Al-Qaeda affiliate burns coffee shop in Gaza Strip
Ali Waked
Published: 08.10.06, 16:17
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1.  the coffee served there was not halal!
nesskafr ,   faransa   (10.08.06)
2. Effie Eitam's program
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.08.06)
Now all you pc people out there - isn't this a good enough reason to employ Effie Eitam's program?
3. Internet Cafes are regarded by Al-Qaeda
Talula ,   Israel   (10.08.06)
as unethical behavior, but murdering thousands of innocent people is OK? What's wrong with these people?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
4. *Cough* Mossad *Cough* *Cough*
5. Hope palis dont blame jews for this one too LOL
gabriela ben ari   (10.08.06)
6. in the name of....
somewhere in the ,   usa   (10.08.06)
his most merciful, you have been declared an establishment not jew-hating have been warned by those more jew-hating than yourselves to up the jew-hating...the coffee you served came from beans picked by those who do not jew-bate in accordance with sharia law....your beans are therefore unethical. and your wi-fi connection has mossad written all over it!!! oh and there is a 20 virgin demerit when you get to the other side too!!
7. brown shirts
S. Law ,   NYC, NY, USA   (10.08.06)
Islamic Swords of Justice = Nazi Brown Shirts - and just as evil. They even wear black hats! Muslims, Jews & Christians are all children of the one God and the Book. Islamic Swords of Justice are racists.
8. Iraqi's are tired, and turning on Al-Qaeda
Johnson ,   USA   (10.08.06)
I can only assume the Palestinian's will too.
9. note to palis:This is what you voted for!
Arie ,   Afula   (10.08.06)
10. They won't last long
Danial ,   USA   (10.08.06)
Just like in Jordan, they will not last long at all. Anyone remember the bombings in Amman that sparked massive outrage against Zarqawi? Their actions will only further alienate Palestinians even more. -Danial
11. #2 Chaya
Mark ,   New York   (10.08.06)
You bet! The sooner the better.
12. Like in Afghanistan
Casiopea   (10.08.06)
They try to establish the taliban regime in Gaza. No music, no cafés, no Internet. Nothing. They might be assisting the hamas government, who wants to impose the sharia law.
13. al Qaeda the true face of Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.08.06)
The longer Gaza ferments free of Israeli control ,the more dangerous it becomes. It has never been this bad in the past. I walked into Gaza in 1977 ,and there is no chance to do the same today unless you are suicidal or stupid like the Israeli government. The peace process has been a complete failurer nad has led to the creation of the Gaza Taliban State.
14. Caffeine kills. Al Queda is just expediting the process.
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (10.08.06)
Of course, the factor with the highest cause-effect correlation with death is birth, at a 100% correlation. Therefor, since once we are born we merely are beginning the process of dying, Al Queda is simply helping us expedite the process. Therefor, Al Queda people shouldn't hide from the rest of us. Instead, they should all come out in the open so that we can thank them for their generous efforts to help us.
hanzalah naji ali ,   AL-SHAJARA   (10.08.06)
First I am a christian Arab lived in west bank and know gaza well, I am saying Israel must be pleased as it will harvest what it plant, USA also, did and still doing the harvest, they create the monester Bin laden to fight soviet, and now he is like cancer going everywhere in the world body,and Israel created HAMAS to fight PLO and it turned against it, God bless USA and Israel, All peace plans refused by Israel, Gaza turned to a big prison, in prison there is food, but in Gaza none, Walls and fences will not give security, from people have nothing to lose, U know the song that says what another year for someone who lost everything, this what they name it the good soil for jihad and suiciding, and as Al- Qadeh reached Gaza I am sure palestinian cant stop it, even if USA gave all the Aids To Abbas, and I wonder if he or any others have interest bto fight them, and I am sure he is Not suiside man, His logics will tell him Resign, and he tried to do it, but USA didnt let him do so, in Arabic there is a say Entering the bathroom is not like going out of it, I see the picture is very dark unless Israel think logicly, and logic says try to make peace quickly, up till that try togive people in Gaza and westbank a reason to live
16. #5, look at #15..sad but true
dorothy ,   kansas   (10.08.06)
sad but true
17. 15 hanzalah naji ali
Casiopea   (10.08.06)
Being a Christian myself, I understand your feeling. However, who’s to blame for what’s going on in Gaza but the pals themselves? Hamas was not founded by Israel but is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and was founded in Egypt. Bin Laden was created by Saudi Arabia. It is not Israel who has rejected the peace plans. The fact is that the Arabs didn’t want the state the UN offered to them in 1947. What they wanted was not a state but to wipe the Jews out of the ME. Later on, Israel has offered them many opportunities to come to agreements. The Oslo Accords were breached by the pals because they didn’t stop terrorism against Israel. In 2000, the pals were offered 98% their demands at Camp David. But they left the talks and started the second intifada. Last year, Israel left Gaza, and you see what Israel got in exchange for it. I recommend you read Hamas charter. They claim they are part of the global jihad and so their goal is to free the “occupied Palestine”, which is Israel proper. The reason for it is, so they say, that Israel was once occupied by Muslims and so it remains land of Islam forever. Why do you say Gaza is a big prison? Israel gave it to the pals and they should be glad. Didn’t they say they wanted their own state? As for lack of food, this is not real. The UN provides it. Have you ever seen a skinny pal? As for suicide, why is it that Christian pals don’t blow themselves up?
18. #15 this pleases no one
the rest of us ,   pennsylvania usa   (10.08.06)
nobody is pleased when this kind of senseless violence occurs. i agree with your sentiment. and can understand your frustration. but dont be so quick to put this all on israel. i know its popular to do so, but it takes two to tango. people of goodwill and peace can make peace when they want to. it is up to your leadership as well as the israeli leadership to find their path to peace. it will require letting down a certain segment of their populations hell bent on destruction at all costs no matter what. the governments will need to restrain the adults and start teaching something else to their children. and eventually over time perhaps peace will happen. but inflammatory rhetoric and blame blame blame only take you so far. i wish you all the best of luck in finding your path to peace.
19. Jews Out. Al Qadea In
Now the world can see what leaving Gaza (Gush Katif) has wrought. When the IDF was there in force the Al-Qadea didn't rear its ugly head. Now, the deluded in Israel who wanted the IDF out will rue the day when they will have to re-enter in full force. More soldiers will die, as opposed to less. The rule of war and law and order states that you NEVER leave a vaccum.
20. Ali Wakad is an Idiot
"Growing strength and presence of al-Qaeda in Gaza, West Bank, looms over Palestinian Authority, whole region" Do we see car bombs going off in Gaza? Anyhow, why do Israeli's care if Alqaeda enters Gaza? Don't they already have Hamas and all the other factions on their hands?
21. Z hats great, keeps the flies off the unprotected head.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.08.06)
22. #6: And The Coffee Was Cold
emanon ,   USA   (10.09.06)
23. Re:#15 Israel must be pleased
Jerry ,   USA   (10.09.06)
If Israel is stupid enough to give Palestinians "reason to live", then Al Qadeh will be stupid enough to take away the Palestinians' "reason to live" Al Qadeh will not stop until it is clear that they will lose, but that perception will be hard to come by. If death is victory, what defines losing?
24. #15
steven ,   france   (10.09.06)
hanzalah,,,You guy's will never change..Your poverty and your suffering,is Your own doings..Why don't you Palestinians ,see the truth once and for all;;The day you take yours lives into your own hands,and not rely on MURDERING TERROR factions ,like the HAmas;;;maybe you will see the light;;You are always seeking to put the Blame on others ,rather than Take a good look at your selves,,and see the Incompetance of your leaders;and the Lack of will of the palestinian people,to do anything against this .All you do is cry,and blame Israel for your Incompetance.The reason Why these,"AL Qaida," murderes are now amongst you,is because you let them come in,Hoping that they would do the Dirty job Of attacking Israel,What we are seeing here,is quite the opposite The Palestinian people are now going to experience ,what is happening in Iraq and Afganistan,YEP,it all starts with the COFFEE shops; You also state that Gaza is a Prison??Well Ask your selves why??,NO ,its NOT Israels fault..Israel left Gaza,Completely,and your "BROTHERS " Hamas and Al-aqsa,decided to turn it into one big TERRORIST training camp;;and you the Citizens just sat by and let it happen..and please don't tell me ,,there is no food in Gaza,There is plenty;;There could even be more ,if you stopped smuggling Weapons from Egypt,and maybe started "smuggling food.. So if you really want a reason to live,Go out into the streets and condem this violence ,that your gouvernment elected,Hamas is forcing on you..and in turn creating a new Al-qaida;to destroy your people once and for all..You see;even Al-qaida,does'nt care for the Palestinian people,Do you think they care for the Iraqis,or Saudis or Afghans,that they are murdering by the Hundreds each day???Think about it ,,,,Hanzalah,,,or you will be next on the Al-qaida list...;Not Israel,Israel can protect herself,
25. so typical
pierre ,   belgique   (10.09.06)
#15,Your talkback is all but so typicle,the first thing you palestinians think of is How to bring Israel into this mess you have brought on to your selves..If you think for one second that this Mess,is pleasing Israel,then you are far more STUPID,than we give you credit for..How in heavens name,can you think this,,,??Israel has the same borders as you,In fact now Israel has one more worry,GAZA,Lebanon,Syria Jordan Egypt,all bordering this Tiny state,constantly being invaded by arab terrorists,murdering innocent citizens,,and you have the cheek to say "this must make Israel Happy"????What kind of FOOL,are you???The Palestinian People and the Israelis should now begin to see,that the Common enemy is Al-qaida;and until you Palestinians wake up to Reality,You are in DEEP S!!!!!t.So don't give us this same old NONSENCE,that its Israel fault,and they're happy...The blowing up of that coffee shop is only the begining of your troubles to come..You Palestinians have left your back door open far too long....and now this vermin,has infected you more than you are ready to admit. THAT IS WHY YOU ARE STILL BLAMING ISRAEL.TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE WAY YOU PALESTINIANS ARE DEALING WITH THIS ,AND THE DAY YOU CAN AUTO CRITISIZE,IS THE DAY YOU WILL SEE THAT THIS DOES NOT MAKE ISRAEL HAPPY; bonne courage
26. Palestinians
francis ,   usa   (10.10.06)
To quote the great Palestinian author I say. I say. Uh, darn, there are no great Palestinian authors. I'll quote the great Pali philosopher, uh wait, the great Palestinian inventor, no, the great Palestinian humanitarian, just a sec, oh oh, how about the great Palestinian rocket scientist, no? There is no such thing as any of these? How about if I just say something special in Palestinian? Oh, I can't because there is no such language? Hmm, hey! I'll just quote the great Palestinian Yassar Arafat! You say he was really an Egyptian? There must be something good that has been said by a Palestinian? All I can come up with is "Kill the J*ws" but that's not nice. nevermind....
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