Olmert, Lieberman agree to change system of government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.10.06, 07:40
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1. Of course the political system MUST be changed.
sk ,   USA   (10.07.06)
See Paul Eidelberg's work on the linked site:
Olmert should have no handle on this situation, this will tear our country even further apart?>?!??!?!
They Must Pay The Price!!!
4. Everything Lieberman said Is Such A Sham
David ,   TA   (10.07.06)
He is has bad as Shinui, how the hell can he have any integrity for trying to kiss Olmert's arse.
5. be careful of lieberman and his party
tal   (10.07.06)
6. Israel can not remain Democratic!!!
Mark ,   USA   (10.07.06)
7. #5 Why do you say that?
Mark ,   USA   (10.07.06)
8. 1st change needed is removal of 3 stooges
Arie ,   Afula   (10.07.06)
9. I strongly agree with Avigdor Lieberman!
Mark ,   USA   (10.07.06)
A new form of government or a much smaller Israel! Israel will never be a Jewish state if it is democratic. It has never been a democracy. It is 20% Arab. That is not a Jewish state. A smaller state that is all Jewish is the only solution. It is in danger of becoming bi-national and a change is needed. Kahane said this.
10. The question of " Who is a Jew"
Mark ,   USA   (10.07.06)
That needs to be re-defined because this is a Jewish state. The Russians with a distant relative that is Jewish must be considered Jewish. What about Noahides, Jews for Jesus, Jews for Allah? Who can make aliyah. If you are born Jewish you should be able to make aliyah regardless what you believe is your diety or if you do not believe in that concept. Redefine aliyah. Jews with a criminal record can not make aliyah. Change that rule now! Allow our Jewish brothers and sisters once released from prison to make aliyah.
11. First things first...
Darren ,   Tampa, FL USA   (10.07.06)
Before Israel does ANYTHING, it first must get rid of Olmert and Peretz.
12. Best thing I've heard since Kadima came to 'power;' ..
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (10.07.06)
13. Real reform is
michael   (10.07.06)
The knesset ministers must be directly elected by the people. Secondly, cabinet ministers can't be part of the knesset. If they are chosen by the Prime Minister they have to fortfeit their seat in the knesset. the largest party elected in the knesset picks the Prime Ministier. Any reforms missing these two aspects is a joke. These will give the people the ability to hold the government accountable. And to limit the Prime Minster from "paying" certain ministers cabinet positions in return for their votes. two fundamental principles in a Democracy.
14. Olmert & lieberman et al
Sagi   (10.07.06)
Just remember one thing, this country/ land/state belongs to the people and not to the politicians. You must bring a draft constitution to the Knesset for approval and you must bring a draft proposal to the Knesset for a change of regime system but the people must have the final say in a referendum. The System change much suit the people and not the machinations of the politicians and the constitution must be ratified by the people.
15. Mark You are A SHAM
Using Kahane as evidence for your spit arguments. You spit on your acestors' graves, you spit on those that fought to be Jewish. And you spit on those you care for.
16. I agree with # 2 and # 11
Keren ,   Sao Paulo   (10.07.06)
olmert and gang just want to keep grabbed in power and will start making aliances with those much in touch with the People's feelings by now. We are used to it ,here in Brasil. Politics,in general, are whores who do ANYTHING to keep their power and keep on in their impostures,frauds and deceits against people and on behalf of their own -and their cronies- ill materialistics(and satanic) interests.
17. Olmert and leiberman
David ,   Sydney   (10.08.06)
Olmert has no credibility Leiberman had credibility unti he decided to join this clown in government. Kahane was the only true right wing leader we ever had
18. Jewish State must have a Jewish democracy
Antonio ,   Haifa   (10.08.06)
Only Jews must be allowed to vote. This is the Jewish state, and it is Jews, and ONLY Jews who should rule it.
19. This is nonsense
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (10.08.06)
Olmert is trying to remain in power that is why he needs Liberman. Get rid of Olmert, Peretz and Halutz. They are bringing country to disaster. It is amazing how people of Israel can't see this.
20. Change of system
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.07.06)
When those in power suggest or offer to change the "system" of government, watch out!!! It never bodes well for the governed.
21. #15 Israel is becoming less Jewish
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
76% are non-Jews. Is that a Jewish state? NO Do you want a Jewish state or a bi-national state? You can not have your cake and eat it too! Arabs have equal rights and their votes counts.
22. the intire goverment should resign
angry reuven ,   usa   (10.08.06)
on top of all , shimon peres, olmert, halutz, mofaz, yosi beilin and katzav and the whole hamula of fools.
23. To All those who dont know where this came from
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (10.08.06)
Governing in Israel is Extreamly Dificult, Moshe Sharret was the first one to find out how crazy the parlametory system is over the Lavon affair. The Knessest has a tendancy to fracture into small groups. I remember when they tried to go half way with the direct elections, it didnt work becuase they didnt go far enough. If the USA can manage with only two parties, why does Israel need 20? A system must be found to cut the number of parties to five or less. If it means to change the system to a presidential one, great! more power to them. And for Zehava Gal-On, she can suck on a lemon for all I care, She has no idea what democracy means, no more than Ovadiah Yossef, only she thinks she does while Mr Ovadiah makes no such claim.
David P ,   Santa Cruz, USA   (10.08.06)
25. We need a democratic change.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (10.07.06)
The only democratic change that is acceptable is direct elections for MK's. We the Israeli citizens must be able to vote for an MK from our distict who is responsible to us, the voter, not the PM. & his corrupt cronies. That is democracy. Those MK's who are against this are afraid because they will be thrown out of office.
26. I meant 24% Non Jews 76 % Jews
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
Israel must be 100% Jewish and define Who is a Jew?
27. To #9
silvio ,   italy   (10.08.06)
You are right but Israel must not become smaller, he even must incorporate what it belongs him from the history and from the Laws of Mosè! Strong being always owes for win his enemies! As is not it perhaps written?
28. #27 Arab population is increasing
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
The Israeli Arabs will increase in population and then what happens when they are 51% of population. make it a bi-national state or decide to reduce its size when there is a 3rd intifada? tough decisions need to be made or the Arabs will make those decision by voting the Jewish state out and voting in an Islamic state.
29. Democracy is destroying Israel
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
Gaza has civil war and Israel will have civil war.
30. Solve the Arab/Israel conflict now!
Mark ,   USA   (10.08.06)
If not there will be world war III !!
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