Israeli agents want disguises to testify at Miami trial
Associated Press
Published: 05.10.06, 22:17
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1. Help me understand this
Cadavre ,   US   (10.08.06)
Witnesses, who are not American, will get to wear disguises, and get to claim as guys in the know, and the court and jury is expected to take them at thier word? Do you think they'll ever use this technique against Israelis, Americans, Germans - or any of us? Are you ready, should you ever be dragged to court - and - if you're a US citizen , you're congress has just blessed you with HR6166 (Beastly!). From this point forward any American citizen the president calls a terrorist becomes an illegal combatant. You, as payment for the privilege of being a US citizen, will be tortured, held in solitary - incommunicado - for years - without lawyer or family knowing where you are. We all have our petty vanities. Israel - you're just being baited into these wars by powers beyond your (and our) conditioned world view. But down inside Israeli's know - and the rest of us know - there are two classes - "the man" the polit bureau for or Banker Cast , and the rest of us "the mob", the untouchables. We're all scum. I don't care if you're a jew, a muslim, a christian or any of the [other] lost tribe messianics. Your fears and our fears, the fears of any of us towards each other, has been conditioned. It is a lie. The man and his Bankers don't care for any of us except as to the gold and control they extract from our toil and acquiesence. Our loyalties are to the a-hole on the side walk and the dork at work - and NOT to the "suits" on TV telling us we need to fear and hate each other. We have our own franchise! How many of you Israelis are profitting or will profit from Palestine? Do vendettas count as profit? Have you ever considered how much wealth one state, with jews and others living side by side as they did before 1948 could create? We all want to have fun, get laid, enjoy shiney healthy educated children. It's not us or those guys in Syria or the boys in Palestine or the IDF troopers in the camps that are causing this mess - it's the people we hired to make sure our toilets flush, the phones ring and our national check books are in balance. Now - all of a sudden - they are getting really mythilogocal on us - want us to kill - to die - who gave them that right? We are all outside the polit-banker class. We have nothing to fear from each other - but we all share a common enemy. Think.
2. But I thought all drug dealers were black or latino...
some guy ,   Montreal   (10.09.06)
at least that's what the movies tell me.
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