Syria: Sunnis converting to Shiites in homage to Nasrallah
Roee Nahmias
Published: 08.10.06, 09:30
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1. Smile Kiddies! Or you won't see ma and pa anymore
2. Even UN is converted to Nasrallah
John ,   NZ   (10.08.06)
Damning Evidence that UN is supporting Hizbollah in the recent war against Israel.
3. ftw
Salahudin   (10.08.06)
Maybe now it will give Israel a reason to bomb the UN.
4. Mr. Mustafah is blind probably.
Dan ,   istanbul   (10.08.06)
Can't he see what's been happening in Iraq. And can't he see that Sunni Egypt and Jordan will never come even closer to ─░ran. The Arab's will never be able to unite.
5. People always back a winner....
Johnson ,   USA   (10.08.06)
Of course the UN is a cesspool, and is stinking up my country. I wish we could get rid of this despotic organization.. Any takers?
6. Convert nasty-rallah into thimble size, just one enema.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.08.06)
7. Proud to b shiai
Noora ,   Bahrain   (10.08.06)
8. the amreican forces are converting
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.08.06)
here in iraq and some of them before nasrallah we have almos a brigade size group that converted to shia faith couple of them are cohen direct decendant of the profit aaron the brother of moses after they seen some miracles in kufa and karabla they went to the local cleric and ask some deeply seeded questioon in their faith when they got the right answer they convert or i should say revert but they said they wanna keep quite about it so they wann"t be harassed . the miracle of shia is the unificatioon of all religion jew -islam -christ o-in one unisom that solve all the problems mankind face
NAFEZ BATSH ,   USA,TX   (10.09.06)
10. Even Christians love nasrallah
John ,   LondonUK   (10.09.06)
Many Christians in Lebanon have joined Hezbollah because they love its leader Hassan Nasrallah. They believe his every word. They say he is a man of honesty. He never lies. He never breaks his word. Everything he says he will do, he does. He is attracting followers across the world. Sunnis arabs love him more than their own imams and sheikhs. No Arabs ruler is loved like Nasrallah. One of the main reasons for his popularity is that he does not bow to Israel or America. He always defies the US. Everytime Israel takes him on a war, Nasrallah seems to come out victorious. Millions of people believe his party of God is indeed the party of God. They are all saying that God is on Hezbollah's side. That is why in the July war, they won against Israel. Israel is defeated and punishing its own army and governemtn leaders for the failure.
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