to resolve this conflict is through negotiation, dialogue. And if we can speak then anyone can. (www.kibush.co.il/show_file.asp?num=16005)
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