Abbas: Recognizing Israel not required
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 11.10.06, 03:50
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1. typical Pally leader bullshit
jerome ,   basalt, co   (10.11.06)
that Abbas probably learned from the dead liar Arafagit. double talk is not new out of the lying Pally's mouths. All they have to do is talk.
2. can anyone explain this to me?
v. n.y. ,   usa   (10.11.06)
can anyone on planet earth explain this duplicity to me? no, really! usa is ready to unfreeze the 500 million funds for fatah and palestinians to build and progress. to help abbas stay in power! what would the usa make of his comment? typical example of what arabs say to world media and what they say to their own people. mr. abbas, we all read the newspapers and we all can tap into arabic tv. we know your game. we know your motives. we know you! will your palestinians and rival hammas kill you if you come across as a moderate arab leader? is your fate harriri's fate if you dare recognize israel? gaza and the west bank are slowly becoming hizbullah land with you at the top, incompetent and a chicken....just like your buddy siniora. the palestinians need you! they need a moderate thinking arab leader to take care of them. hammas will bring your people to ruin not freedom. you have extremist guerilla in your backyard just like siniora. i hope you don't cry in front of the un one day when you realize you missed a good opportunity for peace for your people. interested? no? ok. then end up like lebanon.
3. typical ofpPalestenian leadership
Gerald ,   Austin TX   (10.11.06)
It is obvious that Abbas, like Arafat before him has mastered speaking from both sides of his mouth. Telling western leaders and press what they want to hear then showing his true colors to the Arab press. Unfortunetly these incidents are never reported in mainstream western media outles
4. Direct Link To Video
5. Just Like Arafat, a liar and a terrorist
Ari   (10.11.06)
6. #2 Yes I can
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay ,   Dar al-Harb   (10.11.06)
"War is deciet." said Mohammad. These guys are just following his example. Abbas said this just long enough to get a pledge of big money from the US, then it is back to business as usual.
7. Can I voice something here !!!
Amir AL-Safir ,   Lebanon   (10.11.06)
Me too no recognize Fatah noo Israel... Oh, can I say also, me too no recognize Russia noo china too...Come and get me.. Who said politics is not fun. I love this stuff. That's why nothing is done in a proper way. Amir
8. that"s the way it should be
teflon moslem ,   kufa iraq   (10.11.06)
until you have parity there is no one should recognize the zionset entity becuase it hijacked the jewish faith which we respect the same way ben laden hijack islamic faith so when both extermes disslove int two purely democratic ay -ethical states on equal and mutua recognation
p HENRY ,   LONGMONT U S A   (10.11.06)
10. #7
v. n.y. ,   usa   (10.11.06)
yes, but don't you think we americans are aware of this double faced man and what he said in this interview? usa may have promised the millions to abbas, but WE CAN ALSO TELL THE MEDIA IN THE USA...."WE BLUFFED. NO MONEY UNTIL THE OLD BOY BEHAVES AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS". we can also show a double standar. we can also practice the fact that nothing is written in stone and that we also changed our minds. no money. sorry, we lied!
11. Recognition
DWOLF ,   california   (10.11.06)
It is really quite simple. We all know what a peace deal will look like, recognition and no return of fake Palestinian "Olem". Abbas is playing the tired game of Arafat. It didn't work then, it won't work now. Enjoy Gaza; that will be the end of it Abbas turns to self-preserving his own skin.
12. quoted out of context
Yasir ,   US   (10.11.06)
in the video that #4 posted (thanks btw). Abbas is saying the PLO has already recognized Israel, so the government based on this should by default recognize Israel. All the agreemenets the Palestinians signed with Israel were based on mutual recognition between Israel and the PLO. Since these agreement were the foundation of the Palestinian government, the government by default should act based on that. Therefore, He says Hamas or Fatah or any other movement (being a political party) does not have to recognize Israel unless they are in control of the government, i.e. the Palestinian Authority. Then he wonders -sarcastically- how the minister of finance for example could be able to talk to his Israeli counterpart if he does not recognize Israel??!! he's saying this doesn't make sense. There is a lot of parties in Israel that have called for transfer of Palestinians to other countries which means that these people do not recognize the right for the Palestinians to have their own state. No one asked their recgnition but if they are the leading party then they are going to have to. Same argument. PMW and YNET should perhaps learn better Arabic and stop sabotaging the only peace partner Israel has.
13. Let's see if I have this right!
RIB ,   USA   (10.11.06) This ought to be easy - pictures!
14. Abbas: Bravoooooooooo. muahhhhhhhh!!
ExposingHypocrites   (10.11.06)
"Palestinian president talks of peace with Rice, but states opposite in Arabic interview" Great Abbas. By the way, Israel signed peace agreement but it has never implemented them. Do I have to mention also that Israel still stand in defiance of 69 UN resolutions????
15. 11 Giving away territory is the dumbest thing that
freedom ,   canada   (10.11.06)
ever happenned in Israel. If I was either a palestinian, christian or jew I would prefer to live under Israeli laws. Abbas has shown his true colors then again working with Arafat would do that to you.. Now wouldnt it... Hes a fake in my book... End of the story.
16. recognition
izaak   (10.11.06)
israel needs a cease-fire and islamic demilitirization change the charters to recognize jewish contributions to medicine and life
17. Trust an arab, to lie through his teeth.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (10.11.06)
18. definition of Israeli-arab cooperation:
dante ,   uk   (10.11.06)
the definition is: Israeli concessions and arab willingness to accept those concessions. example: "palestinian" finance minister who states that his acceptance of funds from Israel indicates his recognition of Israel. sick joke. the clowns are olmert and peretz and, of course, the euros and their soulmates in Israel.
19. for # 12
ishmael ,   poopoo, pally   (10.11.06)
Yasir you are an idiot,.... try truth for a change if you can handle it,....
20. Aren´t we all sick and tired of the Palestinians ?
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde - Denmark   (10.11.06)
21. #7
tony ,   PARIS   (10.11.06)
Sadly to say,You Arabs have a VERY big problem in general,and that is you do NOT recognize,anybody;No wonder you are living in such a screwed up society;I say this ,not to be as a racist remark;;Its just so blatent,You Never agree with anyone but your own,you never accept others on an equal level,Let alone your own Brothers and sisters..So how can we expect ABBAS who Is just like Arafat,All smiles and tears in front of the Int Comm,and when he turns around and goes home ,Its,all teeth,snarls and Lies..The Palestinians will never find peace,until they change Mantality,and leadership;;;and as for the rest of you,,!!!!!??????ESPECIALLY THE LEBANESE;Have'nt you had enough of being told what to do;;first the Syriens ,and now Hizbollah;;;GEEEEE;;;GROW UP;Get a life;get real;;;;;
22. #20
me ,   planet earth   (10.11.06)
HALelluyah,may more people hear your question, Sick and tired ,are just the TIP of the iceberg,They have refused EVERY hand that has reached out to them,and they have BITTEN each one. But unfortunatley,those bitten hands always go back to stroke the Beast that bite them..So in a way ,those who are constantly reaching out are as Stupid,..and I suppose that includes,us...So what do we do now??,If we stop reaching out,we are racist and anti muslim;,SO,,,,??
ANA ,   LATIN AMERICA   (10.11.06)
24. Is recognizing Israel a must, because it is also stated in
the bible ?
25. Begin, in his first visit to Egypt, said to Sadat
" we do not need your recognition ! "
26. No, it would be agreement with recognition .
(how can he make an agreement with him if he does not recognize him?") Of course, abbas, hamas, arabs and whole world recognize that he and israel are stealing the 500 million $ belonging to the Pals. Do you need more than this recognition ?
27. Why do they need the money... hmm?
LeoP ,   Moscow   (10.11.06)
Why are Arab people so poor while their regimes are so filthy rich? Arafat was worth billions, Saudi royal family worth billions, Saddam worth billions, Bin Laden worth billions, Nazrallah worth millions, Iran’s leadership worth billions, etc etc etc… and don’t answer me that Israel’s leadership is also rich, because although they are rich, the quality of life of the nation isn’t suffering at the expense of their fortune . The bottom line is that Israeli leadership might be rich, but Israeli people are overall enjoying a high standard of living; whereas Arabs are mostly dirt poor with only the royals or the dictators or the terrorists collecting all the wealth… its fine with me that they are wealthy, just why is it that they are the only ones that are wealthy? If you can answer this rationally I will be grateful. Why are Arabs so driven to destroy Israel? Why do they consider it stolen land? Israel won numerous wars to secure that property (already a legitimate reason for having rights to that land). Israel has made the most use of that land. This tiny nation has roared louder than the mightiest of lions. You complain that Israel refuses the right of return. Well, pray tell then, why when you call for this ‘right’ you don’t also include the right of return of Jews to arab countries? Also, why should Israel accept palis when Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt refuses to accept them? It seems highly irrational that Israel should give jobs, healthcare, and support the 9 children per woman lifestyle of a Palestinian when their own brothers don’t want to put such a burden on their own economies. Prove me wrong! Finally, you complain that the EU and the US are not giving you enough money. This has got to be my favorite gripe from the palis. You want the EU and the US to compensate you for the speeches you make against the EU and the US. You want to be paid by western countries to commit terrorism against western interests? No of course you don’t, you’ll say you want the funds to build schools, hospitals, and put food on the table. Well, then this brings me back to my first question, what did Arafat do with all the money they gave him to build schools, hospitals, and put food on the table?
28. They'll never learn...
LeoP ,   Moscow   (10.11.06)
Arabs/palis/lebs etc. (I’ll use these words interchangeably b/c the differences they share are only cultural at best, ideologically they are all the same in my regard)… but I digress. It seems to me that as a whole, the Arab people feel inferior to some extent. The sad truth, and any erudite individual from the liberal left to the conservative right will agree, is that the problems in the arab world were caused by the arab regimes controlling them. The regimes are filthy rich, so rich that few people can even enumerate this wealth (the poorest people on the planet, the palis, had a leader named Arafat who left his wife over USD 2billion… and the government of Hamas and Abbas are struggling to get together a few million here and there… how does that make any sense? Is terrorism the answer, is death the answer? Terrorism itself was started by Arab regimes as a way to point the arab people away from the real reasons for their inhumanity and degraded quality of life. The rich bastard Arafat was sitting on a treasure chest of billions of dollars while orating to this people, pointing his finger over the border at Israel, and with a quivering lip saying “jihad, jihad, jihad”… jihad for what? He could have given them a decent start at life, a few small business loans here, a school there, and society little by little would have picked up, instead he told them to go kill themselves… so who exactly thinks arabs lives are worthless? Not the Israeli’s… I guarantee you that any Israeli would be happy to know that no more arabs will die in suicide missions on Israeli soil. As for violence, why do you get so violent when the Pope says he doesn’t want to see you be violent? It’s like beating a dog for urinating on the carpet only to have the dog piss himself during the beating… the point is, the Pope’s comments added fuel to the fire, and that’s mostly b/c you guys didn’t do anything to help change world opinion. I just can’t understand… I’m a worldly person, well educated, and grew up with a renaissance mentality of a ‘new world’ highly dependant on education and progress. All I see in arabs is a threat to that lifestyle… doctors, scientists, writers, poets, directors, actors, professors, cartoons, models, books, sports, athletes, and various other forms of ‘art’ in the western civilized world are extinct in the arab world. Why? Why do you hate this progressive culture so much? Is it because you didn’t think of it first? Is it again this inferiority you seem to feel? OR maybe its because if arabs do get smart and do progress in society and do become ‘enlightened’ like the rest of the world, then they will easily figure out that it was never the Jew’s or the West’s faults, but their own regimes that caused so many generations so much pain and suffering. Just take a good look a the lifestyles of Hamas’s leadership and Hezbo’s leadership, and compare it to the lifestyle of a plain pali. Just keep in mind, Israel regained a desert in the 1940’s and rebuilt it into a Garden of Eden… Israeli’s have Nobel prizes for medical advances, technology, physics, literature, politics; they have achieved A-List status in every rung of capitalist society from banking to manufacturing… In short, Israel is the success story that is in every respect a miracle… what has the arab world brought to the table… and I quote 2 Pope’s for the answer here, “there you will find things only evil and inhuman”
29. mixing when in favour, separation otherwise
Diaspora jews are israeli when they have good achievements. But , when they oppose israel, they are the traitors cowardly beasts.
30. Palis' money first
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